EoW Conquest 03.09.19 – Week 9



The camera opens up to the parking lot.

The camera moves around trying to focus on something.

The camera stops as we see Randy Crowe sitting on a hood of a car. He has his hood up but he takes as he looks directly into the lense.

Crowe: (Pulling his hood down) I am a destoyer, I am a career killer, I am Randy Crowe.

Some people remember my name but others don’t see what I do my opponents.

I don’t care if I keep on saying it but I’ve lost almost every match this year but I always come out unscathed.

Why don’t you ask my opponents how they felt after they went toe to toe with me.

Matrix, Baine, weak ass Ian Bates, Niles Reynolds who is hasn’t been since I left him with an inch of life left.

Hell if you want to ask somebody ask how David Jackson is feeling.

I fought him twice. First time he crawled out, second time he stretchered out.

What does that tell you? It means that I am a one man wrecking machine.

He stands up and walks around the car and put his hand through his beard.

Crowe: With all that being said I am officially declaring myself as a competitor in the Wrestlelite Money in the Bank match.

I don’t give a damn who is in it because whoever stands in my way better be ready to have their tombstone made.

You come face with me and you’ll be wishing that you were already dead.

As for tonight, Aaron Walker has date with the Anti-Christ and if I can remember you asked good friend Mr. Mayhem to make this an annihilation match.

You may be trying to get oh so precious Hardcore title back but you have made a huge mistake by wanting this match.

You seen what happened to your opponent for Wrestlelite, you should think twice because your country ass ain’t walking out alive.

Because mark my words you are making A Grave Mistake.

He looks at the car that he was sitting on and with pure aggression he kicks and breaks a window along with punching another one.

He lights a cigarette and walks out as the smoke flies up into the sky.


H.F.I vs ???

H.F.I celebrate in the ring, and each of them grab a mic

Trevor: “ Woo! That felt good EOW universe. Those two are great competitors, and that’s the type of match we like to win. But on to business…”

Bryce: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are H.F.I. And we are the number one contenders to the tag team championships. Trevor and I think it’s about time that we break our silence and let you guys know what’s going on.”

Trevor: “When we arrived in EOW, it was pretty rough for us two.”

Bryce: “Yeah it was!”

Trevor: “We started on a losing streak, and things weren’t looking so good. We were given an opportunity in the form of a 3 team tag match. And when that opportunity landed upon our feet, a light switched.”

Bryce: “We took that opportunity and we followed up on it. We’ve heard golden age, we’ve heard crunk juice. We heard them talking about being the best tag team, but that night, WE WERE.”

Trevor: “And all props to them, but we scratched and clawed our ways into the title picture, and there is now only one more team in our way.”

Bryce: “Prestigious Saints. They’re one heck of a tag team, and no doubt it’s gonna be tough trying to pry those tag belts away from them.”

Trevor: “But, we are going to be riding our wave of momentum all the way into Las Vegas for WreslteElite.”

Bryce: “And we will walk out as NEW tag team champions!”

They high five, then wave to the crowd. They exit the ring.

*The camera fades in and we see David Jackson sitting down backstage. He is wearing his street clothes, but his shirt is off. You can see his taped up ribs from his match with Crowe last week. He sat down and a sharp exhale leaves his body. He turns towards the camera and begins to speak.*

Jackson: (Happy) Good evening, my fellow inmates, and welcome to the end result of Crowe’s handiwork.

(David runs his chest) I’m stuck wearing this till WrestlElite and probably going to need it right after my match.

Aaron Walker and I’s final confrontation is still on, rest assured. At the rate we have been going at each other, no one is walking out of there.

(Scoffs) Hell, alive is the bare minimum I hope for. Oh yes, I expect my main squeeze Barbie and I to enjoy our date.

Jackson: (Sighs) I don’t have much time left. My doc prescribed me some meds that knock me out rather quick after he examined my torso. (Serious) Walker, when we cross each other for the last time, it will be a experience you are unprepared for.

You will see ways to hurt a man that have not been seen in EOW. I’ll be fired after what I am going to do to you. You knows what? I’m OK with that. Enjoy your gambling and drinking before WrestlElite Walker. It will be the only good thing you experience in Las Vegas.

Jackson: (Stretches) The chips will be down, the house is betting against you, and not a con in the world can save you. I’ll see you at the biggest event of the year, Yankee.

