EoW FUSION 1/15/19 Week 6

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EoW Presents

(Zac Taylor walks through the corridor with a shadow coming around the corner as Bobby is shaking with fear and finally sees the mysterious man approaches.)

(Bobby Akada)– who is the man with Zac he is…

Zac Taylor– Deranged… (saying with a smile.) Malicious… (saying with a smile and laughing)

(Bobby Akada)– I wasn’t gonna say that but who is this man to you Zac?

Zac Taylor– This is Mason Night the most psychotic man I know in this industry.

Last week on Conquest Jack Action could not fit my style so I went out and found myself I partner who would fit my wrestling and we are chasing gold.

(Bobby Akada)– Now those are some big words for-

(Mason Night lounges forward)

(Bobby Akada Runs away without a thought and escapes Mason and Zac look at each other and make there way towards the ring.)

*Pitbull is seen just arriving walking down the hallway with his backpack around his right shoulder. He stops as he notices a few superstar posters. The only one that catches his attention is an “El Baino” poster with the letter “O” scratched off*

Pitbull: *shakes his head and chuckles* Hmph..

*Bobby Akada catches up to Pitbull and Pitbull turns to him*

Bobby: Just a few quick words before you go. Tonight you are finally on your road to the EoW Elite World title with a number one contenders match against one half of the Prestigious Saints the Prestigious one himself Travis Markson!

Pitbull: Prestigious one huh? Thats cute! It doesnt matter who is on the other side of the ring. If you’re in my ring then you’re getting your getting your ass wiped all over the mat. Now as for the one half of the Precious Saints…I have a “Prestigious” ass whooping waiting for him!

*As Pitbull walks away he laughs and with his left arm grabs the top of the Prestigious Saint’s poster on Travis Markson’s side and begins to rip it while he walks away with it in his hand. He throws it to the ground when its done ripping leaving only Baine’s half*

(Jack Action Music Hits and comes down to the ring and picks up his mic)
Jack Action– Now I don’t know if u ladies and gentlemen recall but my name is Jack Action.

You know the man who is the next champion here in EoW.

I beat Ace last week and now the showtime who’s next on my list you know what it’s shouldnt be who’s on my list next it should be what, what is next for Jack Action a title what accolade is Jack Action missing in his ride to fame o right my G1 Title.

I know Baine calls it his child of a villain but I call it the the child of god my child not Blaine’s not showtimes and most certainly not Aces as was showed last week til the footage.

(Showing footage of Ace being pinned last week due to Jack Actions RainMaker)

Jack Action– Now comes do you see what happened here me pinning the champ.

Isn’t it obvious I deserve to be the champion not that steampunk Becky Lynch want a be.

Mr Tomas Dean I am gonna tell you this once and only once give me my child give my rightful rematch I deserve for that G1 title and all will be right with the world.

Or just like that you will regret it mate you do not want me to take matters into my own hands on this Tomas you will never see the light of day again.

(Jack Actions theme hits and he leaves)

Tag Team
Darkside vs H.F.i

The scene opens up to the backstage area where we Eric Shadow standing in front of a tv monitor. He smirks and laughs as he gets ready to talk.

Shadow: (Adjusting his tie) Hello everybody. The Prince Eric Shadow has made his presence tonight to give all of you the chance to see what greatest looks like.

Now sadly you won’t be seeing me in the ring tonight but, I will be keeping a close eye on whoever is trying to become the number one contender for my title.

Yes, I’m still calling it my title because we all know that I made a dumb mistake by not capitalizing on the big moment. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m proud of Tre.

I really am but your time as champion is slipping each and everyday. Why? Because you have to worry about me of course the real Champion, Mr. I’m going to talk in third person Pitbull, and Mr. I never got my rematch and I’m just going to bitch about it until the GM gives it to me Travis Markston.

The crowd laughs at the remarks that Shadow just said.

Shadow: Now I don’t know about you guys but I could care less about who the Champion is.

Whether it’s wannabe Mr. Insanity Tre Michaels, No Good Pitbull, or overrated Shit-Mark, I’ll be getting my rematch and I will become the ruler of EoW once again.

The Prince will regain his throne I will become a 3 time EoW World Champion. Oh and also to show who the real Triple Crown Champion really is.

He brushes himself off as he winks at the camera and then leaves.

*the lights are on and cameras are rolling as marco charming is backstage getting ready for the championship match as chang lee walk up to him as he speaks*

chang lee: hello eow universe I am standing here with marco charming the king of honor so tell me are u ready for this?

marco: I have to be ready no matter what the outcome or all the hell I will be put though I am not going to go down without a fight

chang lee: I see anything u would like to say to anyone?

marco: I want to say thanks to those who believed in me since I joined here and I also want to say thank you to my wife lisa charming that is watching me tonight

chang lee: alright then thank you for your time

marco: your welcome and third time will be the charm!

