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*Hours before Battleground.*

Baine: Normally id save my promos for later but I felt the need to get this out now. So tonight is Battleground the night where I have to defend my G1 championship against Matrix.

Now part of me is saying that him getting another shot is bullshit I mean it’s not like he defended the belt and earned a shot at the G1 after losing the belt against me after he beat Showtime at Wrestlelite.

Then there’s a part of me who wants this match, not because its an easy win but because I know me and matrix could put on a great match.

So with that said Matrix when you see this just know one thing tonight I’m fighting for something that I love, something that I made famous after holding it for a long long nine months with ten title defenses under my reign and something I do not plan on losing.

Before I go no matter what happens tonight at EoW’s Battleground pay-per-view the fans will see if Matrix is truly ready to hold the G1 championship belt.

Other than that there is one other thing but I’ll save that for Battleground..

*Baine turns the camera on his phone off as the feed goes black.*

Kerry Briggs vs Randall Crowe

* Camera opens up as you see EoWs newest addition to the EoW interviewer staff Todd Frost walking down the hall searching for Blake Adams as he soon bumps into Blake as he turns a corner.*

Todd Frost: Mr. Blake I imagine…Hi, my name is Todd Frost and I’m the newest interviewer in EoW and I was instructed to come to find you and ask you about how you feel going into this match for the United States Championship against Corey Ford?

*Blake Adams stares at Todd Frost*

Blake Adams: First of all I don’t care who you are or what your name is but Todd if you run into me again I promise you that you will no longer be walking..are we clear?

*Todd Frost clears his throat and nods*

Todd Frost: I’m sorry Mr.Adams I was turning the corner and didn’t see…

Blake Adams: Shut up Todd! Now if you want this interview to get over with..without you getting hurt id take my advice. Now you mentioned about tonight’s match against Corey Ford for the U.S Championship title.

Todd since your new here ill give you a brief history.

When I first joined EoW I caught everyone’s attention as I destroyed everyone who stepped up to me.

Hell at one point I had a two on one handicap match and not even two individuals could stop me.

Fast forward a little I found myself in a number one contendership for the Rush Championship which I ended up losing but let me point something out about that match if you go back and watch that match you will notice that I was not the one who got pinned instead I was cheap shotted between the legs.

Blake Adams: After that incident, I found that I had a second opportunity in a beat the clock challenge in which the top two people with the best time would face off for the United States Championship at Battleground.

And guess what tonight is Todd?

Todd Frost: Its the Battleground pay per view

Blake Adams: Good job genius…Yes, tonight is the night where everyone finds out that I was telling the truth when we were in Mexico for our Cinco de Mayo supershow when I told Corey Ford and the EoW universe that come Battleground I will be walking out with the U.S Championship.

Todd Frost: What happens if you fail tonight and Corey Ford wins?

Blake Adams: Todd if that happens then obviously I’m not ready to hold a championship and if that’s the case then I have to do something to better myself and if he does beat me than he earns the right to be called the United States Champion.


Todd tonight will not be that night were I lose because I am more focused than I ever been and tonight Corey Ford will face his biggest obstacle that’s standing in his way to the U.S title. Now if you don’t mind I have to get going.

Todd Frost: Of course.

*camera shortly fades out.*


The scene opens up with Zac Taylor and Jacob Williams sitting in catering.

Jacob: Have you seen Avengers Endgame?

Zac: Yea best movie of the year. They did my man Cap right. You’ve seen my attire for tonight right?

Jacob: I agree and yea man its perfect for Battleground. Also, Iron Man was the mvp of the movie. Robert Downey Jr. is amazing.

Zac: Yea but on to more important things. did you see me beat Pitbull last week?

Jacob: Yea. When you jumped over his spear I popped.

Zac: After tonight I’ll only need one more defense to cash in for the EoW World Championship.

Jacob: Also after tonight I’m going to reestablish the fact that I’m the most pure talent superstar on this roster.

Zac: Second.

Jacob: What?

Zac: Nothing. I can’t believe me and you wasn’t chosen to represent Conquest. We’ve been here since developmental. I know we already have matches but we could do double duty.

Jacob: I know. A former conquest Champion should be leading the team not some hardcore clown.

Zac: That’s what I’m saying like I know you hate hardcore wrestling just as much as me. I mean I hated being Hardcore Champion I mean it was a title but it takes a toll on you and those guys like doing little “hardcore” spots to get a little pop from the fans. No fan wants to see that kind of wrestling its horrible. Sorry I got off topic but I also think we have a good chance at coming out victorious over Fusion.

