EoW CONQUEST 2.08.19

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EoW Presents

*Baine’s music hits as he soon makes his way out on stage with his EoW Internet Championship around his waist and one half of his newly won EoW Tag Team Championships sitting on his right shoulder while he carries the X1 Summit briefcase down to the ring.*

*Baine soon makes his way down to ringside as he grabs a microphone and enters the ring.*

Baine: Here we are once more another conquest with The Saint of EoW and the gate keeper of the Internet Champion and not only that but I have obtained a new piece of gold aswell because..

Since Blacklist I am now one half of the EoW Tag Team Champions with the Prestigious One Travis Markson and yes you heard me right… The Prestigious Saints are now your EoW Tag Champions.

*mixed reactions come from the crowd as you hear some boo’s and some cheers.*

Baine: *smiles* I know..i know its finally great to add some prestige to the EoW Tag titles. Let’s be honest the last time these belts were revelant were when teams like the Disciples of Apocalypse and hell even Crunk Juice held them but now these tag belts are in the Most! Prestigious hands of all time.

Tonight though I wanted to come out here and talk about Blacklist and my opponent but I’ll get to him later.

For starters it’s clear that not only did I beat Byron Parsons and retained my Internet Championship but The Prestigious Saints beat Daniel Xavier and Niles Reynolds a.k.a The Trust to become EoWs New! Tag Team Champions and speaking of ths Trust I’ll be the first to say that..in a weird way.. it’s glad to see the Trust that I originally joined up with.. make a return at Blacklist even though they tried to be sneaky and don’t worry I wouldn’t bore you by telling you what happen if you missed it just know that every Trust member that held gold now holds nothing.

Baine: Secondly I should talk a little about Byron Parsons..Byron I honestly was expecting more from you during our Internet Championship match at Blacklist. Sadly though you just wasn’t good enough to take on The Saint of EoW just like the former champ wasn’t good enough to retain this belt when I beat him in this ring and took what is now mine.

*Baine stops talking and rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from underneath the ring and gets back in and sets the chair up and sits down on the chair*

Baine: Another match I enjoyed was the annilation match between Aaron Walker and David Jackson. Now I have to admit…you two had one hell of a match. Now normally I probably wouldn’t say something like this but congratulations on becoming the new EoW Hardcore Champion.

Now obviously I don’t have all night to talk about Blacklist but I do want to add 3 more things before I get to my opponent for tonight..

Baine: *Holds up one finger* Dennis Black good job on becoming Conquest Champion..hell you might actually last as champion as long as you don’t cross my path again and if I’m being honest your better when you don’t have Madison at ringside..think about it and you will find out that I’m right.

*Holds up two fingers* I want to remind all you people sitting in your sits and all the champions of titles I am currently not holding..you are all on the clock starting as of now because sooner or later..

*picks up the X1 Summit briefcase*

Baine: *Holds up three fingers this time* This brings me to my third point..Sooner or later i will be cashing this here briefcase in and once I do i will take claim to yet another EoW championship. Now i can imagine you all asking yourselves when will Baine cash in? Well since I am the Saint that I am I will tell all you non prestigious people…Come Wrestle Elite I will be cashing in my briefcase as for on who though..

Well I guess you will have to tune into the biggest wrestling show of the year…Wrestlelite *holds up four fingers and smiles*

Baine: Now as for my next challenger for my Internet Championship.Tonight Matrix the only time you will get close to my Internet Championship is when the referee presents the belt to you at the start of our match tonight.

Because if you believe for one second that your gonna beat me and walk out with the Internet Championship then buddy I hate to be the villain *Baine smirks and looks into the camera* but
theres no way in hell I’m letting that happen especially with someone like you..

Baine:Plus to be honest there’s a certain Showtime that I have to appear to if you will and once I do that will be just one..more..piece of gold and if I’m not mistaking I would be among the triple crown champions.

*Baine smiles at the thought of being a triple crown champion and leaves the conquest ring as camera fades black*

The scene opens up to Randy Crowe sitting on counter in the bathroom. He’s got a cigarette in mouth and he’s looking at piece of paper. The paper is a doctor’s note from the guy he beat up at the bar on the night of Blacklist. He starts ready it off but he’s getting angrier and angrier with each statement that is on the sheet.

