EoW FUSION 03.04.19 – WEEK 9

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Cameras open up with EoW Superstar Trent backstage as the show opens up.

TRENT: Its my time now im sick of standing in the back waiting for my chance at the the top so as of right now I’m putting the locker room on notice.

Each and everyone back there better watch there back because I’m taking over.

Fusion is my yard and I’ll crash anyone who stands in my way at the championship.

I’ll take on all challenges to fight my way to the top I’m never gonna back down till i’m number one!

Cameras pan out as Trent stares vehemently into the camera.

Justin Rockstar is backstage, admiring himself in the mirror and combing his hair.

Rockstar: Justin Rockstar doesn’t like critics, especially critics that haven’t done nearly as much as Justin Rockstar has done in Justin Rockstar’s career. Actionless Jack’s claim to fame is being a transitional G1 Champion, aside from that he was in a failed tag team that lasted one match. Other than social media platforms, Actionless Jack doesn’t seem to care about using his voice on the Elite platform.

So what dues paid have you, Actionless Jack?

Justin Rockstar knows that there are others like Actionless Jack who feel the same way he does about Justin Rockstar, but their silence shields their doubt, because just like Actionless Jack, they have no credibility when they can’t even show up half the time.

After tonight, there will be no doubt that Actionless Jack is a fraudulent scumbag with a self-serving agenda. Meanwhile, Justin Rockstar will go on to WrestlElite IV in Las Vegas, Navada, capture the Intercontinental Championship and take Justin Rockstar’s rightful place as the greatest of all time.

Rockstar calmly places his comb on the table.

Rockstar: Marco Polo, what Justin Rockstar did to you last Fusion has nothing to do with you or WrestlElite. What Justin Rockstar did to you was justice for Justin Rockstar.

No longer will Justin Rockstar be oppressed by the silent default faces!

No longer will Justin Rockstar be taken advantage of by rogue zebras!

At WrestlElite, Justin Rockstar will become… *looks up, fantasizing* LEGEND!

Rockstar proceeds with combing his hair, smiling in satisfaction at his reflection.


Sullivan has his hand raised in victory and motions for a mic

Sullivan: Bro let me help you up .

Sullivan helps his opponent to his Feet and extends his hand in friendship , they shake hands .

Sullivan :Now on to more important things at hand .
I see that shit talker part timer BULLY THE has decided to grace US with his presence .

Well I’m sick of these part timers big mouthed Punks that come here whenever they feel and think they THE MAN.

Crowd boos .

Well I see the most important PPV is coming up and BULLY you Punk bitch I’m calling you out.

So If you can clear that schedule of giving hand jobs at the corner .

Show up I dare you .

Now since that bitch won’t show I’ll offer a open challenge .

If he dates to show HIS CAREER will be ending .


Sullivan : Damn right remember what I’m here to do .


Golden Age is at the gym.

Larkspur is at the speed bag and Lassiter is bench pressing. When Lassiter finishes his set he hangs up the weight and sits up.

Lassiter: Last week we were jumped by a homeless guy in a gorilla costume and Crunk Juice, fine, what ever!

This week I face Crunk 1 on 1. I know he’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch but you’d think he’d remember that knee he caught the last time he was in the ring with me.

Then again… maybe not.

This week I’ll make sure he remembers the beating, but it’s just the beginning and these singles matches are going to be just a taste of what you guys experience at Wrestle Elite.

Now onto a more important issue the tag titles.

The Saints and the High Flying Idiots. H.F.I we wish you luck you’ll need it and IF you beat the Saints and WHEN we beat Crunk Juice I’d say that puts us next in line.

Not that it really matters we’ll beat the Saints too. It’ll be just another chapter to the rivalry, and it’s a book that we want to slam close!

Lassiter gets up from the bench and walks over to Larkspur.

Lassiter: Larky, let’s go! When Larkspur puts his hands down he receives a few chops from Lassiter.

Larkspur AGAIN!!! WHY?!?!?

Golden Age leaves the gym Larkspur trying to catch his breath and covering his chest with his arm.




Kim Sanders is seen standing with EoWs Tag Team Champions Baine and Travis Markson from inside of The Prestigious Saints locker room

Kim Sanders: Now gentlemen tonight you are scheduled to face the G1 Champion and the number one contender Matrix in a tag team match.

What are your thoughts on facing Showtime and Matrix?

Baine and Travis Markson look at each other with a smirk on their faces

Baine: Kim tonight Showtime and Matrix will find out why we our prestigious and to be blunt those two have no chance in beating us tonight and it’s because they are nothing but two individuals.

Travis Markson: Baines right Showtime may be the current G1 champion but hes also teaming up with the same man that hes facing at Wrestlelite.

Which ultimately means the two will not be on the same side especially if there smart.

I mean not like it matters.

Showtime got a fluke victory over me, yea.

