EoW Cinco De Mayo Supershow -Week 12

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Cinco De Mayo Supershow

After all of the announcements finished for the start of the show we see a camera pan out to the backstage where we see Eric Shadow putting on his wristbands and taping his hands. He looks up to the camera and begins to speak.

Shadow: Do you ever feel like you need to change something even though the change that you made didn’t really do much. You’re probably confused on what I just said, but I’ll clarify it for all of you. So last year when I was part of the great and powerful Society. Jacob Well, Dustin Weaver, and myself made a huge impact on almost everything. We won titles, had main event spots and co-main event spots. When we were together nobody could touch us. Hell we were the reason why the God awful Trust came back. Plus everybody wanted to join but we decline everybody who wanted to be in because we were our unit that took over this company for a short time.

As he’s in the middle of wrapping his right hand he takes a deep breath.

Shadow: But as always good things must come to an end. Me and Weaver lost the tag team titles and Wells lost the Intercontinental title. After those things happened there were a bunch of complications and eventually they left the company and I had no idea what to do with myself. I had to find something but I was just so confused on what to do. That’s when I just said fuck it and did what I did anything and everything to bring myself to the top of the mountain. I stop being all about the people. I changed my look and became the greatest version of myself racking up win after win. Competed in the first ever Death match in EOW and won with an inch of my life. After that I became the World Champion. I was on fire and nobody could touch me. But then my flame went out.

Now I come to a realization that I’m not too happy with myself. I look back and think… “Man you were bad-ass when you first joined this place, now you wear a mask to hide yourself from the world. You have to go back to your roots.” And I thought about it and a new change will come as I figure out what that change will be.

He finishes his hands and puts on his wristbands.

Shadow: Stay tuned…

He walks out and the fades away.


*Predecorded segment*

The scene opens with Madison sitting across from the RUSH general manager, Stephen Mathews. She has her arms folded while giving a look that would kill most people.

Madison: It isn’t fair!

Stephen: Life isn’t fair…

Stephen: But in all seriousness, what did you think was going to happen? The two of you have been terrorizing the womens division since Patriot Games.

Madison: But that means that I don’t have a partner for Battlegrounds. Unless you’re going to make me team with…well, I refuse to say her name. She’s not worth the effort.

Stephen: The RiSE Champion? Having a champion that can also cash in a briefcase? No…no, that would be silly.

Stephen: You’re just going to have to do it all alone in Dublin, toots.

Madison stands and slams her hands on the desk. Stephen looked up at Madison with a raised brow.

Madison: Tell you what. You scratch my back…and I’ll scratch yours, Stephen.

Stephen pulls a back scratcher from his drawer and places it on the desk. Madison rolled her eyes.

Stephen: I’m good.

Madison: Keep one thing in mind. My fiancé is going to own this place one day.

Stephen: See yourself out, Ms. Cox, and good luck in Mexico!!!

Briggs is pacing outside of the GMs office. When Madison finally exits he can hear his name being called by Stephen Matthews.

Briggs: I’ve been waiting out here for 10 minutes because of you?!?!?

Madison: …Who are you again? Blake Adam’s slightly less smelly life partner?

Briggs: It doesn’t matter. You’re hardly worth Dennis’s time let alone mine.

A seething Madison walks away, then Briggs enters the GMs office.

Briggs: You call me in on my day off, then you have me wait outside your office for the Conquest champs side bitch, and the former Rise champion’s flunky. You’re lucky I recently relocated to London or I’d really be mad. A long plane flight from Boston plus wasting my time. Not good for your health.

Stephen: All of your posturing in the ring is fine but in my office you’ll be respectful and respect the position I hold. Or how miserable I could make things for you here.

Briggs rolls his eyes.

Stephen: I called you in today because you’re, we’re going to Mexico and you’re on the card.

Briggs: On the card… No crazy hoops to jump through, no big Ben challenge, 6 man match for a title?