Crowe: See this stupid shit that I have to deal with. I already have to deal with a bunch of other stupid things and this little pussy is having his “top doctor” sending me notes about what I did to him. Ooh did I mess up his stupid ass man bun and step on his stupid ass Jordans. Shut the fuck up. The sheet here says that I broke his nose and and fractured his jaw. Well guess what (he puts his cigarette out on sheet) tough shit. Man just talking about this stupid ass incident is pissing me off. Thank God and I don’t say that usually say that but thank God I have a match tonight. I need to blow off some steam and I just to brutally dismantle someone.

He gets off the counter and continues.

Crowe: An extreme rules match with the wasteful member of the Trust Niles Reynolds. Perfect, he looks just like the guy I beat up at the bar. The only thing about it is that he got away easy but tonight Niles won’t be walking out of here on his feet. He’ll have to be wheeled out of here when I’m done with him. You will face a Grave Mistake as the hands of fate fall on the midnight hour. I will don the Devil’s power and you will see the Devil’s eyes.

He leaves the bathroom and the scene cuts to black.

Annihilation Match
Niles Reynolds vs  Randy Crowe

The scene opens in the Trusts’ locker room. Lassiter and Larkspur are standing in front of a TV monitor going over their match with HFI.

Larkspur: “HFI what does that even stand for?”

Lassiter: “I dunno High Flying Idiots?”

Larkspur: “They didn’t jump around that much.”

Lassiter: “Did they have a chance?”

Larkspur: “Not when you hit him with the 24 karat knee like that.” He pauses the video the moment Lassiter’s knee makes contact with the face.

Lassiter: “What about this right here?” He fast forwards to Larkspur’s finisher “The Gold Mine” “BAM!!! 1…2…3! All she wrote!”

Larkspur finally notices the camera behind them.

Larkspur: “Hey, Kent.” He motions to the cameraman behind them.

Lassiter: “Good, I’m glad you’re here it’ll save us the trouble of finding you later.Tonight we’re in a triple threat match for number one contendership!”

Larkspur: “I’ll take it from here Kent, you can be a bit long winded. The Saints have a stranglehold on us… and all of EoW. They beat us a couple times they instantly start talking shit. We’re a team in its infancy, we’re going through our growing pains.Travis and Baine you’re one of the most experienced teams on the roster. Baine you don’t need that tag title. You’ve got the briefcase and the Internet championship. Travis you got the tag title and you’re instantly looking for greener pastures. You guys don’t deserve the tag titles and we’ll gladly take them from you.

He points between Lassiter and himself as he says this.

Lassiter: “And you say I’m long winded?” They pauses for a few seconds.

Lassiter and Larkspur in unison “IN GOLDEN AGE WE TRUST!” They blow by the cameraman and leave the locker room and head out for their match.

The camera zooms in on a stretch limousine entering a parking garage located beneath the arena. Rather than looking for an appropriate place to stop, it parks right in front of the security checkpoint. The driver exits and quickly walks around to open the door for his passengers.

Out first was the new Conquest Champion Dennis Black, in a suit and shades to cover up his tired eyes. There was a smattering of mixed reactions when he appeared on screen. As he held out his hand to help Madison Cox exit the limo, the audience roared with anger at the large tron. Once out of the limo, she held the Conquest Championship close as if it were a newborn.

Madison rolled her eyes as the company’s Premier Power Couple was approached by none other than Chang Lee.

Chang Lee: Hello EoW Universe, I’m standing by with –

Dennis placed a hand over the mic while shaking his head.

Dennis: The shoddy interviewing practices you’ve used during your time here in this company are about to change, Chang. You greet ‘the’ Champion, first. Not these people.

Dennis: Now, start over.

Chang Lee: Hello, Dennis and Madison…

Chang Lee looks to the camera.

Chang Lee: …and you, the EoW Universe.

Dennis: See? I just helped you become better at your job.

