EoW CONQUEST 2.22.2019 – Week 8

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(The scene kicks off with Devin sitting on his throne in silence thinking.)

Devin: As much as I want to laugh at what i did to Mr.Bates I came to realize that he is some how some way a contender for the Conquest championship.

(Devin mood change in anger)

Devin: I’m still in disgust that I let that filthy, vile ,vermin pin me last week. I promise when I tell you that WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!

Devin: Cause Mr.Bates if you thought what I did to you last week was something watch what I do to PM Crunk in the ring tonight you find out what I’m really capable of.(Evil Laughing)

Devin: And after you watch me decimated Crunk if you still up for the challenge at WE4 I want you in match winner get next in line for the Conquest Championship.

However under 1 circumstance though. (Take a Short Pause)

When I beat you Bates and embarrass you in front of millions as a token for myself beating the shit out of you will have to be my personal servant in the kingdom of Kova.

(Olivia walk by throne and sit on Devin lap)

Devin: I forgot one more thing Dennis Black just a reminder for you champ me and my wife Olivia are the supreme couple on EOW.

(Olivia grab Devin and kiss him)

Olivia: We Are Forever

(Olivia smirks as the camera fades to black)

The show returns from a Wrestlelite commercial and opens with Dennis Black standing in the center of the Conquest ring. He’s without Madison and the Conquest Championship. The ring is surrounded by several security guards armed with night sticks and tasers. Before he can get a word out, chants for Jacob Williams begin.

Dennis: Settle down peasants, The Champ has something to say.

Dennis: It would seem that Jacob Williams has shown his true colors. Yellow and…well, yellow. Only a coward attacks a man from behind.

He lets the hypocritical comment settle in. Chants of Dennis being a coward fill the arena. Dennis rolled his eyes before continuing.

Dennis: Jacob, why can’t you understand that what took place at Blacklist was a business decision? It wasn’t personal. We did it ‘for’ you, not to hurt you. But you went ahead and made it personal by attacking me from behind.

Dennis: Madison and I took it upon ourselves to relieve you of the burden of being a world Champion.

Dennis: You were eventually going to crush under the weight of responsibility that comes with being a top guy. I don’t want that for you. I…no…WE did you a favor.

Dennis looks to the audience.

Dennis: You became Conquest Champion when this brand was for…rookies. It was a participation award…a belt…a prop…not a Championship. But around my waist?

Dennis: It is now ‘THE’ Championship. The new standard in EoW.

Dennis: This brand can’t afford to have one of these…lesser wrestlers as Champion right now. I’m the best on this mic.

Dennis points to the mic and then downward.

Dennis: Most exciting in this ring, and the master of any bedroom I enter. I’m what you would call a total package. The epitome of what a main eventer should be.

Dennis: Did I mention I’m David Meltzer’s favorite American wrestler?

Dennis: Blacklist was a turning point for this brand. Me being Champion is going to benefit us all, including you. This is going to be the most profitable season in EOW’s history. More profits mean we all get more money, Jacob…

Dennis sighed.

Dennis: Wrestlelite….this work of fiction comes full circle.

Dennis: At the beginning of the season, our first act. I beat you in a champion versus champion match.

Dennis: The second act took place during Blacklist, Where I took the Conquest Championship from your grubby little hands.

Dennis: What of Wrestlelite, you ask?

The camera zooms in on Dennis’s face.

Dennis: The final act of ‘The Clean Sweep: The story of Jacob Williams and Dennis Black.’ I will leave Wrestlelite the same way I arrived, as Conquest Champion.

Dennis tosses the mic to the ring announcer as his theme starts playing.


*The camera fades in and we see Randy Crowe backstage. He is in his full wrestling gear and sitting down at a table. In his right hand, is his customary bottle of Jack Daniels. In his left hand, his cell phone. He seems to be muttering to himself in between swigs. He stands up and puts his phone down on the table. He begins to speak.*

Crowe: (Anxious) I have been sitting here for about an hour now and I have not heard anything from our “great” leader Mr. Mayhem. I know he seen what I did to Niles Reynolds and he may have been happy about me taking my time in that match.

Mr. Mayhem can’t deny that I showed my brutality and I left that poor sack of shit barely breathing.

Now I want my redemption, I want to take down the nobody who “thinks” he’s a crazy psychopath. (Frustration) The man who got lucky.

I pushed his ass to the limit. I’m talking about David Jackson.

*Randy picks up his phone and checks it. The look on his face says, ‘Nothing still.’ He puts the phone back on the table.*

Crowe: (Voice get harder) I want this match made and I want it now.