Ultimately it was to make him keep weathering the storm so when it’s time for Mr. Internet X1 Summit Champ here to reclaim his child, it’s a done ddeal.

Baine: Yeah if I was Matrix I’d let Showtime do all the work wear him down for his Wrestlelite match.

Either way though The Prestigious Saints will stand victorious over a paper champion and over the number one contender by the time the show goes off air.

Kim Sanders: Before I leave I have one more question.

Prestigious Saints: Okay..

Kim Sanders: Come Wrestlelite you two will be defending your Tag Team Championships against High Flying Incorporated.

What’s your plan for defending your belts against a team that nobody thought would be in a tag team title spot.

Travis Markson: Is that what that means?

Baine and Travis both laugh

Travis: Anyway your right myself or Baine didn’t think we be facing two nobodies at Wrestlelite in a tag team championship match..Hell to be honest we both thought we be defending against Crunk Juice or even the Golden Age.

Baine: Yeah not in a million years I thought we be defending against H.F.I but it doesn’t matter if it’s Crunk Juice,Golden Age,D.O.A or H.F.I because in the end The Prestigious Saints will still be…Your! Tag Team Champions.

Kim Sanders: Thank you.

* Camera fades black.*

As the camera fades in we see Nathan Steel walking out of the locker room.

Interviewer: Nathan tonight you face Bully T in a singles match, how are you feeling tonight with this leading up to Wrestlelite?

Nathan Steel: All I can do is go out there and prove myself, Wrestlelite is the biggest show of the year!

So I am going to go out there and show everyone who Nathan Steel really is.

Interviewer: Do you have any words for your opponent tonight?

Nathan Steel goes to talk when Bully T walks up to him

Bully T: Good luck tonight….

Bully T puts his hand out and shakes Nathan Steel.

Bully T: Because after I am done with you, and you are lying on your back, and seeing those lights fade out….NO ONE! will remember who Nathan Steel is.

Bully T grabs Nathan Steel and smashes his head into the locker room door breaking it down.

Referees break it up and push Bully T away.

Bully T: (Laughing) Good luck tonight…

Nathan Steel is holding his head as the medical team checks him out

Jack Action vs Justin Rockstar

*after the match against Justin rockstar for the intercontinental championship ended in DQ marco charming walking down backstage then chang lee appear as he walk up to me as he about to speak*

chang: hello eow universe I am here with the intercontinental champion marco charming

*I look at him then the camera feeling a bit pissed off*

chang: so marco charming how do u feel about what Justin Rockstar did to you?

marco: to be honest I though we was gonna have a great match but no he want to just throw the match and attack me

chang: I know u must be pissed off but was there a reason why he got himself DQ?

marco: yes I believe he want to do the match at wrestle elite so be it!

chang: I see so anything u want to say?

marco: Justin Rockstar at wrestle elite I will put a end to you for not only throwing the match but for attacking me and taking my title so get ready cause I am about to kick your ass!

*marco charming walk pass chang holding the intercontinental championship title then the camera fades*

Nathan Steel vs Bully-T

Cameras pan up to the ramp way as you hear a voice.

???: Cut the damn music!

Cameras reveal it’s Mr. Mayhem as the crowd pops.

Mr. Mayhem: Sullivan god damn it, you want to make a point!


You get your chance.

Only at WrestlElite it’s going to be Chris Sullivan vs Bully-T AND! Nathan Steel in a number one contenders match for the Elite World Championship in a Triple Threat Match!

Bully…. I hope you’re listening. You and Sullivan both have previously blown my office line up with request for a Elite World title opportunity, well here you go and if you lose tough shit. You’ll have to figure the rest out on your own!

The crowd roars with excitement as Bully-T and Nathan Steel begin to get to their feet while hearing the boss’s announcement.

Each of the competitors stare down one another intensely and begin talking trash to one another as cameras fade out to commercial break.

Crunk, Silent Juice, and the monkey sit at a catering booth, eating. Crunk chews a burger while Silent Juice eats pancakes and the monkey digs into a banana split.

Crunk: You know, we got a match at WrestlElite because of this monkey, so maybe we should keep him around. That way, we can honor the memory.

Silent Juice and the monkey are oblivious, digging into their food.

Crunk: Look at you Tubby Bitches. I’m acting all sentimental, and you’re all about a fucking meal and shit. Now ain’t you glad we stopped to eat? And you were all piss-scared the cops’d bust us or something. You know what I say? Fuck the police!


Crunk Juice freeze and go wild-eyed for a beat. Then–

Crunk: You think they’re talking to us?

There’s a few cop cars outside, and the sheriff is yelling at the diner through his bullhorn. Beside him are the other cops.

Sheriff: YOU HAVE SIXTY SECONDS TO COMPLY. *to other cops* Fuck it, Let’s give ’em thirty.