Jacob: Ok I got a serious proposal for you.

Zac: What is it?

Jacob: So I made a friend in Mexico while I was looking for something to pass the time.

Jacob takes his phone out of his pocket and places it on the table and dials a number.

???: Hello?

The screen fades to black.

The women’s MITB
Madison vs Halie vs Alice vs Nova vs Valerie

Following the shit show that was the ladies ladder match and the crowning of Valerie Marie as the briefcase holder, we find ourselves backstage with Halie who looked as if she could send some Mexicans back to obscurity.

Ricky Spanish who for some reason had been in hiding the last few weeks had stopped Halie for an interview.

RS: Halie you didn’t have a chance at winning that match, so why are you unhappy with the outcome of it?

Halie turned to face Ricky who flinched at the sudden movement.

Halie: I can list four other competitors that are more deserving of that briefcase than Valerie Marie, like who even is this bitch?

RS: well she did beat you and Alice a few weeks ago.

Halie: Did she? I don’t recall anything from her promo wise after this alleged win over me.

Ricky shrugged.

RS: So you feel someone like Madison would be a good holder of the case?

Halie mimed vomiting in her mouth before speaking.

Halie: Yes, I believe Madison would be great as the briefcase holder. As much as it makes me sick saying that.

RS: One other thing before you go, I heard from the GM that you are taking on Rebecca Rose next week for the Rise championship. How will you feel if you win only to have Valerie Marie cash in on you?

Halie paused contemplating a scenario in which this happens.

Halie: Can’t lose the title via DQ, so maybe I’d smash her head in with a sledgehammer like I did to Rebecca two weeks ago.

With those words she stormed off leaving Ricky behind as the scene fades out…..


the lights and cameras are on as marco charming is there sitting down on the chair looking at the camera then he start to speak

hello eow universe I am the realistic marco charming

I am here today to answer your questions so lets get to it

question 1 says how do u feel that you are facing zac taylor for the eow internet championship?

good question yes I am ready I been proving time n time that I have what it takes

question 2 how do u feel about battleground?

I feel like its gonna be good and interesting

question 3 how do your fans feel about being a face?

the fans have mix feelings about that so to me I only focus on the company

last question anything u would like to say to zac taylor?

that he better give it his all to defend that title now the interview is over

he get then start walking away as the cameras and lights fade

EoW X1 Championship
Iron Man Match

Trent vs Nathan Steel (c)

We find ourselves in Mexico prior to Battlegrounds still on the tail of the manly nun who’s had an outfit change.

The scene changes to the inside of a back alley dive bar a few miscreants sat around a table all staring daggers at the newcomer.

The bartender was British and cleared his throat to get focus.

Barkeep: Not from around here are you?

???: No I’m actually not from around here, I just want to have some tequila and enjoy the donkey show.

The bartender looked shocked at the accent before regaining his composure.

Barkeep: You’re about four hours too early for that. The tequila well they have the last bottles of good stuff.

The newcomer looked over his shoulder to where the barkeep pointed, a group of five big Mexicans sat there glaring.

???: Well I guess I’ll have to gate crash their party.

The newcomer walked away from the bar pulling a chair from a table so he could sit with the angry Mexicans.

They shifted in their seats and the head honcho nodded for the newcomer to sit.

Honcho: You got some cajones on you to wear that in here. Also to come back to me must’ve taken a lot of drink.

The newcomer looked up and smiled.

???: This is nothing, you should have seen what I wore in Harlem.

One of the Mexicans lashed out knocking something from the newcomers head, landing on the table was a maga hat.

The Mexican who struck the newcomer turned and babbled something in Spanish to the honcho.

Honcho: You struck a guest I allowed to sit with us, he clearly isn’t a lazy American besides he reached out to me earlier in the week.

The group settled down but they still looked like lynching someone.

Honcho: So you want to do business with my cartel? What kind of business?

The newcomer picked his hat up and put it back on smiling wickedly as he did.

???: I need you to smuggle me across the border, I have to make it to Battlegrounds.

The honcho smiled at this.

Honcho: Well this is a good twist. You needing my help.

The honcho took a swig from the open bottle of tequila and smiled yet again showing blackened teeth.

Honcho: How will you pay us for this? Last time I helped you I got imprisoned by the Chinese army.