Stephen: Now that you mention it I’m putting you in a triple threat match with Norman Luna and a local talent.

Briggs: A… a… local talent and Luna? Are you fucking kidding me this is a waste of time. You want to sacrifice some kid to the God of backbreakers. Then Luna well I don’t really care about Luna nor do the fans for that matter.

Stephen sounding a bit annoyed.

Stephen: Look, show up to Mexico or don’t, but don’t blame me when you don’t get paid.

Briggs on his way out the door looks back to Stephen.

Briggs: I’ll be in Mexico BUT, I’ll be coming for what I’m owed sooner rather than later.

Stephen waves him away and Briggs slams the door behind him.

Corey paces around the ring as he’s showered with boos from the audience. Even if Ford dabbled in a bit of Lucha Libre, Mexico had very little fans of him.

Corey: Did you see my time last week? One of the best times in RUSH’s beat the clock challenge history.

He paused.

Corey: I really wish the US title was going to be contested in front of Americans, except I find out it’s going to be fought for in front of a bunch of drunk child killing potato farmers.

Corey sighed.

Corey: it’s fine though, because come the RUSH following Battlegrounds you will see me with the titl-.

Blake Adams interrupts with a mic in hand. Ford can’t help but be annoyed that his moment to shine is being taken away by Adams. Once Blake is in the ring, the two men square off.

Blake: Ford I do agree the United States Championship should be fought for in front of Americans but instead EoW management had different ideas.

Blake: Which like you said, it’s fine because unlike the bullshit of you telling these people that you’re actually going to become the US champion…Ford news Flash! Blake Adams beats Corey Ford.

Blake: I will finally get some gold around my waist and there will not be a damn thing you can do to stop me.

Blake Adams signs his name on the contract for the US Championship match and pushes the contract over to Ford as he stares at Ford.

Corey grabs the contract and signs it before throwing it to ringside.

Corey: Come battlegrounds I’m going to enjoy proving that the bigger they are the harder they fall all while being crowned the first United States champi-.

Once again Corey is cut off as someone’s music starts up.

Golden Age stood a few feet across from an irritated Blake Adams and Corey Ford. Lawrence leaned to the side and rested an elbow on Kent’s shoulder. Kent stared back at Blake and Corey with folded arms.

Larkspur: Well look at what we have here. Bad facial hair and worse facial hair. I’ll let you two decide which is which.

Blake folded his arms, looking the two men up and down.

Larkspur: We had planned to come out here and address the EoW universe before the show got started. Then we saw that you two were out here talking about Championship gold. That just won’t due.

Larkspur: You see…we have every intention of building a wall around the Prestigious Saints and making the Mexican government pay for it. Since, you know…they’re used to having to pay for walls.

The audience started to throw corona bottles and other food items into the ring. Kent takes the mic from Larkspur and points between the two men.

Lassiter: The beer is for you, Blake. Since you look like a goddamned drunk. The food is obviously for you, Ford. Skinny ass needs to put on some bulk! But enough about that, we can’t let you two get in our way.

Lassiter: No one is getting the Saints but us. Especially not you two! We’ll Stretch, Bend, and Break any team that thinks they will take those tag titles before we do.

Corey and Blake stare at Golden Age and then back at each other.

Blake: First of all Lassiter..Thanks for the beer but if it’s not Budweiser I’m gonna break the bottle over your head and shove the rest of it down your throat. Also you two jackasses are out of your minds if you two actually think you two actually pose a threat to anybody. We’re out here because we have business with the newly added United States Championship title that we earned, not the tag team championships!

Lawrence blinks several times as the audience laughs.

Kent looks to Lawrence.

Lassister: I thought you said they were talking about our belts?

Lawrence: Truthfully, I only heard parts of the convo. I assumed they were after what’s ours.

Kent folded his arms again and looked to the two men.

Lassiter: You two are lucky. We were about to kick your asses.

Corey: Screw that noise. You came out here and got in our business. Might as well get your asses kicked, if Blake is up to it. I know he has shit cardio.

