EoW FORGE Week 16 Road to WrestlElite

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***** A video is shown on the titantron*****

Unknown: Allow me to address my lengthy departure;
Like a sacrificial lamb I died for all of your sins.
Only for you all to ascend to my level in my absence. Consider this an Easter Uprisal, An Invasion of skill in your sports entertainment world. Take note viewers.






Driv3r (Facing the Camera): We are THE INVADERS. We are here to obliterate sports entertainment and leave nothing in our way but pure skill and decay! (Knocks over the camera man).

Mascara Sagrada (BACKSTAGE): All of you mocked & disrespected my father Mascarita Sagrada for his size.NO ONE DISRESPECT THE “SACRED MASK”….NO ONE!.The entire Forge roster will feel the “Wrath of the Cosmos”!. Kushida was just an example. We, THE INVADERS will “take” only the worthy with us. To the remaining…we will make space trash out of all of you so..YOU…ARE…NEXT!

A wreckless Driv3r comes screeching into the press area, slapping cameras out of journalists hands, glass shatters, beer bottles are broken, the table upside down, while tossing the chair at a Young Lion. Driv3r embraces the hard cam, violently exclaiming;

WE are THE INVADERS. We are here to OBLITERATE sports entertainment and leave nothing in our wake but pure SKILL and DECAY. Like the Coronavirus. Wear a Mask or Suffer.
You’ll be praying to the Heavens but these Higher Powers are upon you, you can try and stop us like Judas, But you’ll be made an example.







***** Backstage Shingo is being interviewed*****






*****Backstage promo*****

KUSHIDA: Kurt you got lucky with that sledgehammer in the ring because even after I kicked out you was never gonna defeat me with stolen finishers and your recycled move sets that everybody knows. That match was a fluke and you know it. I want a rematch for that cheap shot you pulled at patriot games you was never gonna win and I should’ve been the champion. Kurt watch your back because after your match ima come down there and make sure your win was not a win






***** Footage from a Indie show in Mexico begins to play*****






PAC: “Ya see….I told you all this was going to happen. It’s a damn shame that I couldn’t take the title directly off the waist of that coward Obscura Sky!!! Fenix…you don’t quite fill his shoes, boy!!! All it took was one mistake, and the Black Arrow pierced your soul. And now the true King of the Junior Heavyweight division has taken his throne. And just one minor blip on the radar, had to go and ruin the Bastard’s historic night. Brody King. The biggest wannabe in EOW. A 400 pound slob thinks he is a Junior Heavyweight, and made his point by targeting the King of the division in the biggest match of the year, spoiling my chance to main event WrestleElite. So, now that you have my attention….








Lars: Finally… after that embarrassing hiccup of allowing that tattooed country bumpkin hillbilly Brody pin my shoulders to that mat for three seconds, I’ve clawed my way back to a title opportunity. Angle, you may not know me but I damn sure know you. You see, I keep close tabs on enemies under the eye of my mentor Braddock. I’ve seen what you can do to men, you break them Kurt. But if you come into this thinking I’m just a man you will lose, for the simple fact that I am a monster. Hungry from being denied meals, subjected to competing in cages and swinging weapons like a moronic animal pleading for the affection of these imbeciles. NIGHTMARES… will be a reality.

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