The newcomer looked closely into the rough features of the Honcho noticing the glassy look in one of his eyes.

Honcho: Your little group of jerk offs almost had me killed, but you probably don’t remember that.

He slammed a knife in to the table his men stood up and yet again glared at the newcomer.

???: What you gonna have your men fuck me?

The two Mexicans close to the newcomer grabbed him holding him in place as the Honcho crawled on to the table, his lower half gone. A look of horror crossed the newcomers face briefly and the honcho noticed it.

Using his hands to maneuver himself into a comfortable position he let loose a bellowing laugh.

Honcho: Ha ha ha what’s that smell foreigner you shit your pants?

The newcomer shook his head and pointed behind the honcho, the colostomy bag attached to him had ripped out and spilt it’s contents on the floor.

The honcho laughed again and clapped.

Honcho: Okay okay, here’s the deal if you can beat my man Gonzo here in a one armed drunken boxing match I will take you across the border. Lose however.

He snapped his fingers and a scantily dressed woman approached.

Honcho: Lose however and you have to drink a jug of the donkey’s seed.

The newcomer smiled.

???: Let’s up the ante then. I lose I pay for my passage whatever you want to charge and I drink the donkey jizz, I win you take me to the US for free and you.

The newcomer pointed at the Honcho and raised his eyebrows to emphasize who he was talking to.

???: You drink the jug of cum.

The Honcho waved the woman away and she began to ”milk” the donkey.

Honcho: You have yourself a deal.

The scene fades away as the honchos men began setting up the table and tying each men’s punching arms to one another…


Dennis returns to the dressing room that he shared with Madison after attending a mandatory meet and greet with Dublin natives that overpaid for backstage access.

He slowly kicked the door closed with his heel before yawning loudly. Madison glanced over her shoulder at him before returning her attention to her tablet.

Madison: I hope you informed those potato farmers that the Ice Queen loves all of her subjects, even the ones that are constantly drunk.

Dennis: Most of them were buzzed.

Dennis tossed the Conquest Championship on the couch, and it landed beside Madison. He then started to undo his tie.

Dennis: Couldn’t tell if they were drunk. Not that it mattered.

Madison: I faithfully subscribe to stereotypes. Have a seat.

Madison pats a space on the couch beside her after picking up the Conquest Championship. Dennis plopped on the couch and placed an arm around her.

Madison: Are you happy?

Dennis: I’m content. Content at an impasse between the road to remaining on the status quo…and the road to happiness. Traffic is building behind us, i’m unsure whether to go right or left, and my passenger is unsure of what do as well.

Dennis: What I do know is that we need to make a choice, soon.

Madison: If we go through with it, we’ll never get the chance again.To undo what was taken from us almost two years ago…I can taste it.

Dennis: I think we should call in our old friend.

Madison: Screw that…he’s too much of a wild card. We can do this on our own.

Dennis: Alright…

Dennis: Any word from Cheryl?

Madison: Still suspended.

Dennis squinted at her tablet.

Dennis: Are you playing Chess against yourself?

Madison smiled proudly and pointed at the chess pieces.

Dennis: Ah, I see. The logos of each and every person on the roster.

Madison: Take notice of the pawns. They are, by far…the most important pieces to ensuring that the White Queen and The Black King remain protected. I’m building a wall to protect us with pieces that are completely unaware of their roles.

Dennis: Brains ‘and’ Beauty. How ever did I get so lucky.

Madison: You’re a good lay. So…keep it up if you want me to stick around.

Dennis’s jaw dropped.

Madison: I’m kidding, of course….Maybe.

Fall count Anywhere
Sam Russ vs Jacob Williams

Jacob is breathing heavy next to a unconscious Sam Russ. Jacob stands up grabs a mic and rolls into the ring.

Jacob: Sam Russ oh how far you have fallen. If I was You I would want to take another vacation.

Jacob snaps his fingers as the spotlight hits him in the middle of the ring.

Jacob: Sammy you was able to take my spotlight for a week or two. But I think everyone in the back and in this arena should know now Sam Russ doesn’t hold a candle to my talent inside this ring.

Jacob looks around the ring at all the carnage.

Jacob: You and me both took one hell of a beating tonight but the difference is I could take it.

Now I’m addressing all the champions in the back.

I think after this victory I have put myself into title contention and I plan to have gold back around my waist soon.

So I recommend all you “champions” should watch your back!

Jacob throws the mic outside the ring and walks to the back.