Golden Age shrug to each other and toss their mics outside of the ring. Blake and Ford do the same as a referee slides into the ring.




The scene starts off with a masked wrestler standing in the middle of the ring, the crowd who were mainly Mexican started cheering loudly for the man.

He waved at them obviously awed by the spotlight he found himself in, looking around the masked man urged the crowd to be silent and they did.

???: Tù todos saber yo como El Guapo.

The man calling himself El Guapo paused and again looked around before speaking.

El Guapo: For those of you too dyslexic to learn a second language, I am El Guapo the finest import to grace a wrestling ring.

A few booes from the English speaking fans but Guapo waved them away.

El Guapo spat: Cállate perros cerdo. I don’t care if you boo me, I will show you my agility and strength tonight when I face the backbreaker and “la caballo de batalla” El naturale in a Mexican street fight. Something not a lot of gente blanca would put themselves through.

The crowd ooh’d and ahh’d at this but the English contingent booed.

El Guapo: Mi debut será brillante, ya verás.

He dropped the mic and did a backflip, upon landing the crowd roared its approval and El Guapo left the ring waving to his fans….







*Post match Poul asks for a mic*

Poul: Is this the loser I was handed? Look at him all pathetic and weak. What part of him represents “air”? This man cant even stand. Stephen Mathews give me a title shot to the United states champion. I am its uncrowned king and I cannot wait much longer.

*Poul drops the mic and before he exits the ring proceeds to spit on “Air” Amir while the crowd boos increase*


Recorded prior to Rush episode 12…

Yet again we find ourselves in France this time at the airport, a group of nun’s can be seen walking through towards the departures gate.

Nun 1: Please take this opportunity and let us at least get you as far as Mexico City.

The nun was talking to another nun who answered with a rather manly voice.

Nun 2: Look I’ve done a lot of unrepeatable shit in my li-


The first nun slapped the second, more slapping occurred from the rest of the group.

Nun 2: For crying out loud ladies, sorry.

The manly nun bowed his head, before looking up again.

Nun 2: I am grateful for your help and will repay you for this.

The first nun waved her hand brushing the comment away.

Nun 1: You can repay with faith, I’m just sorry we can’t get you closer to your American destination but Mexico is close enough for you to just hop the border.

The manly nun let loose a bellowing chuckle.

Nun 2: I have no passport, very little money and I happen to be a foreigner.. I’m sure those maga cunts would have me lynched for being an undocumented alien.

This time there was no slap but the sound of eight foot long rulers being drawn, the manly nun winced as the eight rulers descended with thwacks and painful slaps.

Nun 2: Enough please enough. Let’s just board the plane so we can part ways.

The other nuns nodded in agreement.

Nun 1: You said on our journey here you needed to make a phone call. Now would be a good time to do that.

The manly nun nodded and walked off towards a pay phone, eight nun’s followed closely behind….. to be continued.


*the camera and lights start to come on as marco charming is at backstage finishing signing shirts for fans then chang lee walk up to me as he is about to speak*

chang lee: hello eow universe I am chang lee and we are here with the realistic marco charming so how u feel about your match tonight?

marco: well I feel like its gonna be a interesting match against a+ so im looking forward to it

chang lee: good to know so any words that you wanna say to him?

marco: yes I do I will give it my all and bring your a game cause the realistic is here to prove that I am here for this company!

chang lee: alright well thank you for your time.

marco: ofcourse


We’re backstage in Mexico and the kid that we saw following Seb around a few weeks ago was looking at his phone, a voicemail flashed on the screen.

The kid listened to it trying not to laugh at what he heard, he looked up to see Rush’s general manager standing opposite him with a look of familiarity.

SM: Who are you? You look very familiar, makes my testicles retract a little… Anyway can you help with setting up the next match the competitors want some ladders and tables for the street fight.

The kid nodded nervously and made to leave but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

SM: What’s your name kid? You don’t look like you should be here.

