EoW CONQUEST 1/18/2019 – Week 6

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(Kim Taps Devin )
Kim: Hey Devin last week you were suppose to be in triple threat but got pull last minute to face Johnthan Bryant who didn’t even show up care to comment?

Devin: No I rather not comment at all. You know fuck you wanna know what I think Kim?

Kim:Um Yes Ig

Devin: First off who gives a fuck about Johnthan Bryant because let remind you that this imbecile was scared to face the best pure specimen to ever wrestle in the ring. Which explains why he didn’t show up last week.

(Kim Gulps)

Devin: But you know what John Bryant dont even come close to a real competitor who I actually want to face.

Kim: Then who is you want to face then Devin ?

Devin: Well it simple Kim technically it already mine but Ik right now that I am the real Conquest Champion .

Trust and believe when I say Kim I have no problem easily taking that Championship away and making it mine.

(Devin evil laugh as he walk away from Kim.)

The Trust Tag Team Invitational


Zac Taylor: There is always a hero and a villain and for so long I wanted to be that hero that did the “right” thing but I realized that the “right” thing for me is to be the villain.

It was time for me to let the darkness out that I kept pushing down for so long.

There is a darkness in everyone, some hide it, but I’m letting it control me.

It’s a infection and nobody can cure it, I’m going to spread this infection to help show people who they truly are.

The whole roster is bout to take notice of the “Devil of Conquest”.

Matrix vs Randall Crowe

The segment opens with Madison and Jacob standing by a large person sized window. The duo was overlooking the highway that was close by, and the commotion that was in front of the arena.

Several reporters from rival Wrestling News companies were gathered in hopes of getting a word from Mr. Mayhem.

Even TMZ was there.

Madison tapped her nails against the cold glass and shook her head at all of the little people.

Madison: People under contract in this company…

Madison: Any wrestling company really, can get attacked at any time. It happens weekly.

Madison: Yet there is all of this commotion for an old man?

Jacob: That ‘old man’ is a legend and will-

Madison: Yea Yea…I know. He’s forgotten more about wrestling than I will ever know.

Madison turned her attention to Jacob and leaned against the window. She eyed the man for a long moment before speaking.

Madison: Our time together has almost reached an end.

Madison: But if you remember nothing else about this brief partnership of ours, remember this bit of advice.

Jacob raised a brow.

Madison: Chaos is a ladder.

Madison: Take a look around you, Jacob.

Madison: EOW is in a very sensitive and crucial period. The road to Wrestlelite could be very interesting for you.

Jacob: Could be?

Madison placed a finger beneath Jacob’s chin and directed his gaze toward the crowd below.

Madison: Chaos, Jacob.

Madison: Many in and out of the locker room are preoccupied with finding out who harmed our fearless leader.

Madison: Rush’s first Heavyweight Champion is going to be a man that doesn’t speak a lick of English…or a man lacking in charisma.

Madison: I’ve read fortune cookies more interesting than Norman Luna.

Madison: As for Fusion, our choices are between two men who look like they’ve either done time or should be behind bars.

Jacob looked back to Madison.

Madison: The three world champions are what this company is built around.

Madison: Use the chaos around you to your advantage, Jacob. Opportunities like this don’t come often. You retain at Blacklist, and you’ll become the most important wrestler in the company.

Madison: There is no doubt.

Jacob folded his arms.

Jacob: That goes for you too, yea? Using all of this mess to get what you want?

Madison: Absolutely. No one capitalizes on chaos better than me. If I see beneficial opportunities, I take them. I’ll get my Dennis back and put him in his place.

Jacob: Fair enough.

Madison: Alright. I need to go make some calls. Yoooooou…

Madison points at Jacob.

Madison: Need to watch the main event very closely. Baine is a snake, and if he beats Parsons tonight…which I totally see happening…

Madison: He’ll only be one win away from being able to cash in the Internet Championship on you.

Madison: Let’s hope for a highly unlikely Parsons upset, shall we?

Madison looks down at her phone and walks by Jacob. The scene ends with Jacob looking back at the gathered crowd below.

Cameras open up backstage with Mr Mayhem waiting by the entrance way of the parking lot.