*David Jackson smiles as the camera fades out.*


Parsons : oh child let me catch my breath
Let me say this Sir you gave me a good run but you weren’t pretty enough weren’t manly enough to step to Mr.Byron .

You came from the nasty smelly locker room from the grid iron lg .

Came here trained up and still came up short .

But don’t you worry child with a little bit of training and some sheer luck you may one day be as great as me.

Now for the next match at wrestle elite I’m going into one of the most grueling matches of all time .

I have 5 ugos trying to claim my spot as the next holder of the briefcase for a guaranteed title shot of my choosing so no matter who is a champion at the end of wrestle elite .

Your ass and your title will be mine .

Parsons drops the mic and walks over to his opponent as he gets to his knees Byron picks him up slaps him across the face then plants a giant kiss to his lips .

Parsons then exits the ring and skips up the ramp way .



With a mic in hand, Dennis Black stood in the center of the Conquest Ring as he was showered in boos. He grinned at the sounds of chants for the former Champion, Jacob Williams.

Dennis: The clock is ticking, Conquest. My one year ‘prove it’ contract will be coming to a close in only a matter of weeks. Once I beat Mr. Mayhem’s first pick…he’ll have no choice but to beg me to sign an extravagant extension..

Dennis: The money is going to be pouring in. I’m going to shower my fiancé in riches, among other things. That’s what drives me, Madison and I being on the tip of your tongues every time you speak. Being your first thoughts when you wake up, and the last ones before you go to sleep. ‘We’ are the pulse of professional wrestling.

Dennis: What drives my opponent, you ask?

Dennis: What drove Mr. Mayhem to play favorites and let the CHALLENGER decide our stipulation for the biggest show of the year?

Dennis: Fear.

Dennis lowered the mic to let the audience jeer him for almost a minute straight. Eventually, they got tired and let Dennis resume his speech.

Dennis: Fear is a very powerful emotion. Fear plays a huge part in the Conquest Championship match at WrestlElite Four. The biggest cage match in EOW history at the biggest event of the entire year.

Dennis: The thing with fear is…

Dennis: Everyone has been asking me, “Dennis; aren’t you afraid? Don’t you have fear for what Jacob Williams is going to do to you inside that steel cage? Aren’t you afraid of who ever wins the Contender match now that they’re both calling you out after you proclaimed yourself to be the top guy on Conquest?”

Dennis: “You should be terrified for your life. Dennis, you should be afraid of what’s coming to you.”

Dennis: My question to them is simply…why? Why should I be afraid? let me tell you a little bit about what fear has done for Dennis Black. When I first started in EOW almost a year ago, I was a very timid and fearful young man.

Dennis: All I wanted to do was make a good impression after being wrongfully released from my previous place of employment.

The audience boos hard at the mention of the company that shall remain nameless.

Dennis: I went around and I shook hands. I smiled and I did everything that I could to move my way up the ladder to become the best that I Could possibly be in EOW… while not standing out. All I wanted to do was quietly progress. All I wanted to do was move forward. I was too afraid of what everybody else thought. I was crippled with insecurity over my unjust firing.

Dennis: You see, when you’re the new guy that shoots straight to the top. People start to talk. Jealousy prevails, and backstage politics get in the way of wrestling. I didn’t want history to repeats itself…

Dennis: I was too afraid of what the EOW fans would think of me. I was too afraid of what everybody in the back would think of me. So, I focused on having the best matches that I possibly could, without having the drive to win those matches. That killer instinct that so very few of us have…

Dennis: A generational talent to steal the show and win? Very rare.

Dennis: Loss after loss got shrugged off with ease. Moving on, I sat in my dressing room during Blacklist. While minding my own business as I waited for my match with Jacob Williams…I heard my name mentioned by someone who wasn’t scheduled to face me. Hell, he wasn’t even scheduled to compete on the show.

Dennis: For the last few months I’ve had men gloating about ‘barely’ getting victories over me when I wasn’t my best self. Gloating about victories over me when I was trying my hardest not to make waves…

Dennis: So when Jacob’s back was turned to me as he spoke to Madison, it finally hit me.

Dennis snapped his fingers three times.

Dennis: If I really want to be the man, I can’t be afraid anymore, and that’s when I won the Conquest Championship…

Dennis: Madison and I knew I was back to my old self. I chose to become the most important man in this company and all of Pro Wrestling.

Dennis: I decided I’m not gonna be afraid anymore, and took that proverbial target that was placed on my back and I made it bigger. I came out the very next Conquest and called myself ‘The Draw’, because I am.