The kid looked like he was about to throw up before answering.

Kid: I am in the Rush trainee program, I got paired up with Seb Abbott who doesn’t seem to be here but I know where he is.

The GM shuddered releasing the kid’s shoulder.

SM: Abbott hey, ok fair enough I may be able to swap your mentor to someone less Abbott like. If you want?

The kid shook his head and made to leave again only to be knocked down by a passing El Guapo.

El Guapo: Look at the little boy laying on the floor… niño negro tonto.

The lucha spat at the kids feet before turning his attention to the GM.

El Guapo: kids these days right, no respect.

Stephen didn’t hear this though as he was still staring at Seb’s protege who stood up glaring at the Mexican as the scene ends….






Before the women’s tag match the tron flared to life and Halie Nichols stared back at everyone with a smile.

She held up a rose and took a big whiff of it’s fragrance.

Halie: Felt real good last week hitting a blonde with a sledgehammer, anyway I thought I could come with everyone to Mexico get food poisoning or I could stay here safe from any harm. Guess what I did? I stayed home.

She started peeling the petals from the rose and flicking them away.

Halie: I know my team lost the match because of my actions but really I saved my team the humiliation of being losers by pinfall.

She crushed the rose in her fist before flinging it off screen.

Halie: See you soon Blondies.

The tron fades to black as the entrance for the women’s tag match starts….





The camera opens up to the backstage area where we see everybody having good time and having a big Cinco De Mayo party. The music loud and everyone is dancing. But then all of the sudden Randy Crowe shows up with a look disgust. Walks over to the sound system and pulls the plug for the music.

Crowe: Man this is a pretty worthless holiday even worse that I’m here to so this debauchery around and to be honest this is downright disgusting. Terrible music, terrible food, man just standing here is just making me sick. You see this everybody, our “faithful” EOW backstage workers having a great time celebrating this waste of a Holiday.

Do you know how I feel about this “great” holiday?

He walks up to the table with all of the drinks and food and flips it over as everything crashes to the ground.

Crowe: There. That’s how I feel about it.

As everything is on the ground he walks over to the cool and grabs a beer as he looks into camera and says…

Crowe: Happy Cinco De Mayo fuckers.

He walks out and everybody is sad and unhappy.






*Baine is seen by himself standing against a pole as Bobby Chang walks up.*

Chang: Alone tonight Baine? Well while im here what do you think of being here in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo and facing a former G1 Champion tonight when you go one on one with Showtime?

Baine: Yea just came to get some fresh air and you asked about my match tonight with EoWs Lebron James Mr.Showtime!

Chang  when i first heard that id be facing Showtime here tonight my first thought was that when i get to Mexico and arrive at the.. well i dont know what this is i mean its not a arena its just a damn tent… anyway my first thought was im going to get me some real mexican food.

Know what happen Chang?

Chang: What?

Baine: I never got any real mexican food and the more I stand around here I see the same old bullshit that i see in the states..*Baine points to the left*

look over there Chang its a damn Mcdonalds over there and just down the road is a damn big boys..

Baine: This trip has been a waist and Cinco de Mayo can piss off..so disappointed…Showtime tonight for our match im coming out there to beat you as fast as i can so i can leave this disappointment of a event.

Now Chang there is something else i must address and thats the man that came out a few weeks ago and kicked me in the face and demanded your rematch for the G1 Championship.

Baine: Matrix ill be completely honest with you about our match but your not ready for me or this match and most importantly come Battleground you will find out for yourself that I was right when you hear the ring announcer say And Still Your G1 Champion.. BAINE!!

But Matrix i wish you the best of luck because your not just facing “the villian”, “The Saint” or hell even my personal favorite nickname ” The Collector” No Matrix your facing the greatest G1 champion of all of EoW history and now that i have my first title back i have no inttention of leaving it behind come Battleground.

Matrix you better bring your “A game”.

Chang: Would you like to add anything else?

