EoW CONQUEST – Week 10 – 4.12.19

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EoW Presents

The night opens up to the arena loading dock as we see the trucks getting unloaded with all of the stage equipment.

As each employee is grabbing things off the truck, a hooded individual is walking up next to the trucks as he’s banging on the sides.

One of the employees is getting annoyed and he walks up to the hooded gentleman and says some words to him.

Employee: Excuse me sir, do you mind not doing that? We are kind of running late and there’s a storm coming though pretty soon so if you don’t min…

The gentleman removes his hood.

Crowe: I’m being a disturbance to all of you no good workers who are getting paid close to nothing. Do you know who the fuck I am?! Do you know what I can do to all of you lifeless nobodies?!

Employee: I’m so sorry Mr. Crowe, I had no idea that it was yo…

Crowe: (Grabbing the employee by the neck) Listen closely you dirty sack of shit, I have been in this business longer than you have had this worthless job.

Out of all the things you decide to do is come up to me and try to say some unintelligent words to the most disrespectful human being in this company.

Man it’s very unfortunate for you right now because I’m not in the best mood right now and fortunately and unfortunately I have to beat the shit out of you.

Employee: (Loss of breath) Please sir, I have a family and a life to live for.

Crowe: You should’ve thought about that before bothering me.

Crowe drags him around and throws him into the production crates.

After that happened he grabs one of the camera guys and yells at him to film everything that just happened and tells him to continue rolling.

Crowe: Stay right there. All of those actions that just took place is what I’m going to do that piece of shit David Jackass. I’m going to rip you apart.

He walks into the arena and the camera focuses on the guy that Crowe attacked. He’s trying to catch his breath and you can see the marks on his neck.


* Baine’s music blares throughout the Conquest arena as Baine comes walking out in a white dress shirt and a pair of dress pants with the G1 Championship along with one half of the EoW Tag Team Championships.

He makes his way to the ring and walks around to the timekeeper and demands a microphone then climbs into the ring. *

Baine: Tonight I decided to come out here and continue the party that Ap3x had this past Fusion.

Plus I want to talk a little about the former G1 Champion Matrix..

Now Matrix like I said congrats on beating showtime and if im being honest i never saw the belt being prestige with the likes of Showtime being champion. You though Matrix I can honestly say I think you could take this belt and be a great G1 Champion.

Unfortunately, though I had an opportunity on becoming a two time G1 Champion after being blocked from competing for the belt ever since I lost it. Now granted shortly after losing I became the Elite World Champion not once but twice..

Baine: But as many may know the G1 title always had a place in my heart and I knew sooner or later I would make my return to the G1 Championship but like i said, unfortunately,
Matrix that time came at Wrestlelite IV the very same place where you became the new G1 champion…until you heard my music and you instantly knew that at that moment you already knew you lost.

Then a few minutes later you witness as the referee raised my hand and gave me that prestigious G1 Championship that you just won until you lost it to me.

*Baine raises the G1 title*

Baine: Matrix my point is your not good enough to hold this title at this moment in time..just like you aren’t good enough to beat me..I know it, the fans know it and most importantly Matrix you know it.

* Baine walks over to the ropes and starts to leave as he sits the G1 Championship down on the mat in the corner.

Baine stops and comes back into the ring. *

Baine: Before I leave I do want to make an announcement.

As of now, I am very proud to announce that I no longer have to suffer by wrestling in front of a bunch of scumbags that don’t even deserve to see Trent wrestle let alone the saint of EoW.

So with that said I just want to add that all you pathetic fans here at conquest..i will not miss anyone of you.

*Baine tosses the mic out of the ring and taunts to the crowd*


With a mic in hand, Darby Pinchpenny stood in the center of the Conquest Ring as he was showered in boos. In one hand was a microphone, and in the other was a contract. He grinned at the sounds of chants for the new number number one contender for the Conquest Championship.

Darby: A man of my stature needs no introduction. Besides, the EOW universe has seen me on RUSH and Fusion so far this week. You all know why I’m here.

Darby: You all know what this is.

Darby waves the contract high in the air.

Darby: Mr. Mayhem, today is going to be the biggest decision of your tenure as a CEO.

Will you extend the contract of your Conquest Champion?

The best sports entertainer of this generation?

A young man who isn’t even in his prime yet.

Darby: My clients is the future.

Can be the future….should be the future.

Darby: I instructed Dennis and Madison to resume their vacation in Aruba.

They insisted on being here. Saying you’re a hothead and that you can’t be reasoned with.

Darby: But in you, I see a businessman. What’s best for business….is a young man like Dennis Black at the top of not only this brand, but this company.

I’m here in hopes that we can prove them wrong. Mr. Mayhem.

Incase you didn’t get my fax over WrestElite weekend…I’ll list off all one hundred and seventeen items on their list of demands.

A private plane that will take them between RUSH and Conquest.

Dennis Black on the cover of EOW 2k20, with a special story mode chronicling his first year in EOW.

Starting with his debut against Justin Rockstar, and ending with his trump at WrestlElite.

The audience starts getting restless.