Dennis: So you see, fear has done wonders for me… but for Jacob Williams? Fear has created a crybaby. Jacob, I’ve never seen this side of you before in my life. I think I’ve heard more times than I can count you say that you lost because you were too trusting of Madison.

Dennis: That just isn’t true, Jacob. If you had just listened to Madison completely…you would be standing here as Conquest Champion instead of me. At wrestlElite, I will prove that I’m the better man.

Dennis: Jacob, what you are so afraid of is accepting the fact that you will always be number two on Conquest. You can’t handle the realization of the fact that you will never be the man as long as I’m on this brand. I wear a mask for fun…your mask is used to hide your shame.

Dennis: As for Mr. Mayhem, you are so afraid of reality…so afraid of the truth that I’m destined to put an end to your legacy that you’ve literally created this false sense of confidence in Jacob. You’re using him as a shield. That makes you an enabler, boss.

Dennis: That makes you a very bad man, Mr. Mayhem. I challenged you to a match for WrestlElite, and you’ve chosen to sacrifice this young man on Madison’s altar. The heartache of losing a World Championship rematch at WrestlElite…

Dennis: The heartache that’s coming Jacob’s way? The heartache he may never recover from? That’s on you, Mayhem.

Dennis looks to the stage.

Dennis: Any other men to hide behind, Mayhem? Let’s try something new. This is to all the guys in back. Come out here and tell me to my face that you’re better. In fact, come prove it. I don’t need wrestling boots to beat half of you.

The lighting in the arena dims until the ring, steel cage, and those inside the cage are barely visible. Suddenly, the large grin flashes to life, revealing Madison Cox sitting on a throne in the middle of the WrestlElite ring, surrounded by thousands of empty seats in the stadium. The stage wasn’t visible. The Conquest Championship was covering her crossed legs. She was live from Las Vegas!

Madison: Quite the visual, no? I mean me…not this lovely stadium that is currently conforming to EOW’s wishes.

Members of the audience start throwing trash both at the cage and toward he large tron.

Madison: What did I hope to accomplish at Blacklist? Why did I betray Jacob? I love that question the most.

Madison: “Madison, why were you so selfish at such a pivotal moment during Blacklist?”

Madison: Of course people like the EOW fans, people like Mr. Mayhem, and of course people like Jacob Williams just think about what’s directly in front of them…

Madison: While Madison Cox thinks about the greater good of EOW. I think big picture here. I just want you to do me a favor and I want you to picture Dennis Black on one of those beautiful pay per view posters with the Conquest championship. Of course, I’m right at his side.

Madison: You can’t deny that it’s a beautiful sight. Now, I want you to do the exact same thing with Jacob Williams, Devin King, or Ian Bates.

Madison cringed.

Madison: Now you tell me…which picture fits? Which picture represents the best case scenario for this brand? No…this company moving forward?

Madison pets the Conquest Championship.

Madison: Do you see it now, people? Instead of telling me that I was being selfish by ‘stealing’ from Jacob Williams or misleading him, you should be thanking me because this company and brand will continue to grow as long as the franchise player…

Madison: The Draw.

Madison: Dennis Black is the man going after the Conquest Championship or holding it.

Madison: Am I surprised it was easy to trick everybody? it’s very very simple. People know people know how special I am.

Madison: People call Dennis one in a million. But they’re wrong. He’s not one in a million… he’s the one. No one is better in an EOW ring than him, and we’re going to spend the rest of this season proving that. Blacklist was only the beginning.

Madison stands up from her throne and leaves the Conquest Championship there. She walks over to the lens and knocks on it. The thud echoes throughout the arena.

Madison: Jacob, can you hear me?

Jacob was barely conscious. He stirred every now and then before crawling toward the cage wall that faced the ramp. Madison tapped the lens again.

Madison: Oh Jacob, my dear…sweet…innocent Jacob…

Madison: I have another bit of knowledge to share with you. One that I hope you carry with you, not only into WrestlElite, but for the remainder of your career.

Madison: You’ve got to get over the Conquest Championship. That feeling you have? It’s slowly chipping away at you.

Madison: There’s a Latin proverb that states ‘Revenge is a confession of Pain’. You’ll be in pain for as long as Dennis is Conquest Champion.

Dennis sat beside Jacob and yanked on his hair so that the Champion and Challenger were at eye level.