*marco charming begins to walk off with a smile on his face showing that he is ready as the cameras fade*

EoW Elite World Championship
#1 Contenders Match
Pitbull vs Travis Markson

*The camera fades in and we see Bruce ‘Da Juice’ Perry backstage. He is wearing his ring gear and sitting down. After a deep breath, he looks straight into the camera with a disappointed look on his face.*

Perry(Disappointed) I can’t believe it. I just don’t believe it.

No one and I mean no one stepped up and accepted my challenge from last week. No rookie, no veteran, and no champion.

Y’all are terrible, pathetic excuses for wrestlers. Not one ounce of ambition from people who talk a good game on the stick.

When it comes down to a challenge, your yellow streak gets a mile wide.

Perry: (Sighs and collects himself) What can be done about this? How can this situation be rectified? It’s all very simple. Someone step up and face me before this show is up.

(Smiles) If you do, I will be one happy Juicey and we’ll drink chicken rum afterwards to celebrate, win, lose, or draw (Stops smiling).

(Growls) If you do not, get out of my way and prepare to face my wrath!

*Bruce gets up and walks out of camera range as the camera fades out.*



Daniel Xavier and Niles Reynolds are hanging out in the Trust dressing room in their street attire. On the 90 inch 4K TV, Fusion is on and Dane is chewing on an unlit cigar on the black leather couch while Niles is playing Candy Crush on his phone, lounging in a black leather chair.

Just then, The Golden Age burst in, standing right over their faction mates.

Larkspurr: Let us ask you something, what exactly are we to The Trust?

Lassiter: Because it you don’t think it’s our time yet while EoW Management seems to think differently.

D$X: *waves them off* Will you move? I’m trying to watch, Fusion here.

Larkspur takes the cigar out of Dane’s mouth and Lassiter takes Niles’ phone. They both toss the items across the room as they land on the floor. Dane and Niles quickly stand up and get in the faces of The Golden Age.

D$X: Have you lost your minds? Do I have to remind you of who you are?

Niles: I was about to level up, asshole!

Larkspurr: It seems like all we are around here are your lackies. You didn’t even take our tag team match seriously last week.

Lassiter: So you don’t have to tell us who we are, we know who we are. We are the reason you even won the Elite Rumble in the first place!

Larkspurr: We are The Golden Age, and we are not The Trust.

The Golden Age turn and leave The Trust’s locker room, taking off their Trust gear and slamming it on the floor as they leave. Dane and Niles look pissed.

D$X: Well screw those guys! We don’t need them anyways! They aren’t the reason why I won the Elite Rumble, you and Ace are because you’re the only true members of The Trust that had a spot in the match anyways!

We don’t need The Golden Age, they needed us, and now their only hope is gone! C’mon, let’s get out of here, I hate this show anyways.

Dane storms out of The Trust’s locker room. Niles looks conflicted and is reluctant to follow.

Cameras open up backstage with Travis Markson backstage kicking things around int he locker room.

Travis: God damn it! Who the hell is that ref Thomas Dean!!!!

Getting in the way the entire fucking match.

Travis turns toward the camera.

Travis: You haven’t seen the last of me Pitbull. You though Latief Yosef was bad. He was a dud compared to the bomb i’m going to set off in the ring next time.

I also hope you win at WrestlElite 4 because even if it is Eric Shadow or Tre Michaels we both know that tonight was a lucky night.

There is a knock on the side of the door as the new general manager of FUSION Tomas Dean is standing there.

Travis: just the man I want to see. Where the hell have you been finding these referees in hobo wars?

I felt like he was in my face begging for money from the prestigious one the entire time.

Tomas shakes his head.

Tomas: No Travis, I just came to tell you myself. Tonight was it for you.

Travis: What do you mean that was it for me?

Tomas: That was your last shot currently until I don’t know when for the EoW Elite World Championship. Other people are stepping up to get a crack at the big gold.

This time, it’s down to the bottom of the barrel for you.


Tomas turning and leaving before Travis Markson could get another word in.

Travis turns around picking up a chair and hurls it across the room.

Travis: FUCK!!!

Cameras fade out to commercial break as we prepare for our main event.



Main event

Intercontinental Championship

Marco Charming vs Rurick Hilhelm*C*

* Camera fades in showing the backstage and the parking lot of the arena where fusion is taking place. Cameraman walks into the parking lot and zooms in on a truck arriving to the arena. *

Camera fades to Herb & Bill at ringside.

Herb: Looks like some one just arrived here to the arena.


Wonder who it is Herb?

Camera fades back to the parking lot and as the door opens you see Blake Adams stepping out of the truck and the nearby cameraman rushes over.

Blake Adams:
Fusion the A show of EoW and atleast here I know the competition is just as fierce as I am and now that I am here it’s time to go cause a little trouble.

Blake walks out of the parking lot and reaches the back hallway as Blake Adams walks down the hallway he comes across the office of Fusion Mr.Dean.

Blake Adams: Well…well..well if it isn’t Thomas Dean Mr.Fusion himself.

Blake Adams stops and opens the door of Thomas Deans office and walks in and shuts the door leaving the camera focusing on the door as the show fades out to a close.


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