Within a moment a limo pulls up.


Out from the Lime steps out Tomas Dean.


The crowd pops

Mr. Mayhem shakes the hand of Tomas as he exits the Limousine and the camera man hears some more movement coming from the car.


Panning to the limo Stephen Maxwell steps out as he is also greeted with a hand shake from the boss.

Tomas: Are you sure you want to ask him?

Mr. Mayhem: He is always the first on my list for anything of this nature.

Maxwell: Mr. Mayhem, Boss, Sir…this is an honor. I just wish I could be here under better circumstances.


Maxwell: I will do whatever I can to help.

Stephen’s hand was noticeably moist with sweat from nervousness.

Mr. Mayhem: Alright gentlemen, right this way.

Mr. Mayhem leads the other GM’s down toward the locker room area stopping in front of a door.

The camera show that it is none other than Mr. Trust himself. Daniel Xavier.

The crowd boos.

Tomas: Would it be polite to knock….?

Mr. Mayhem: Rarely am I granted the same courtesy from him.

Mr. Mayhem opens the door to Daniel Xaviers locker room as Dane turns around angered from the boss bursting in.

Daniel: What is this! This is preposterous. You can’t just come into my locker room like this Mayhem. What Jasmine and I where….

Daniel Xavier stops after he looks to see both the Fusion and RUSH GM’s are coming in behind him.

Daniels: Alright, Let me just start first. It wasn’t me.

Mr. Mayhem: Dane you and I have had our run ins on more than several occasions. With everything you where trying to pull with David Shaw.

Trying to put Fusion in a situation where you basically where trying to take it over with The Trust.

How does this look?

Daniel: Fantastic really. You still haven’t got over your old buddy Dane.

I always knew you had it out for me. This just proved it.

Look as much as I would LOVE to take credit for knock you upside the gigantic melon of yours, I can’t.

Mr Mayhem lunges at Dane.

Mr. Mayhem: *Yealing* I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!!!

Both GM’s jump after Mr. Mayhem to grab his arms to restrain him as Maxwell steps in front of the boss.

Maxwell: Probably not the smartest thing I’ve done to get in front of you in a heated moment like this but, we should give him the benefit of the doubt.


Maxwell: From a uh…business standpoint. We need him in good health so the main event of our biggest show is not in jeopardy…?

Mr.Mayhem looks down at Stephen Maxwell’s hand on his arm.

Stephen quickly releases Mr. Mayhem’s arms and smooths out the wrinkle he caused.


Maxwell: Sorry  …


Daniel Xavier is chuckling at Maxwell as his eyes grew big from the fortitude of stepping in front of the boss trying to neutralize the situation.

Tomas: I hate to say it Mayhem. I think Max has a point.


Tomas Dean quickly snaps his head to Dane.

Tomas: You shut up. I never put my head on the chopping block for anyone and for the four years I’ve reffed here and dealt with your shit in the ring, you could at least do me the respect of shutting up when I’m trying to potentially save your  ass.


Tomas: Mayhem, maybe Dane didn’t do it. We all know you’re his 1st target for being a thorn in the side just to get a easy rise out of you. I don’t think after 2 Wrestlelite of pain is something he wants to relive.

Mr. Mayhem still snarling starts to calm down as he begins to think.

Mr. Mayhem: *pointing* Dane if I find out you, Ace, or Nyles had anything to do with this. I’m going to fire your sorry ass once and for all. *Yealing* NO ONE! AND I MEAN NO ONE! WILL BE ABLE TO PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPENING.



Daniel: Look big guy. Say what you want about it. Don’t you think that from all of my plans, everything that I have been trying to amount for a big moment.

Are you that stupid that you would think all of my efforts where to amount to this moment?

Dane scoffs

Daniel: I’m sorry but don’t flatter yourself. There is a bigger picture for me now but you are not in it.

Stephen Maxwell walks up to Dane.


Maxwell: Please just be on your best behavior, Dane. Tomas and I are sticking our necks out for you. If it turns out to be you, we may lose our jobs as well.


Maxwell: I can’t go back to the indies!

Daniel: Sticking your necks out for me?