This isn’t a demand, this is a showcase for myself. One of your “great Elite 4” as you call it is going to be destroyed by the Anti-Christ of EOW.

I know I’ve lost everything since this shit show of year has started but I am coming back to take my place as the most dangerous man here.

I want D-Jack and I don’t what the match is. (Louder) DO YOU HEAR ME!?! I…WANT…D-JACK.

*Crowe starts to take another drink, but his phone makes a sound. He puts down the bottle and picks up his phone. After a few seconds of messing with his phone…*

Crowe: (Satisfied) It’s from Mayhem, finally! (Pauses for a few seconds and a curious look passes his face) It’s a video message?!? (He hits the play button and turns up the volume).

Mr. Mayhem: Tonight’s match will be a regular match to test a theory I have about David Jackson.

Can David Jackson coupe without having those wonderful toys.

Crowe if you prove yourself you may find yourself in the Hardcore Championship  contention soon enough.

I don’t think either of you need luck.

Just do me the favor and make it to WrestlElite.

Mr. Mayhem reaches toward the screen to end the video message as cameras pan back to Randall Crowe.

Crowe: (Half satisfied) No weapons!?! What is he up to? (Shakes his head) Never mind, I got what I wanted.

Should’ve been quicker to reply but who gives a shit. I am going to rip David Jackson in half.

The original 4 will be no more without that dumb clown.

*The camera fades out and then fades in at another location in the arena.

It is David Jackson who appears on the camera. He is wearing a bedtime onesie and appears to be waking up.

He is rubbing his eyes and holding a doll in his arms that looks very much like he did before the accident.

In his lap is his laptop and he closes it.

He has a nonchalant look on his face. He stands up and stretches. The camera pulls back and you can sees that we are in the boiler room.*

Jackson: (Confused) Well, this is more unexpected than the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve ruling together. No weapons at all? (Sighs) It’s no fun being the hardcore Champion if you can’t have your toys. (Reaches off camera and picks something up) Sorry Barbie, old girl. We will have to dance another night. (Holds the bat close) Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you with Ruby Tuesdays later on tonight.

*David puts Barbie down and walks to his left over to his travel bag. He starts to open it up.*

Jackson: I hope you enjoy the gift I will give you tonight Crowe. It is the best gift of all, the gift of battle. After I am done with you, I can focus on Walker. That yellow streak Yankee will get what’s coming to him. Maybe I’ll take him out and make sure he won’t make it to WrestlElite. I’ll have fun and relax during the biggest show of the year.

*David laughs for a bit, then stops himself. A look of regret passes his face.*

Jackson: (Grunts) Ah yes, I almost forgot. I promised his aunt that there would be a rematch at WrestlElite for the gold. Curse me and my word. (Looks straight at the camera) You’re aunt saved you again Walker. You might want to go visit her and show your appreciation.

*David smiles and turns his attention to his travel bag. He starts to dig through it as the camera fades out.*




* Chang Lee walks by Baines locker room door as he notices Baine scrolling on his social media page as he looks on EoWs group page. *

Chang: Excuse md Baine I don’t mean to intrude but can i have a moment?

*Baine looks over at Chang and motions him to sit down on the seat right in front of Baine.*

Baine: So what’s up Chang?

Chang: Tonight on Conquest..

Baine: Chang listen first of all, I’m bored already so do me a favor and get up and leave my locker room but first leave the camera and microphone.

*Baine gets up and pushes Chang Lee out through the door. Then orders the camera man to place the camera on the chair that Chang was sitting in and then orders the cameraman to leave.*

*Baine returns to his seat and sits down in his chair and then faces the nearby camera*

Baine: Now I want to get something off my chest..I was looking on EoW’s social media page and I came across some individuals talking about how one person gets everything compared to others and then that so called person says that he’s not Baine and how he won’t be leaving Wrestlelite with four Championship belts like I will be.

Baine: Now I won’t name names bu-

* Baine lowers the microphone and stops talking for a moment then raises it back up to his mouth *

Baine: You know I was gonna be a nice guy but fuck it..

These individuals are some big names and might be surprising to some. Dane Xavier..Ok that one isn’t to surprising, next theres everyone’s favorite Pm Crunk, and then theres…Jack Action.

Now listen fellas I know that I’m part of the greatest tag team in all of wrestling, also I understand that I’m not only the Tag Team Champions but I’m also the current Internet Champion and plus once I cash in my opportunity for defending my Internet Championship I’ll also be yet another belt holder.