Suddenly Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly rushes up, dramatically ducking behind the car, gun drawn.

Willenholly: Is the monkey in there?

Sheriff: The ape.

Willenholly: What?

Sheriff: An orangutan’s a member of the great ape family. It’s not a monkey.


Crunk Juice and the monkey peer over the top of their booth like scared rats.

Crunk: What the fuck are you waiting for? Go out there and give ’em the monkey.

Juice pulls the monkey close to him, welling up with tears. Crunk rolls his eyes.

Crunk: Look man, maybe it’s not that bad back at the lab! Maybe they experiment on ’em by, like making ’em fuck a bunch of different, good-looking monkeys. We don’t know! Maybe they got it real sweet!

The monkey shakes his head “no.” Juice points to him, as if he’s strengthening his point.

Crunk: *to the monkey* You stay out of this, you weepy little chimp! *looks around thinking* Fuck man, I ain’t no strategist! You’re the guy that makes the blueprints! I don’t even have the fucking smarts of a little–

Crunk’s eyes fall on a scared family at a nearby meet and greet. There’s a little kid (around five or so), and he’s wearing an Eric Shadow hooded sweatshirt and a WrestlElite baseball cap.

Crunk: –kid…

Willenholly: *via bullhorn* ANYONE NOT HARBORING A FUGITIVE MONKEY BETTER HIT THE DECK! WE’RE GOING TO OPEN FIRE! *to cops* Everyone has bullets in their guns, right?

Crunk and Silent Juice emerge from the arena, with the monkey between them (they’re holding her raised hands). The monkey is now dressed up in the sweatshirt and jeans the kid was wearing at the meet and greet, with the baseball cap pulled down over her face. It’s a pretty piss-poor disguise.

Crunk: Don’t shoot! We’re just trying to take our son out of this hostile environment!

From behind the cop car, the Sheriff looks to Willenholly.

Sheriff: Their “son”?

Willenholly: Maybe they’re one of those gay couples?

Crunk seizes on the idea. Silent Juice nods fervently.

Crunk: Yeah! We’re gay! And this is our adopted love child! We’re not from around here! Don’t make us go back to our liberal city home with a tales of prejudice and bigotry in the heart of America! *whispers to Bob* You see the shit I gotta put up with for you! Now I got this guy thinking I’m gay!

Willenholly: Oh God, this is the last thing I need–a bunch of uppity homosexuals shooting their mouth off in the liberal press that the Federal Wildlife Marshal’s Office persecutes gays.


Willenholly: You see this badge? I think I’d recognize an ape if I saw one. And the only thing I do recognize here is a political fiasco I’m going to avoid by letting this butt-fucking Brady Bunch go!

Crunk is whispering to Silent Juice, still vexed.

Crunk: And I’ll tell you another thing: what if that guy shows up around the arenas one day and starts telling everybody you and me are poo-gilists? How are we gonna get any pussy then, hunh?

Willenholly: *via bullhorn* YOU ARE FREE TO LEAVE, SIRS!

Crunk and Silent Juice look at each other, shocked. They look back out at Willenholly, who’s yards away. Crunk points at himself, as if to say, “Me?”

Willenholly: *via bullhorn* YES, YOU, SIRS.

Crunk: So we can just go?

Willenholly: *via bullhorn* Yes, sir–or ma’am. Please accept my apologies for detaining you and your unorthodox-but-constitutionally-protected-family unit.

Sheriff: *amazed* Un-fucking believable.

Crunk: I’d like to offer a big gay thank-you, sir. We’ll tell all our gay friends that this is a gay friendly country for gays who are gay.

Willenholly: I’m sure America appreciates that. You might also want to make it clear that the Federal Wildlife Marshal’s Office is also pro-‘mo as well. *winks at the sheriff* And might I add, that’s one fine-looking boy you’re raising.

Crunk: Well, that’s ‘cuz he’s from my sperm. See, I knocked up a hot woman friend of ours who I also fuck on the side. So as not to be all-the-way-gay. But my tubby husband here is one hundred percent queer. He loves the cock.

Willenholly: He certainly looks insatiable.

Crunk: ‘Bye!

Willenholly: ‘Bye.

Crunk, Silent Juice and the monkey head off down the road. Willenholly and all watch them go. The Sheriff is livid.

Willenholly: Well, it’s not my way–but damned if there doesn’t go one happy family. Now, we just shoot some tear gas into that arena, and when the two guys run out with the monkey, we’ll–

Willenholly suddenly freezes, thinking. He looks to the Sheriff.

Willenholly: That was the them, wasn’t it?




The camera pans to London England in Daniel Xavier new home, Fusion is on the television.

The camera pans over to Dane’s big couch where he is laying down asleep, facing the television.

D$X: *mumbling in his sleep* Good thing I went to the A show…

Dane turns over on his couch, his back now to the television.

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