Dennis: You’re going to be hurting for a very…very long time.

The tron went black and the arena lit up once more. Dennis released a handful of Jacob’s hair as paramedics and referees entered the ring. Dennis taunted the audience as the cage was raised.




*Baines music blares through the Conquest arena as Baine makes his way to the ring with his Internet Championship on his left shoulder,One half of the EoW Tag Team Championships around his waist and the X1 Summit briefcase firmly grasped in his right hand. Baine soon enters the ring and motions for a microphone.*

Baine: Tonight I want to talk about my next defense for my Internet Championship at Wrestlelite IV.

Now speaking of Wrestlelite IV i want to admit even though I’m a “Saint” and I do no wrong..

*Baine laughs*

I have forgotten about the one person who I’m facing at Wrestlelite for my Internet Championship. Zac Taylor i honestly forgot to put you in your place ever since I found out your my next challenger for the Internet Championship.

*Baine then pauses and sits the X1 Summit briefcase down*

Baine: Zac listen come Wrestlelite IV I wish you the best of luck when it comes to our match for this Internet Championship. Hell to be apsollutly honest I hope you beat me.

Unfortunately though there is some bad news…You see Zac the level that I’m on you simply can not reach..hell it’s not your fault though because I just like my tag team partner Travis Markson.. I was born to be better than everyone else.

Baine: So to dumb it down a little for you Zac..come Wrestlelite IV you will help me add just another title defense for the Internet Championship and once I retain I might just cash in and become a three time EoW Elite World Champion.

*Baine picks up his briefcase*

Baine: Now I already said before that come Wrestlelite IV I would be cashing this in but the more I think about it. I just don’t know if I should and it’s because well..I’ll still be the Internet and one half of the tag champs and on top of that I’ll already be holding three titles since I technically have two cash ins..

So come Wrestlelite I think all of you sinners in the crowd and all the sinners at home can just wait and see what happens with my X1 Summit briefcase.

*Baine music blares through the arena as he drops the Mic and taunts to the crowd with his Internet Championship, Tag Team Championship and his X1 Summit briefcase before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp and exits.*

*Moments after walking through the curtains Baine is stopped by Kim Sanders.*

Kim: Baine after what you said does this mean you given up on cashing in on the G1 Championship?

Baine: No Kim it doesn’t but I do want to say if that’s all Showtime or Matrix has then if I do go after the G1 again it will be like taking candy from a baby because on fusion when myself and Markson beat the team of Matrix and our current G1 champ I wasn’t entertained with neither one of the two’s in ring ability..hell I still question how he managed to obtain the G1 title and if I’m still being honest the only reason that anyone held the G1 Championship after my nine month and ten title defenses was because I went on to bigger and better things to push my career along.

Now Kim if you will excuse me I must leave.

Kim: Sure and Thank you for your time.

*Camera fades black as Baine leaves*


The monkey is hanging out in the parking lot, Crunk Juice comes in with their bags just in time to see the passenger door slamming on a truck with The Trust logo and a sign that reads “Going To Vegas”. The monkey is looking out the back window waving. Crunk Juice chase after the truck.


The truck speeds away in the distance. Crunk and Silent Juice stand there, panting.

Crunk: Man! Who the fuck just steals a monkey?!

Silent Juice indicates themselves.

Crunk: Oh yeah. *pissed* Well this fucking blows! We got one more week to stop those fucks from making that movie, and someone goes and takes the only thing I had to remember it by because I’m way too Crunk all the time!

Silent Juice mimes that they should go after the monkey.

Crunk: Go after the monkey? How the fuck are we supposed to know where that thing’s going?

Silent Juice mimes in the direction the car went. Crunk stares at him.

Crunk: What? What is that supposed to mean?! Don’t just fucking point like– *imitates him* You ain’t the broad in the Children of a Lesser God. Use you fucking mouth for more than eating, ya tubby bitch!

Juice starts an elaborate pantomime. Crunk tries to guess what he’s saying.

Crunk: You gotta take a shit? No–you gotta take a salad? Take a salad? What the fuck are you trying to say?

Juice’s on the verge of tears, trying to mime out his message.


Silent Juice grabs Crunk and screams into his face.


Juice releases Crunk, breathing heavily and storms off in the direction of the car went. Crunk watched him go for a beat, then follows, muttering under his breath–

Crunk: Say it, don’t spray it, bitch.