Darby: They want you to give the green light to their reality show ‘I love Cox’.. Not on the E! Network.

It needs to be on the EOW network, so they can swear as they please.

They would like a personal chef on their private plane.

Madison Cox requests that the hardcore title and all hardcore wrestlers be removed from the Conquest roster and shipped to Fusion.

Mr. Black demands that his renewed contract make him the highest paid wrestler in EOW history.

Mr. Black would like to be removed from all upcoming house shows and make a wish obligations.

Trash is being thrown in the ring…

Darby: Ahem…

Darby: The couple would like a luxury tour bus waiting for them when their private jet lands.

 Please keep the noise to a minimum!

I still have one hundred and nine demands to go.

Darby Pinchpenny looked the larger man up and down.

He adjusted his tie as the fans cheered loudly for the CEO.

Darby: Glad you came to your senses.

Mr. Mayhem: let me stop you right there.

Let me see some ID and business card.

Darby obliges the CEO pulling his wallet out from the back of his trousers and unfolding his wallet to hand Mr. Mayhem his ID and business card.

Mayhem Looking at the ID and then comparing it to the business card and Darby.

Mayhem then flicks the business card and ID out of the ring.

Mr. Mayhem: Whatever generic ass Montlick and Associates  law school you think you graduated from is obviously the bottom of the barrel.

Seems to me like you are taking Mr. Black for a financial ride here.

Darby getting visually upset.

Mr. Mayhem: Look tell your so called client that he needs to show up on the next Conquest or I’m going to fire all both of you.

As far as these demands go, you can shove these up your fruity power bottom ass.


Lassiter motions for a mic after the match. Larkspur is catching his breath while he starts to speak.

Lassiter: You can throw any team in front of us you want. They can be new or some sort of failed throwback, the out come will remain the same. GOLDEN! There’s only one team left to prove something to and they so happen to beholding the titles. Saints, you know we’re coming let’s cut to the chase and make this match happen.

Lassiter tosses the mic to Larkspur who just caught his breath.

Larkspur: Ladies and gentlemen I have an announcement to make. The next Wrestle Elite is in 319 days out and WE ARE UNDEFEATED AT WRESTLE ELITE!!!

Larkspur: UN!

Larkspur: DE!

Larkspur: FEAT!

Lassiter placed his hand over the mic, interrupting his partner. He shook his head and mouthed “that’s gimmick infringement.”

Lassiter motions for another mic and stands back to back with Larkspur, and they say in unison:


(Jacob Williams music hits as he makes his way to the ring with a microphone already in his hand)

Jacob Williams: At wrestlelite I showed Dennis black respect after our match, and what did it get me a title to the back of my head.

It doesn’t end there either the moment I was about to walk to the back I was attack by a inferior superstar.

Sam Russ I thought I ended your career back in August.

This is the first anyone has heard of you since I pinned you in the middle of this ring.

But I digress, last night something much worse happened to me I was betrayed by you… the people.

(Jacob points to the crowd as he is showered with boos)

Jacob: last night I gave it all that I had, but you people still cheered as I got attacked by Sam russ.

At that moment I realized I don’t need you, I can do this all on my own because the only person I need to believe in me is myself.

(Jacob snaps his fingers as a spotlight shines on him in the middle of the ring)

Jacob: This spotlight represents something I will never have stolen from me ever again. So all the people in the back pay attention.

As of today I proclaim myself


Jacob: the turncoat Jacob Williams!

( Jacob stands in the middle of the ring taking in the thunderous boos, before his theme hits and makes his way to the back.

??? vs Byron Parsons



Ian: So, as you guys can see, my legs are pretty messed up. At WrestleElite, I went to WAR, and after the last man standing match against Devin King, I felt great!

I was able to finally remove that thorn in my side, and I earned its respect in the process. But thats when I started not to feel so good.

I must have been running on pure adreniline, because when I was examined by EOW medical staff backstage, it seemed like they were just rattling off every possible injury they could of thought of.

But I’m not going to bore you guys with all the details, because all that needs to be said about my conditon is that I will BE BACK! Obviously, though, I’m gonna need this week to recuperate. But onto the real reason I am out here…

When I arrived at the arena today, I was shocked when I saw Devin King’s name on the Internet Championship match.

Now I just want to know one question…Why?

I mean, I wasn’t aware that there were consolation prizes in EOW.

I mean that in no disrespect to Zac Taylor, but my match at WrestleElite was a #1 Contenders for the Conquest Championship, and Devin lost.

I’ve discussed this in the past, the idea of earning what you get. I EARNED a title oppurtunity against the Conquest Champion.

Devin King did not earn anything that night.

But here we are, I’m standing in this ring with two knee braces on, no match tonight, and a promised title match with no date attached to it.

Meanwhile, the person I beat is getting handed title oppurtunities the VERY NEXT show.

But it seems all is good in the world, because just like the Conquest title oppurtunity, King squandered this one aswell.

Congrats to Zac once again.

I’ll see you guys next week, see you soon Dennis.”

*Ian drops the mic and exits slowly, favoring especially his right leg as he goes through the ropes.*



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