Chang Lee: Congratulations are in order for becoming the new Conquest Champion. But, many in the EoW Universe and backstage wish that you had won it in a more…sportsmanlike manner.

Madison smirked.

Dennis: Sportsmanlike? I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Jacob Williams wasn’t hit with any weapons. Nor was he attacked after the match.

Chang Lee: Hmm. Madison, what do you have to say about all this? Your actions at Blacklist surely effected the outcome.

Dennis: Madison’s got a sore throat from all the making up we’ve been doing since Blacklist. So, leave the talking to me.

Chang Lee: Oh…

Dennis: Now then. Madison was simply trying to give her client the best advice during the match. It’s on Jacob to pay attention to his opponent. Simply put, Jacob screwed himself over.

Dennis: I capitalized on the opportunity. That’s all. Jacob Williams made a rookie mistake. He took his eyes off the prize.

Dennis: But we are also thankful for Williams. If not for him leaving himself completely open, Madison wouldn’t have realized that we’re just better together than apart. I wouldn’t have realized that…doing things her way is the better way. Trying to be honorable for all of these people got me nowhere.

Chang Lee frowned as the audience shared the disapproval of the Champion’s comments. Madison rested her head on Dennis’s shoulder.

Chang Lee: May I ask why you’re here, tonight? You’re not scheduled to complete.

Dennis: Madison and I have purchased a suite in the arena. We’ll be watching from a place of luxury. I’m here for moral support for the roster.

Dennis: The Black King will be watching gladiators compete as he’s fed grapes by the White Queen. Then, when I am good and ready…I will address the EoW Universe for the first time as Champion. Is that all, Chang?

Chang Lee looked a bit uncomfortable.

Chang Lee: …Well, there was one more thing.

Dennis: Go on.

Chang Lee: Do you have any comments on what Ian Bates had to say at Blacklist?

Madison rolled her eyes at the question and mocked it by pretending to fall asleep on Dennis’s shoulder.

Dennis: Hmm. I’ve got a few things to say about it. His comments at Blacklist were meaningless. I’ll even address them very slowly so that all of the fans at home and in the arena can understand.

The boos get louder.

Dennis: Ian is correct, he did happen to score two victories over me during a time when I was at my lowest. I had just lost not only the Internet Championship, but Madison’s confidence as well.

Dennis: This was before I found myself. Before Madison and I found our way back to each other. This was before…I became the Conquest Champion.

Dennis: I need to put his situation into context.

Dennis: I wasn’t the only one to lose to at Patriot Games. Ian Bates did something I have no experience with at all. He came up short when challenging Jacob Williams for the Conquest Championship. So, let’s give the man a round of applause for that.

Madison grinned.

Dennis: Now, I don’t know how things were run in whatever backyard federation he got his start in. But, when a number one contender loses to a Champion, they go to the very back of the line.

Dennis: Let’s not forget that he lost a contendership match to Byron Parsons. Just let that sink in and marinate for a moment…Byron…freaking…Parsons. You’re at the back of the line, Bates. You’re not a contender…

Dennis: Lastly, I’m not sure why someone who was not scheduled to compete at Blacklist was allowed any mic time at all. If someone was not worthy enough to compete at Blacklist…my pay per view, they certainly aren’t good enough to be taking up precious mic time.

Dennis: Ever since signing with EoW, I’ve never missed the final cut for a pay per view. Do you know why, Bates? I’m a draw. I’m…THE DRAW.

Dennis removed his shades and handed them to Madison. He then placed a hand on Chang Lee’s shoulder.

Dennis: Dave Meltzer summed things up perfectly. “By the time Blacklist went off the air, I finally had a reason to watch Conquest. Dennis Black is the future of our sport, and many have compared his matches to a religious experience.”

Dennis: Now if you’ll excuse us… we’d like to enjoy the show. Come on, Madison.

Dennis and Madison walk by Chang Lee, who looks straight ahead at the camera while the scene comes to a close.

The Camera Starts to pan into the locker room as you see Devin King in deep meditation.

(Olivia walk in the locker to see what wrong with Devin.)