Ah yeah that’s right there’s this aswell *lifts X1 Summit briefcase in front of camera then sits h3y back dkwn* i almost forgot after I use my X1 briefcase at Wrestlelite ill be holding four titles.So with that said i have to give credit where credit is due and..Dane your right i will be holding four EoW Championship titles by the time I leave Wrestlelite 4.

Baine: Dane listen as an old friend… you do deserve everything plus more out of this company and I truly mean that.. And now that your on Rush you will finally get everything you deserve as you face everyone below your *makes quotations* skill level.

Also..Dane you claiming you deserve to be “Bained more than Baine deserves to be Bained” if that was true then you would be the one with two titles and two chances on claiming two more championship belts.

Baine: Now Crunk listen home slice its not my fault management doesn’t think you deserve a shot at my Internet Championship hell maybe it’s because there confused on if they need permission to book some fool that runs around here with a tin foil cap on there head but who knows.

Now Jack Action..listen if you want a shot at gold again..it’s simple show up to all your matches and earn what you want here in EoW don’t just show up when you feel like it.

Also Jack keep Rockstar out of this one because believe it or not but he was granted a shot at the title through the Intercontinental Champion Marco Charming.

*Baine sighs and tosses his phone off to the side.*

Baine: Now since that’s out of the way let’s move onto tonight..Jacob Williams tonight I’m not gonna talk smack about you or our match but know this..last time we met in that ring you kicked me right in the mouth and knocked me out just long enough to get the three count.. congrats. Now tonight for me the win or lost doesn’t matter to me but tonight we will all see if your ready to face Dennis Black for what use to be yours.

Unfortunately though you were stupid enough to take Madison Cox as a manager and now she’s back to Dennis Black as they both stand there with the Conquest title.

Either way.. the way I see it is this. If you can beat me again then you are ready to reclaim the Conquest Championship from Dennis Black at Wrestlelite 4.

*Baine stares into the camera*

But if you lose and I beat you well then its obvious you will lose and Dennis Black retains. But if that happens who knows maybe I’ll go beat Dennis Black once more for the Conquest Championship.

*Baine gets up and tosses the microphone out into the hallway and shuts the camera off.*


*After D-Jack’s hand has been raised in victory, he exits the ring while Crowe is in the corner, glaring at David. About halfway to the back, David falls to his knees. He is clutching his chest and is in obvious pain. There is no movement from David for some time. Randy walks into camera range with a microphone in his hand and begins to speak.*

Crowe: You see this right here, this so called maniac has been beaten down by me. He may have won again, but I pushed him to his limit.

Yeah, I’m battered and bruised, but I’m still standing. David Jackson is just another name who doesn’t have the power to go toe to toe with a 6 foot 7 monster like myself. Wins and losses don’t matter.

What matters is who is still standing and you’re looking at him.

At the end of day I destroyed David Jackson.

*He throws the microphone at Jackson and walks to the back curtain. The trainer comes from off camera to help D-Jack up. David leans on the trainer and walks with him to the back as the camera fades out.*


The scene opens with a foggy mirror being wiped clean with a gloved hand, revealing the new Conquest Champion. Dennis Black stared at himself in the restroom mirror that was connected to his dressing room. He slowly looks down and to his left, which prompts the camera to do so as well, revealing a almost completely submerged Madison Cox in a tub. The water is up to her chin.

Dennis: You’re being ridiculous.

Madison: I’m unclean! Call the wedding off.

Dennis pinched the bridge of his nose and quietly sighed. He then puts the toilet seat top down before sitting on it.

Dennis: The dumpster match was two nights ago. You were only in there for a few minutes…

Madison: So?

Dennis: How many baths have you had since then?

Madison closed her eyes.

Madison: …Fifteen.

Dennis: I think you’re good.

Madison: There was a banana peel on my head! This is the second time I’ve been tossed in a dumpster. Both companies! I’m so embarrassed…

Dennis stuck his arm in the bath water, causing a few ripples. Moments later, Madison’s eyes shot open.

Dennis: Focused?

Madison: …I’m…I’m better now

Dennis: Good.

Dennis: Now, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to beat Zac Taylor, and we’re going to get out of this hell hole of a city.

Dennis: Then, we’re going to make a call to fix your Halie problem.

Madison: And then…?

Dennis removed his arm from the tub and reached for a towel.

Madison: And they call me a tease.

Dennis stood up and stretched loudly.

Dennis: Can’t give away the whole story, Madi.

Madison: You know…Jacob isn’t as dumb or naive as I originally thought. He did take it to heart, chaos being a ladder and all.

Dennis: How so?