(The camera pans backstage right before the main event to Show Jacob Williams visibly upset sitting on the eow doctors table)

Jacob: I can’t believe he got me. Oh I’m gonna show him at wrestlelite as soon as that cage comes down.

Doctor: will you please calm down sir.

Jacob: ok doc I will. So will I be able to compete in the main event in a few moments.

Doctor: I’m gonna give it to you straight here no you will not.


(Jacob throws a water bottle at the wall)

Doctor: look your still going through concussion protocol plus you tweaked your left knee. There is no way I’m going to allow you to limp your way down to the ring and make your injury’s worse. Jacob I don’t know if you will be able to compete at wrestlelite we still have to get a mri on your knee.

( Jacob proceeds to throw a second water bottle plus the doctors phone at the wall)

Doctor: your gonna pay for that.

(Jacob takes a deep breath in a attempted to calm down)

Jacob: I’ll give you my spare. Look doc there’s nothing you can do to stop me from going to wrestlelite and getting my hands on Dennis. Especially after that little stunt he did earlier tonight with the old man.

(Jacob stands up and looks at the camera)

Jacob: Dennis I hope your ready at wrestlelite because I promise you… I will be! I’m going to fly back to West Virginia tonight and do nothing but train, watch tape and rest up until wrestlelite. I’ll see you then!

(Jacob opens the door and begins to limp down the hall)

Doctor: at very least take my medical advice on this. for the next few days I would recommend not being alone since you clearly have a concussion and I would invest In a good knee brace.

(Jacob stops)

Jacob: yeah I hear you I’ll call my girlfriend when I get home and….

(Ian bates steps around the corner)

Jacob: what do you want Ian. Because if it’s a fight I’m a little injured but I can still get the job done.

Ian: that’s not not what I’m here for man. Just wanted to check up on you before your match. But it you say you’re injured then I guess you won’t be competing tonight.

Jacob:No, not tonight. But at WrestleElite I’m gonna make that bitch pay and take back my title.

Ian: Well I’m definitely rooting for you. I’ve already proven that I have Dennis Black’s number, and I also want to even the score with you from Patriots Games.

Jacob: Ian, first you have to get past WrestlElite, which you don’t even have a match for yet.

(Distant sounds of Devin kings entrance music)

Ian: Don’t worry about that Jacob, before the night is over, that will be all handled with.
Good luck at WrestleElite, and one more thing; watch your mouth when you talk about me. I don’t take to kindly to those type of words.

Jacob: Whatever Ian, just take care of business. I’ll see you after WrestleElite.

(The two nod their heads in acknowledgment, and Ian bates walks of to go watch the main event. Jacob continues to limp down the hallway as the screen fades to black.)




*Zac Taylor celebrates in the ring, then exits. Devin King is sitting in the corner visibly angry. Ian Bates’ music hits and he comes out with a microphone*

Ian: “Hey Devin. I don’t usually enjoy watching other people in distress, but right now I am. *looks at crowd* “Can we hear it for Zac Taylor!? I mean he beat Devin King pretty bad.
But anyways Devin, I didn’t come out here to gloat, I wanted to challenge you.

I’ve been speaking to the people in the back; I spoke with Jacob Williams, and I spoke with Mr. Mayhem.

We talked about WreslteElite and my lack of a match on the show. Ever since I beat you and you low blowed me, I’ve been paying very close attention to you Devin.

I became solely focused on you, so much so that I lost to Aaron Walker in pretty bad fashion. And I noticed something, you don’t have a match at WrestleElite either.

So Devin, you and me, 1 on 1, at WrestleElite 4.”

Devin: “Challenge accepted, and ok Mr.Bates yes I did get beat by Zac Taylor but this isnt going to set me back from absolutely beating the dog shit out of you at WrestleElite4. Not only will I beat you I will expose how big of fraud you are! You are going to regret facing me.”

Ian: “I am no fraud, Mr. King. And at WrestleElite, we will go to war to see who truly is better between us.

*Ian turns to go backstage, but turns back around*

Hey, one more thing. I did speak to Mr. Mayhem earlier tonight to get his approval. At WrestleElite, our match has a stipulation that I’m very excited for.

You and me will compete in a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!

See you in Vegas, Devin.”

*Ian turns around and goes backstage.*

*Devin gets up from out of the corner. He looks at the crowd while pointing to himself with one hand and pointing towards the WreslteElite sign with the other.

He talks to himself and looks pleased. Devin exits the ring and goes up the ramp. *

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