Olivia: Devin

(Devin ignoring Olivia)

Olivia: DEVIN!!!!!!!!!!

(Devin open his eyes and visibly looks upset.)

Devin: WHAT Do You Want Olivia Do See Me Meditating Here.

Olivia: Listen asshole first off you never in this deep in meditation unless something bothering .

Devin: (Looks at Olivia) *scuffs* What you mean love nothing wrong with me.

(Olivia stare at Devin)

Devin: Ok maybe something wrong.

Olivia stare at Devin even harder.

Devin: Ok fine something is wrong love jeez you happy now.

Olivia: I kinda figured you been like this since we got into arena so what wrong.

Devin: That fucking lost cause former Conquest Champion Jacob Williams who lost at Blacklist now he has rematch clause at WE4 that was supposed to be my match.

Olivia: Mhmm I see

Devin: Then Mr.Mayhem talking about that another worthless competitor name Ian Bates who also in so call consideration for Conquest Championship.

Olivia: Interesting

Devin: LIKE WHO THE FUCK Ian Bates

Olivia: Babe i dont know who he is either but you need relax cause you have a match against him I need you focus.

Devin: (Devin Calms Down) alright I’m relaxed love.

Olivia: Thank You (as she kissed Devin)

(Camera Fades To Black)

*The camera fades in and we are in a hospital. The camera moves into a room and you see a table with flowers, cards, candy, a big banner that says get well soon, etc.

The camera shifts over to the bed and it is Aaron Walker who occupies the room. He is resting and his eyes are closed. A knock on the door opens his eyes and he begins to speak.*

Walker: (Calm) Come in.

*After a few footsteps, a hospital doctor comes into camera range.*

Doctor Doctor: (Smiles) Good evening, Mr. Walker. How are you feeling?

Walker: (Grunts) Better than I was. When do I get out of here?

Doctor Doctor: (Matter-of-factually) That’s what I came in here to tell you. First, let me look at your chart. It was updated a hour ago and I haven’t looked it over yet. (Doctor picks up the chart and look over it for a few seconds) Good news, you should be discharged in a few days. Your bandages will be removed, but I need you to go home and rest for a few days before you do anything strenuous.

Walker: (Nods his head) Ok Doc, thanks. (Reaches off camera and grabs a laptop)Alright, let’s see what’s online right now.

(After a few seconds, he hears ‘You Got Mail!’)

Ummm….who in the bloody hell uses AOL anymore? <strong>(He clicks on the notification)</strong> It’s a video message?!?

*The video starts and after a few seconds, David Jackson appears on the screen, wearing a suit.

The camera has split and we can see D-Jack’s video and Aaron Walker’s face.*

Jackson: (Giddy) Hello, my dear Walker.

How are you feeling today?

Did you enjoy the upgraded meal the hospital gave you, compliments of administration?

(Proud) That was prepared by me in the hospital kitchen. If you notice you have to go to the bathroom after this video is up, that’s on me too. I added a liquid to your drink that will give you instant diarrhea.

(Smiles) There is no cure for it. You have to let it run its course. Now, onto a more serious matter.

*Walker’s face is clearly disturbed as he picks up his drink and looks at it in disbelief.*

Jackson: (Stops smiling and is nervous) As you can tell, I am wearing a nice suit.

That’s because I’m currently on a date and I’m a bit nervous.

Would you like to meet her? You know her, but it’s been a few years. (The camera pans and reveals a nice table at a nice restaurant and at one table is a skeleton wearing a dress) It’s your Aunt Joanna!

*Walker’s face is filled with rage and you can hear his heart monitor machine beep a few times.*

Jackson: (Beams) Isn’t she magnificent? You can tell she has been taking great care of herself. It’s not easy to lose weight these days. It was weird to pick her up at a cemetery, but that’s where was, visiting your uncle. Girls who value family and respect the dead are important to me. Now, don’t worry your little head about nothing. She is eating a salad and having a grilled honey chicken kale wrap. Not my cup of tea, but to each her own. (Messes with his hair) Tell me, does my hair look good? Wait, I know what will help. (Reaches out of camera range, picks up the Hardcore Championship, and puts it on his shoulder) There, that is much better. A little shine to make your evening divine.

