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Shingo is approached backstage while hes lifting weights and eating steaks, by a reporter.

Reporter: Hey Shingo, I was informed that your initial opponent will not be able to make it to your match. Any thoughts on this?”

Shingo: (In Japanese) Thoughts? None. However what I will say is I have done a great job. If i have opponents that are too scared to get in the ring with me, it means I am doing great for myself. Bas was too scared to meet me in the ring. That’s the same reaction i want from everyone in the EOW roster to fear me.

Reporter: Management has found you a replacement tonight, he’s a debuting talent.

Shingo scowls as he says “Pathetic” Then he walks away.

*one of our local interviewers would hold a mic to Super Dragon’s mask as he layer across a crate*

“So Dragon how does it feel knowing Travis has a win over you ?

*Dragon would snatch the mic , catching his breath before speaking* “You think I give a damn about someone who looks like Enzo a more and wrestles like Styles huh?!

Or his partner who looks like Oney Lorcan and Jay Briscoe’s lovechild HUH?!

No I don’t what I care about is that they decided they needed to even the odds on Reloaded , so I’ll be doing the same if those cowards have the fucking GUTS to take me and a partner of my choosing on”

*Dragon would then heave himself to his feet and walk off*


*Promo following ShooterMans match with Kurt Angle*

*Shooter-Man would pick up a mic while leaning on the barricade* “So you fine people who show up to EOW don’t get confused everything I say currently will be aimed towards the bastard PAC. So bastard , “man” gravity forgot , do you think your a man? It’s all up to perception but I believe a man is someone who does what needs to be DONE.

And being a member of EOW Forge it means coming out here each and every night and giving these people a great match .

Now our last match was alright I guess though I’d call it “mediocre” considering who you CLAIM to be. Now you pinned me , fair and square might I add so kudo’s .

But the match lacked so much it could’ve had if you simply would push yourself.

But I’ve been talking for a while so I’ll get to the main point. You’ve got my mask PAC and want it back , but I know you never do anything unless there’s something in it for you.

So I’ll wager my 2 last masks if you win again, and since it seems a quick pin is your specialty how about I make it 2 out of three falls ? I await your answer and to see if your the MAN gravity forgot, or just “someone” gravity forgot.

*Promo ends*

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