Baine: Since you asked yea but stay here..

*Baine walks off and heads throw the tent. He shortly comes back out with a briefcase.*

Baine: Chang at Battleground im cashing this in and a matter of fact im making it official tonight im going to Mayhems office and im giving him my briefcase and informing him on who im going after but im not releasing that information until were at Battleground and the moment hits.

*Baine walks away from Chang with his briefcase in hand as the camera fades black.*



Located at a gym across from the plaza where the Cinco De Mayo super show was taking place, Jacob Williams was punishing a punching bag with a flurry of jabs. Dust flew from the bag with each hit. A faint feminine cough brought Jacob out of his focus. He stopped the bag from swaying back and forth by holding it with both hands.

Jacob: I knew felt a chill. Even on a scorching day in Mexico.

Madison: The Ice Queen cometh, Mr. Williams.

Madison leaned against the doorway, but only briefly. She immediately pushed off of it and brushed away the dust on the shoulder.

Madison: Gross, this place is dustier than Halie and Alice’s pus-

Jacob: What do you want, Madison?

Madison: Hey now, no need for all that aggression. You look tense. Want a shoulder rub? But more importantly, have you seen what’s been placed as the main event?

Jacob turned to Madison and narrowed his eyes at the blonde.

Jacob: You think I forgot what you and your meal ticket did to me?

Madison: I’d hope not. It should serve as a very valuable lesson. I all but told you it was going to happen. I’ve always given you advice to the best of my ability and I’ve been honest with you.

Jacob folded his arms.

Madison: Have you seen the main event?

Jacob: Why do you keep asking me that?

Madison: Because I’m curious as to why you aren’t livid. You have every right and reason to be.

Jacob raised a brow.

Madison: When I think of Zac Taylor, I don’t think of…’must see television’. I don’t think of him as a headliner.

Madison: Yet, at a special event in Mexico to celebrate Cinco De Mayo…Zac Taylor is in the main event. He’s in the main event after losing to my Denny bear only a week ago. He’s in the main event against Pitbull…who also just lost his last match.

Jacob frowned and slowly shrugged.

Jacob: What’s your point?

Madison: Has Zac offered you an opportunity at the Internet Championship?

Jacob’s brow raised.

Madison: A real friend would have. Where was Zac when Sam attacked you? Being self absorbed, no doubt…

Jacob rubbed his chin.

Madison: Seems like a very one sided friendship. Zac is stealing your spotlight. It should be you out there in the main event, representing EOW as a top star. You say you want the spotlight…but actions speak louder than words, Jacob.

Madison snapped her finger and the room went black, save for a spotlight on Jacob. Jacob looked up to the spotlight before looking down at his feet. Madison’s hand reached out to touch Jacob’s shoulder.

Madison: Dennis and I will be on your side tonight against two men who don’t have very much respect for you. Once you’ve handled Sam Russ at Battlegrounds…maybe it’s time to start thinking about your dear friend not being a very good friend.

Madison: The Internet Championship would look good around your waist. But then again…what do I know?

Madison’s hand left Jacob’s shoulder, and he was left alone with his thoughts.






Cameras open up backstage with the camera with Rachel Parsons standing by with the boss Mr. Mayhem.

Some boos come from the arena.

Rachel: Ladies and gentlemen we are here with the boss himself. Mr. Mayhem.

With the actions of Matrix and Showtime and now as well as Pitbull and Jack Action chaos has broken out between some of the roster members and AP3X.

Mr. Mayhem: That’s right and if they want to go after Ap3X I don’t have any issues with that but it’s not going to be backstage.

Tonight it’s going to be Matrix & Showtime with Jack Action against Ap3X in a six man tag team match.


The crowd pops.

Mr. Mayhem: A little taste of what will come at Battleground and out of those 3 from Matrix , Showtime and Jack Action I will decide who will be the Captain of team Fusion.

That’s all for tonight. See you all at Battleground.

Rachel: Thank you for your time.