*Walker is physically uncomfortable and it shows.*

Jackson: (Glares) I hope you come out of there 100% Walker. I want you back into fighting shape and no permanent injuries. I’m not finished with you city boy, not until we come full circle. With that in mind, let’s talk WrestlElite. I will be there and so will you. We will finish this fight where it began. (Smiles) That’s right, that abandoned farm house you tricked me too. Only, this time it will be different. I bought that property and the surrounding land. (Curious) However, when I mentioned this to your aunt, she requested that I give you a rematch for the Hardcore Championship. (Rubs his chin) We just met, but I hardly refuse a request from a lady. I’ll think hard about this, but I won’t take long. (After a few seconds of silence, he turns towards Joanna) Very well, my lady, consider your request granted.

*Walker is trying to get out of his bed and his heart monitor is going crazy.*

Jackson: (Turns back towards the camera) Oh, by the way, I imagine your blood pressure has spiked by this point. I have a little notification embedded into this video to let me know when you have started to watch this. (Checks his watch) By now, I’ve called the medical staff to come and check on you. You are in the David Jackson Wing of that hospital. After all, I helped fund the thing. Enjoy your recovery.

*David Jackson laughs manically while the video ends*

Walker: (Absolutely beside himself) You disrespectful clown!

You waste of space! I’m going to kill you! (Medical personel rushes in and try to restrain him) I’M GOING To Get off me! Get off!

*Walker is fighting the medical personnel as the camera fades out.*

Triple Threat Tornado Tag – #1 contenders match
Crunk Juice vs HFI vs The Golden AGE

(The camera zooms in on the former conquest champion Jacob Williams sitting in a skybox watching the matches as the camera man gets closer Jacob turns around)

Jacob Williams: oh so we are doing this again.

(Looks at the ground then back at the camera)

I’m going to go over what happened at blacklist so pay attention

I put a little To much faith into that evil witch. In my opinion she was the only reason I lost that match because I know I’m better then black. And just to be honest about it I am the reason why conquest has been the A show I held onto that title for 5 months elevating conquest to new heights. And out of nowhere I lose it because a blonde she devil likes to be where she shouldn’t. And Dennis I’m not going to take all your credit away congratulations on becoming a paper champion I want you to keep it nice and clean because I’m going to win it back when I get the rematch I deserve.

( reaches into his bag)

You know what Madison you did have a point
Chaos is a ladder

(Pulls his mask out of the bag and puts it On and walks out)

As Conquest rolls along, the show returns from a commercial break with a glimpse of Madison Cox and Dennis Black living the life of luxury. Dennis is seated in a reclining chair with Madison on his lap while feeding him grapes.

Dennis: You know, I’ve been thinking.

Madison: I thought we agreed that I would be doing all of that?

Dennis: ….

Dennis: Aaaanyway, I’ve been thinking that maybe we should do this every week?

Madison: I am NOT feeding you grapes every week.

Dennis: No no no, I mean, that would be awesome.

Madison frowned.

Dennis: But I’m talking about this right here. The suite.

Madison hops of Dennis’s lap and looks around.

Madison: You think we should rent suites every time we are at a Conquest taping?

Dennis: Why not? The dressing rooms below are too close. Sometimes we’ve even had to share bathrooms with other wrestlers.

Dennis: I’m the Conquest Champion, now. That means more money. I’m The Draw, Madison. And besides…

Dennis picks up the Conquest Championship and places his shoulder.

Dennis: We both signed year long contracts to prove ourselves. Our year mark comes up in March.

Madison raised a brow.

Dennis: March is Wrestlelite season. Meaning…our next contract is going to be big. We can afford a suite. We deserve privacy and comfort.

Madison: Alright, lover. The champ gets what the champ wants. Now, where are you going?

Dennis: I’m going to address my loyal subjects. Tis the least I could do for not competing tonight.

Madison: Need me?

Dennis: You stay here and relax. Text our driver and let him know we’ll be leaving soon.

The scene ends with the sound of a door closing and a close up of Madison pulling out her phone.