Your necks are on the line if I’m not main eventing WrestlElite for ANY of your shows!”

Mr. Mayhem turns and leaves Daniel Xaviers locker room.

Daniel: BYE!

Tomas: I guess we can assume that you are off the hook Dane but Like Max said.

Be on your best behavior because you know Mayhem will be watching you with a overly critical eye.

Even if you are telling the truth. 

Because it’s apparent that regardless of what we think.

He could care less if you wrestle in EoW at all.

For what it’s worth though , I believe you.

I think Mayhem does to or else he would have said something before leaving.

I have other business to conduct for the night gentlemen.

Stephen Maxwell and Tomas Dean exit the locker room to continue their duties for the night as Daniel Xavier wipes a little sweat off his forehead, slightly laughs the situation off shaking his head as cameras fade to commercial creak

Annihilation match


Aaron Walker vs Devin King

Crunk Juice are thrown against the wall outside the arena by a cop, who frisks them.

Crunk: What the Fuck, Serpico? What’d we do?

Cop: We got a report that two guys were hanging around outside the arenas, selling pot?

Crunk: We don’t smoke pot, yo.

Baine enters and hands Crunk rolling papers.

Baine: Here’re the rolling papers you wanted for your pot. And your change. Thanks. *getting in Crunk’s face* And The Time sucks ass!

Baine races off. Crunk Juice move to follow, but the Cop stops them, grabbing the rolling papers out of Jay’s hand. He eyeballs the pair.

Cop: No pot, hunh? What do you need this for?

Crunk: What? I got a wiping problem. I stick these little pieces of paper over my brown-eye, and bam–no shit stains in my undies. *unbuttoning pants* You don’t believe me? Lemme show you.

Crunk drops his pants and leans against the wall, looking back over his shoulder.

Crunk: Just spread my cheeks a little and you can see the fucking stink nuggets–

Cop: Pull up your pants up sir, Now!

Crunk bends down to pull up his pants and FARTS. Da Juice cracks up. The Cop grabs them both, leading them toward the car.

Cop: Let’s take a ride down to the station.

Crunk: What? It’s suddenly a crime to fart, motherfucker?!

Cameras open up backstage in Mr. Mayhem’s office as he is going over the final documents for Blacklist as his desk phone begins to ring.

Annoyingly Mr. Mayhem eyes the phone and reaches to pick it up.

Agent: Mr Mayhem, this is the manager of Byron Parsons. I am informing you on the way to the arena he was involved in a head on collision from a drunk driver.

He will not be able to be there tonight sir.

Mr. Mayhem: Well is he okay at least?

Agent: Yes, luckily  he seems to be unharmed but we have to of course get him cleared with EoW medical staff as well as the hospital staff to avoid any documentation errors so that he can be immediately cleared to perform.

Mr. Mayhem: Very well. Thank you for contacting me. You can let Mr. Parsons know that his match against Baine will be postponed until BlackList. If he fails to arrive under any circumstances then he will fore go his title opportunity.

Agent: Yes, understood. Thank you for your time Mr. Mayhem. We’ll be in touch.

Mr.Mayhem hangs up the phone and continues his work as the night moves on to what will now be the main event of the evening as cameras pan back to ringside.

Ian Bates vs Dennis Black

Ian Bates grabs a mic from ringside and prepares to address the crowd after his victory

“First of all… it feels good to be back in the winner’s circle after last week’s failure. And before I continue any further, I want to address that.

Some people say I put up a good fight, some said I showed future promise.

Well quite frankly, I don’t care about “good fights” and “future promise” at all. Last week was a loss, and it has been in my mind ever since that bell rang.

So I want to point out the beginning of my match that you all just witnessed. I’m done with the all the extra garbage those other guys in the back are doing during their matches.

Once that bell rings, I will out-power, out-speed, and out-think my opponents.

EOW fans, I’m not having some change of heart that will alter the way you guys perceive me, I am simply making the absolute MOST out of the opportunities that I am given. No more will they be squandered.

Just to reflect once more on the people I mentioned earlier. To the people who said I showed, “future promise” in my match last week, I have a breaking story for you.

The future is quickly approaching.”

Ian lays down the mic and exits the ring


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