EoW CONQUEST – Week 11 4.26.19

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(Sam Russ is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone following a commercial break)

Sam Russ: Last week I was attacked by Jacob Williams, for no reason at all. So tonight I’m gonna get straight to the point. Jacob come out here NOW!

(Sam Russ drops the mic and stares at the stage. While the crowd is cheering him on)

Jacob: Sammy u know exactly why I attacked you last week.

(Jacob walks out from the back already holding a mic)

Jacob: It’s because you tried to steal my spotlight at wrestlelite. There was no reason for you to return. Nobody in this crowd or in the back missed you.

(Sam Russ picks up the microphone)

Sam: Do you want to know the real reason why I came back to Eow?

Jacob: Is it because every time you turned on your tv you saw me in the main event. And you thought to yourself that should be me.

Sam: no. It’s because these people were chanting and screaming out for the cure and I just hate to disappoint.

Jacob: Sam you haven’t cured anything other than these people having to look at you each week.

(The crowd boos)

Sam: I made you a promise a few months ago Jacob. So I’m gonna give you a choice do you want to be cured now or later?

(Jacob unbuttons his shirt as he makes his way to the ring)

Jacob: you know what, We both have a match tonight. And I intend on competing.

(Jacob stops at the bottom of the ramp. Sam Russ is pacing back and forth urging Jacob to get in the ring)

Jacob: u can stop trying to get me to come in that ring, because it’s not gonna happen. Sammy I have more important matters then you. So I’m gonna excuse myself while you stand there and pander to these idiots.

(Jacob begins to walk up the ramp)

Sam: The only reason you refuse to get into this ring is because you know you don’t have what it takes to beat me face to face. And that is why I’ve always been a bigger deal than you.

(Jacob stops and turns back)

Jacob: Sam your nowhere near as big of a deal than me. You have never even had a match outside of developmental. So after tonight you might decide that you don’t have what takes to be up here. And by the way the last time I fought you face to face I won and took your title!

(Jacob turns around continues to walk to the back as the camera fades to black)



(The camera pans to Jacob Williams warming up backstage with Zac Taylor)

Jacob: Did you watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones?

Zac: I’ve actually never watched Game of Thrones.

(Jacob stands there in shock with his mouth wide open before snapping out of it)

Jacob: I think I forgot to tell you congratulations on winning the Internet Championship.

Zac: Thanks man. Are you alright Sam seemed like he touched a nerve earlier?

Jacob: Yea I’ve never been better. At the ppv he’s gonna get what’s coming to him. Besides what is he gonna do he punches like a paraplegic.

(Jacob and Zac smirk)

Zac: By the way how’s my sister?

Jacob: she’s back at my place. Probably getting ready to watch us later. Speaking of later are u gonna be able to beat Dennis Black?

Zac: Yea I’m gonna out there and show the people why I won this title.

(Zac places his Internet Championship over his shoulder)

Jacob: I don’t know why you would want to show those people anything.

Zac: Because they embraced me after I won this title, unlike what they did with you.

Jacob: It won’t last long, enjoy it while you have it I guess. Well it’s about time for my match I’ll see you after the show.

(Jacob and Zac shake hands)

Zac: Jacob stop.

(Jacob turns back as he opens the door)

Zac: Here catch.

(Zac tosses Jacobs mask to him)

Jacob. You know what I don’t think I’m going to wear this anymore. I’m going to let the people see the face they turned on.

(Jacob opens the door and stops a random EoW worker)

Jacob: Here take this and make sure it ends up in a museum somewhere.

(Jacob hands his mask to the worker and begins walking down the hall. The scene ends with Zac Taylor continuing to warm up)



Zac Taylor: As I was going through social media I read that Showtime was saying that he was wanting to know which brand was the “A show” and that he was going to address the Fusion universe.

So since he said that I wanted to let the whole EoW universe know that if you want to know which brand is the “A show” just go watch the inter promotional triple threat match that happened back at Blacklist on the EoW network,
and spoiler yours truly beat Kerry Briggs who is apart of Rush and a returning Nathan Steel who is apart of Fusion.


I may have changed since then like gotten a haircut and changed my ways as I used to be in a dark place and gotten me a nice title that I won recently at WrestlElite IV and by the way I just defended against Devin King and as you can see (now holding up the Internet Championship and showing it to everyone) I won that too.

So I just want to let the other brands know even if I’m not booked to compete, Conquest will still come out on top because this brand has got talent and we simply put on a better show night in and night out that these other brands can never live up too.


And warning if I do compete I can promise that not only will Conquest win but my opponent or opponents will be wishing they were on this brand and probably won’t feeling to well with a broken jaw (points to his right elbow)
and if you watched me and Devin King’s match you saw I added a new move to my repertoire which will also/or give my opponent a very sore neck or possibly a broken neck just saying cause there are no promises.

(Zac Taylor smiles and holds up the Internet Championship once again as the crowd cheers for him and Conquest)


The camera fades in and we see David Jackson sitting backstage.

He is relaxing on a replica of the Iron Throne. He stretches and begins to speak.

Jackson: It’s quite a time to be me. I won the Hardcore Championship at WrestlElite and I beat Crowe last week for the third time in a row.

Maybe now that dog will stop sticking his nose in my business.

Jackson: Now, whose on the chopping block for me next? Let’s see here…

D-Jack reaches off camera and grabs a clipboard. After he reads the sheet of paper for a few seconds, he chuckles to himself.

Jackson: Well, shake my spurs and slap me with a cactus.