Ian Bates vs  Devin King

Crunk Juice are hanging out in catering. Crunk is checking out his phone. He tugs at Silent Juice’s arm.

Crunk: Yo–check this shit out: the Internet. Let’s see if those fucks said something new about us and that stupid flick.

Juice shrugs as Crunk hands him his phone. He opens the browser and goes to “WrestlingPoopChute.com”. The pair look at the screen and go wide-eyed.

Crunk: “Any movie based on Crunk and Silent Juice is gonna lick balls, because they both, in fact, lick balls. Namely each other’s.”

Crunk and Silent Juice look at each other, wide-eyed.

Crunk: Eww. *reading further* “Yes–they are real people. Real stupid people. Signed, Darth Niles.” *to Juice* Motherfucker! It’s time we wrote something back! Type this shit down.

Silent Juice starts typing as Crunk dictates.

Crunk: All you motherfuckers are gonna pay. You are the ones who are the ball-lickers. We’re gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like little bitches.

Once we get to WrestlElite and find those EoW Corporate fucks who are making the movie, we’re gonna make ’em eat our shit, then shit our shit, then eat their shit which is made of our shit that we made ’em eat. Then all you motherfuckers are next.

Love, Crunk and Silent Juice.

Silent Juice finishes typing and presses “Send”. He hands Crunk his phone back and they nod at each other, then head over to the catering table, looking over all of the food.

Crunk: That’ll fucking show ’em. Now we eat our Egga-Elite-Muffins, then get back on the road, get to WrestlElite, and stop that fucking movie from getting made. No more hairy-bush nuns, no  more dogs. We keep our eye on the prize, and not let nothing– and I mean NOTHING–distract me.

Just then, a forklift can be heard backing up nearby. Crunk glances over and then double takes. He notices a carrier with a monkey in it being put into a truck, probably from the crew that came in before EoW. The carrier has a giant sticker on it labeled “Send to Provasik Testing Facility”. Crunk tugs Silent Juices arm and points to the monkey.

Crunk: Yo–those jackoff’s are going to take that monkey to that testing facility and make him wear makeup and lipstick and stuff. We gotta stop ’em!

Juice just shrugs and continues eating his food. Crunk takes Silent Juice’s plate and begins heading toward the monkey and Juice follows, still hungry. Crunk Juice sneak onto the truck and hide behind the monkey some other equipment. Juice is nervously eating as the truck doors close and the rig rumbles away.

Zac Taylor: As you saw last week not only did I win against the B show and C show, I won for me because The Devil of Conquest has yet to get a title shot that I most definetly deserve.

And if you haven’t noticed tonight I’m not even booked which shows how ungrateful Mr. Mayhem is.

I showed last week at Blacklist that he has the best wrestler on this brand and that this brand is better than the others and I still don’t get what I’m owed.

No one is going to stand in my way because no one wants it more than me.

Every opponent I face from now til I win that title is going to feel and be horrified from this darkness and I will show that the heros that you fans love are the true sinners!

Kim comes rushing to Devin after his match Ian Bates

Kim: Uh Devin why did you that to Ian Bates?

Devin: Why you asked…. here why first off that amateur mistake thinking I suppose to shake the enemy hand *laughing*. Kim he is in the way of something I I want and that next in line for the Conquest Championship and I’m do whatever in my power to get my shot.

Devin starts to walk away but then comes back to grab the camera.

Devin: Hey Ian last thing how it like to finally bow down to a king. Next time maybe protect your holy grails *laughing*.

EoW Internet Championship

Matrix vs Baine *C*

Conquest resumes after commercial break with the new Conquest Champion standing in the center of the ring. Purple and Gold streamers were thrown into the ring by a few fans in the front row that knew of his stints before arriving to EoW.

Dennis: From backyards to high school gyms.

Dennis: From high school gyms to being held down and doubted by out of touch old men who clutched their purses and pearls at the thought of someone like me headlining their company.

Dennis: From being held down…

With a grin, Dennis raised the Conquest Championship high for all to see and received mixed reactions from the audience.