Madison: Think about it. He’s being proactive for when the inevitable happens at Wrestlelite.

Dennis raised a brow.

Madison: Baine. He’s cashing in. I can feel it like a sickness. Or maybe that’s gas?

Madison: Anyway, If Baine beats Jacob tonight, he’ll have victories over the both of you this season. Even if you both have victories over him…I imagine he likes his chances better at walking out of Wrestlelite as the Conquest Champion.

Dennis leaned against the sink and folded his arms.

Madison: Too many unknowns with the RUSH Championship. Xavier has experience and clearly takes PED’s while…Segador is a wild card.

Madison: Wrestlelite is going to be Pitbull’s crowning moment. As much as I make fun of his poor taste in lovers and hair…Baine is not dumb. He knows his chances of beating Pitbull are very slim, especially after what Pitbull did to his partner.

Madison: We’re behind the ball on this. We need to play catch up.

Dennis: So we lay a trap for Jacob?

Madison: Precisely. One so effective that you’ll make quick work of him at Wrestlelite. Which in turn…

Madison motions to Dennis.

Dennis: Preserves my energy for the cash in.

Madison nods.

Dennis: Brains and beauty. Where would I be without you?

Madison: In developmental.

Dennis gave Madison the middle finger before exiting the bathroom


*The camera fades to backstage, Ian Bates sitting in a chair with ice in his hands*

Interviewer: “Ian, what do you attribute to your loss earlier tonight against Aaron Walker?”

Ian: Focus. I wasn’t focused and I wasn’t prepared.

Aaron Walker is a great competitor, and i do not mean to belittle him in any way, but he wasn’t my priority.

Ever since my victory last week against Devin King, my mind has been locked onto what happened after the match.

I expected him to be gracious in his defeat. I expected him to shake my hand after he was the one offered the hand first.

But I guess that’s not what happened.

When I was told I was facing Aaron walker, I should have started preparing.

Watching tape, reviewing strategy, or anything at all.

I sat down and kept wondering why?

When I stepped in that ring, I wasn’t focused on my opponent.

It was my mistake, and it won’t happen again.

Now let me address something very quickly.

I heard the words both Devin and Dennis spoke last week.

Devin tried to explain his actions by saying that I am, “in the way of something he wants.”

Quite frankly, I don’t care what he wants, title shots are earned, and that is exactly what I’ve done.

He and I were fighting for that spot to be next in line. I beat him clearly, cleanly, and quickly.

So that means I’m next in line, and I dare him to come for MY spot.

Moving onto Dennis, he had some excuses and tried to distract from the truth.

He said that those two victories I had over him were when he was, “at his lowest.” Dennis’ ego really is quite something.

I’ll give you your credit Dennis, you did beat Jacob Williams and become Conquest champion, but you are also 0-2 against me, and that’s just a fact.

You can’t make excuses for your losses and turn around and hype up your victories. Another thing, you can talk about my loss to Parsons, but that’s in the past.

I’ve moved on, and so should you.

And sooner rather than later, I will become champion. I have and I will beat you again, if you’re even champion when Jacob is done with you.

So to both Jacob and Dennis, when I prove once again to Devin King and EOW management that I’m the next in line,
I will be waiting for whichever one of you makes it out of Wrestle Elite with the gold.”

*Ian stands up, holds the ice on his back, and walks out of shot*



With a mic handle in his pocket, Jacob Williams climbed to the top of the cage that was just lowered. Madison frantically demanded that the cage for be opened as the referee and announcer look around in confusion. Sitting on top of the steel cage, Jacob pulls the mic from his pocket. The audience goes wild for what had just taken place.

Jacob: Dennis while you lay there broken and beaten, I’m going to tell you something I got approved earlier today by Mr. Mayhem. At Wrestlelite Four, our match will take place in this very steel cage.

The crowd erupts at the sound of a steel cage match for the Conquest Championship.

Jacob: After what went down at Blacklist, it didn’t take much to get it approved. So Dennis, at Wrestlelite Four, it will be the first time you are truly alone in the center of this ring.

Jacob: And I plan to take full advantage of that. Madison…

Madison picks up the Conquest Championship and holds it close. She then looked up at Jacob with narrowed eyes.

Jacob: I hope you’re listening too, because this match is gonna end up taking years of off Dennis career as while as mine.

Jacob stands up on top of the cage and points down to Madison and the Conquest Championship.

Jacob: All of this violence for the right to call ourselves the Conquest champion. Dennis, I’m going to leave you with the same words I said last week…

Jacob: Chaos is a ladder, but in this case… it’s a steel cage!

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