Cameras fade out to commercial break 


The scene opens up with Zac Taylor and Jacob Williams sitting in there locker room.
Zac is polishing his Internet championship in preparation for his main event match. While Jacob is sitting on a bench looking at the ground with a towel over his head.

Zac: You know Jacob tonight I get a chance to fight the EoW World Champion Pitbull. Hopefully I defend this title successfully and I may be fighting soon for a World Championship.

Jacob: Yea

Zac: You have been quiet all today. I was signing autographs earlier for the fans and I saw you but you looked like something’s on your mind. Are you good? Has my sister been getting on your nerves?

Jacob removes the towel from over his head and looks at Zac.

Jacob: No she’s been great. Look when I was at the gym earlier I ran into Madison. We had a conversation and she brought up some interesting points.

Zac: Like what?

Jacob: Where was you while I was being attacked by Sam Russ?

Zac: I was in the back getting my photo taken for the website, posters and upcoming promotional merchandise. And how could I have possibly known he was gonna return? Have you forgotten who was the first one to check on you backstage?

Jacob: No I haven’t forgotten anything. One more thing. You and me are supposed to be best friends. So why haven’t you offered me a chance to go for your Internet Championship?

Zac stands up with his championship over his shoulder.

Zac: Supposed to be? We are best friends and its been that way for years. I came to this company because of you talking about it and you know I am trying to be something here and the fans are great and I appreciate every single one of them. I don’t know what all Madison put in your head. But if you want a title shot I’ll give it to you on the next show.

Jacob stands up and looks at Zac.

Jacob: No that won’t be necessary.

Zac: Look you are going to be back on top in no time trust me. You are going to win a championship soon and show people why you were the champ for so long. Ok?

Jacob pats The Internet Championship on Zac’s shoulder.

Jacob: Yea. I’ll figure something out starting with some revenge on Sam Russ at Battlegrounds. Now if you can excuse me I have to go get managed by the Ice Queen and team with her delusional boyfriend.

Jacob and Zac shake hands before Jacob walks out the door. Zac goes back to polishing his Internet championship as the screen fades to black.



*SPOILER* Post match Promo




The camera fades in and we are outside of the arena. The camera pans around and stops at a booze cart. The camera zooms in and it is D-Jack wearing a apron and chef’s hat. He notices the camera and begins to speak.

Jackson: Good evening, my fellow asylum inmates. In case you are wondering why I am here, I lost a bet with a guy dressed as Zorro at 2 am. Alcohol was involved and I had the bar’s mystery shot 10 times.

Jackson: Tonight, on Cinco De Mayo, there is a special set of drinks, called the Sunny Mexico, the Black Cactus, and the Tequila Sunrise. Come give them a try before the sun rises and they vanish till next year…Ah, a customer approaches.

The camera pulls back and Bruce ‘Da Juice’ Perry walks into camera range.

Perry: What in the Grand Banshee’s name are you doing here clown?

Jackson: I’m your pourer of drinks and mixer of pleasant things. What can I get you tonight?

Perry: You’re not going to do anything funny to my drinks, are you clown boy?

Jackson: You offend me, good sir. I am on the clock and must be professional. Nothing you don’t want in your drinks will be there.

Perry: Ok, well, I’ll have your three advertised drinks.

After a combination of motions, the three drinks are made.

Jackson: Ok sir, that will be $7.00 USD.

Perry: Wow man, that’s cheap.

Jackson: Special Cinco De Mayo pricing and fellow wrestler discount. Have a good day.

Bruce walks out of camera range with his drinks. A few seconds later, a fan dressed as Elbaino appears and walks up to the cart. David’s body language has changed severly.

Fan: What’s up man? You look like David Jackson.

Jackson: Don’t be coy with me Elbaino. You and I have some unfinished business.

Fan: Take a chill pill man, I’m really…

David throws a metal pitcher at the fan and the fan staggers. David follows up with a tackle and pummels the fan as the camera fades out.











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