Dennis: To finding myself. To becoming ‘The Draw’. To becoming the neeeeeew Conquest Champion!

Dennis: Follow your dreams! This is for everyone who has ever been doubted by their employer. This is for everyone who has been told they are too small. This is….

Dennis lowers the Championship and begins laughing hysterically. He leans against the ropes and wipes a tear from his eye.

Dennis: I can’t keep this lie going.

This was for me and the hot blonde up there in the expensive suites.

He waved toward where he and Madison’s suite was located and pushed himself away from the ropes.

The fans start to shower Dennis with jeers.

Dennis: You people don’t get to celebrate with us. You all assumed Jacob Williams would be standing where I am. Well guess what? So did Jacob Williams.

Dennis: But enough about Jacob Williams. I’m The Draw. Conquest is embarking on a new era. MY era, an era of undeniable prosperity.

Dennis: What the boys in the back are going to understand soon enough is that the more marketable a top guy is…the more profitable a brand becomes. The more profitable a brand becomes, the more each and every single of you makes. So, you’re welcome!

Dennis nods to himself.

Dennis: Last, But not least…I would like to be the first to announce a new annual tradition for EoW. Every February we will celebrate what will now be known as Dennis Black History Month!

As soon as Dennis finishes Mr. Mayhem’s entrance music hits and the boss comes out at the top of the ramp.

Mr. Mayhem walks down to the ring as a staff member hands of a microphone to the boss before he walks up the stairs and into the ring.

Mr. Mayhem: Dennis Black History month huh?

You know you have all these ambitions, it’s almost admirable.

But let’s talk about these ambitions of yours.

Of matter of fact  we can talk about your ambition to outshine one of my longest legacies as world Champion for 2 years.

You try to best my record but right as you do, You like so many others on the cusp of attaining greatness.

Just like the rest though you fail, you get a call from management and they let you go.

So what better place to be than EoW, the home of The Monster Mayhem, The corporate Syndicate in which I created.

Dennis paced back and forth as Mr. Mayhem spoke, becoming more agitated by the second.

Mr.Mayhem: Although it’s a lot tougher than you anticipated, wasn’t it Dennis.

Not the bunch of cowards, weak talent you thought existed here.

Now granted after you rooted yourself here, you started making headway.

You won the EoW Internet Championship and now the CONQUEST Championship.

So with those accomplishments now for some odd reason the only thing that you thought you had to prove still looms over your head for some reason.

Without looking at creating a path of your own, you still are trying to defeat a legacy that doesn’t belong to you and never will.

And that Dennis Black is what has you bent up inside, that’s the bet Dennis Black was never able to cash in on.

And that’s also why YOU! Dennis Black took it upon yourself to attack me from behind!

The crowd goes into shock and pops

Dennis Black take some steps away from the boss with his hands up shaking his head.

Mr.Mayhem: No then maybe this video will Prove it.

Mr.Mayhem: Now I don’t know any other wrestler here who looks as feminine but I could swear that’s Dennis Black.

Dennis begins to back pedal towards the ropes sticking one leg out of the ring.

Mr. Mayhem approaches Dennis more.

Mr. Mayhem: I have news for you Dennis.

 At WrestlElite 4 I know you want to face me, you want to prove that you are better than Mayhem, the destroyer of worlds.

The Crowd starts chanting

Crowd: One more match!

One more match!

One more match!

Dennis Black looks around at the crowd shaking his head no.

Mayhem stepping closer, Dennis decides to hop out of the ring to the floor and starts to back pedal up the ramp for safety.


Mr. Mayhem: I got news for you though Dennis and it probably will upset you because you remind me of Dane. You always got some backup plan, and I’m not taking the bait.

Dennis Black smerks at the Mr. mayhem as Mayhem continues…

Mr. MayhemIt’s just simply NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

You see I have cemented that legacy Long ago.

I am even undefeated in here and that’s how it will remain.

I don’t need to prove anything to the likes of little old Dennis Black.

I don’t have the need to put my hands on you and even giving the circumstances let’s face it the board never wants to jeopardize the life of their talent.


This guy, this guy, this guy can out his hands on you.

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