I have no opponent for BattleGround. Hmmm…..Let’s make this interesting for me.

I am issuing a open challenge for the EOW Hardcore Championship.

Any one who wants to fight me, step right up and be put through the gauntlet.

David Jackson smiles wickedly as the camera fades out.



*SPOILER* Post match Promo

Madison snatched the Conquest Championship from the bell keeper and strode onto the apron with the help of the steel steps. With a snap of her finger, the referee rushed over to her and placed his foot on the bottom rope while lifting the middle rope. After getting a mic, Madison sauntered into the ring and stood by Dennis Black. The Conquest Champion was still on his knees and panting heavily.

Madison: In a not so surprising conclusion…the winner of the match is your REIGNING…





Madison: My fiancé, your role model and mine, …DENNIS BLACK!

The audience showered the couple in disapproval as he used both the ropes and the hand Madison offered him to get to his feet. Realizing that he underestimated Zac Taylor, Dennis leaned against the nearest corner of turnbuckles as Madison continued.

Madison: WrestlElite Four will undoubtedly live on in infamy. Many Champions landed in Las Vegas expecting to leave the same way they arrived, as Champions. But in an unprecedented turn of events…an astonishing amount of Championships changed hands at WrestlElite Four. One even changed hands twice in the same night!

Madison: You see…

Madison twirled the mic for a moment.

Madison: WrestElite was this company hitting proverbial ‘refresh’ button. While Dennis Black was forged in the fires of this generation’s style of wrestling, our beliefs are very much so grounded in the an old school philosophy. Unlike most of the roster, we understand that Championships aren’t just shiny trinkets. They aren’t just for decoration or for bragging rights, oh no…

Madison: Being a World Champion is a burden. Most of the guys, including the current number one contender don’t understand that Championships don’t make them the best. That reason alone is why none of them deserve this…

Madison raises the Conquest Championship.

Madison: The man makes the Championship, not the other way around. When a Championship changes hands…it loses value, and it’s on the new Champion to elevate that Championship. Something that we’ve been doing since Blacklist. With the EOW reset…

Madison: With the amount of Champions that failed to retain at WrestElite…

Madison: The Conquest Championship was elevated to the most important Championship in this company thanks to us and only us!

The audience boos loudly as Madison hands the mic to Dennis Black. After finally catching his breath, he pushes himself out of the corner. He holds up two fingers while bringing the mic to his lips with the other hand.

Dennis: Story time with the King, listen up…peasants.. Tonight’s lesson in excellence is brought to you by the number two. Tonight was my second Champion vs Champion match on Conquest this season. The first time, I found myself in Zac Taylor’s position…as the Internet Champion taking on the Conquest Champion.

Dennis: But unlike Zac, I defeated the Conquest Champion. That isn’t the only difference between Zac and I. Two…the number two separates us. I’ve beaten Zac twice this season.

Madison raised two fingers.

Dennis: Battlegrounds will be my second defense as Conquest Champion. My opponent? Not a B plus player…he’s a C+ player. A man who doesn’t deserve to have his name spoken by me.

Dennis: A man who desperately needs to shave.

Dennis: A man who needs to bathe because he smells like…number two.

Dennis: A man who –

???: Beat you twice this season?

Dennis and Madison looked around as the audience erupted. Eventually, Dennis and Madison found the newcomer standing on stage. The lens zoomed in on Ian Bates with a mic in hand.

Dennis: The hell are YOU doing out here?

Bates: This is like a poor man’s parody of Sesame Street. But I’ll play along. So, let’s stick with the theme of two. Two times I’ve beaten you this season.

Bates: This is your second Conquest Championship defense of the season. Funny enough, this is my second shot at the Conquest Championship this season.

The audience started to chant ‘Give Bates a Chance! Give Bates a chance!” Madison snatched the mic from Dennis and pointed toward the stage.

Madison: You…you…get out of here!

Bates: I don’t believe we’ve ever had the chance to talk, Madison. I’d say this a pleasure to meet, but…it isn’t. You see, I know all about you. You’re a gold digger. A parasite.

Bates: While I was beating your meal ticket here for a second time, you were in Jacob’s ear. Blacklist was a heist. You robbed Jacob, and no one here will ever deny it. Now he’s off being the world’s biggest ass hole. He was the guy that all of these people could get behind. He was ‘our’ guy, the face of Conquest. You two broke him.

Bates: Now it falls to me to fill the void that Jacob’s selfishness left behind. I’m going to be the one that takes the Conquest Championship off your hands. That’ll be three times in a row, champ.

Madison’s face was turning visibly red. She handed the mic to Dennis.

Dennis: You got lucky.

Bates: Twice?

Dennis: Anyone can get lucky in two matches. After your sham of a win, I hit the switch. I haven’t lost since. You know why? Because I’m the best this company has. Blacklist was the beginning of ‘my’ era, and you should consider yourself fortunate to be breathing our air.

Bates: Smells like crap if you ask me.

Madison and Dennis: We weren’t!

Bates: Tell you what, I’ve got an idea that will put this ‘fluke’ debate of yours to bed. You and me, two out of three falls no DQ, no more excuses.

Bates: I know that I can beat you once. I’m damn sure I can lay out twice. Can you say the same about me? You’ve yet to beat me once in different evenings…how will you do it twice in one night?

Madison: Absolutely not.

Bates: Never thought I’d see our Champion hide behind his woman….

Dennis narrowed his eyes at the stage as the audience responded with a collective ‘ooooooh….

Dennis: You’re on!

Bates pumped up the crowd while Madison looked horrified.


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