Lassiter: Larry this is horse shit we’re stuck in another 6 man elimination match for number one contendership for the tag titles.

Against HFI and another pair of mystery opponents.

Larky give the audience a run down of the last few months and why we should have been given the number one contenders spot.


Larkspur: Well first and foremost we’ve been on a huge winning streak since Patriot Games.

We’ve beaten every team we’ve come across in legitimate tag matches not triple threat tornado tags but ACTUAL tag matches.

We’ve beaten HFI, we’ve beaten Crunk Juice, we’ve beaten reunited tag teams.

We’re UNDEFEATED at Wrestle Elite.

The only team left for us to beat are the Saints.

Golden Age start to head to the back of the locker room where two punching bags are hanging with a picture of Baine on one and of markson on the other.

They pick up another couple of pictures sitting on a nearby table and tape over the Saints photos. The new photos are of HFI.

Lassiter: So as far as we can figure, the Saints are cowards. Sure they beat us in the past, but now do they think they can beat us? We’ve only staked our claim since Wrestle Elite and now we’re jumping through more hoops. Now leave us so we can get prepared for our next match.

The camera cuts to the next segment.

EoW Internet Championship

Marco Charming vs Zac Taylor

El Segador is seen doing jumping jacks while staring at his RUSH Championship.

He was coming to the end of his workout as the camera zoomed in on him.

The RUSH champion snatched his championship that was hanging from a cardboard cutout of pitbull.

He kicked the cutout so hard that the head flew off in dramatic fashion. Slowly, he turned to face the camera and pointed.

Segador: Pitbull.

Segador: Esta noche, luchamos por la superioridad de la marca.

Segador: Serás un buen Campeón, puedo sentir tu espíritu de lucha. Pero desafortunadamente…

Seagdor: Necesitarás aprender siendo el segundo mejor. ¡Tranquilo! No hay vergüenza en perder conmigo. Todos lo hacen.

Segador slaps his RUSH championship and walks off.

EoW United States Championship

Blake Adams vs Corey Ford

Cameras Open up Backstage with The Prestigious Saints standing by.

Travis: Tonight is a big night for Baine and myself.

Not only are we going to defend our singles gold but tonight we want to issue a open challenge.

An open challenge to anyone who has the balls to take on The Saint & The Prestigious One in a Steel Cage Match for the EoW Tag Team Championships!

We’re tired of rolling over the Golden Age, we’re tired of H.F.i, we’re tired of the drop out tag teams every other week.

We want some real competition boys!

So we want to see who is going to step up.

I mean we have no problem stomping all over HFi and Golden Age until the cows come home.

But we’ve decimated this division to where the likes of the D.O.A and Crunk Juice have even retired.

In the end if who ever where to beat us out of the TWO! other tag teams right now, what are you going to do face eachother again.

That’s fucking pointless.

Baine: If no one shows up, then we want all of the wrestlers in the back to come down to the ring at Fusion and pay us tribute for being the best tag team in the world and thank us for being the ELITE!

Tag team of EoW and induct us into the EoW Hall of Fame and dedicate us statues in front of EoW Headquarters, also we want Dennis Blacks tv show dropped to 6PM and Being Prestigious Saints at the Prime Hour of 8PM Monday night.

Suck our balls, you all suck, or prove us otherwise.

Either way we win. Always.

Cameras fade back out to ringside.

EoW Tag Team #1 contender match
HFi vs ??? vs Golden Age



Conquest Title

2/3 falls
Dennis Black(c) vs Ian Bates

About four hours have passed and the drinking game had come to an abrupt end with a one punch knockout, only one shot of tequila drunk.

The honcho was shocked and a little mad at the glass jaw on his chosen man.

Honcho:Well you won, I am a man of my word so bring forward the burro jug.

The scantily dressed woman came back sans clothes and bearing a jug of off white liquid, she placed it in front of the Honcho who picked it up hesitating.

???: After the show you fancy coming back with me for a real donkey show?

The newcomer was talking to the woman, she blushed before replying in Spanish.

Woman: Yo no hacer meirda la burro. Yo la fluencia para Grande Jesus.

She pointed to the donkey who trotted out followed by a giant Viking of a man.

The newcomer’s eyes widened at the sight and he quickly grabbed a bottle of tequila and downed it in a few seconds.

Honcho: Hahaha yes big Jesus it’s ironic because he’s from Finland. Not sure why he fucks farm animals but he puts on a good show.

The newcomer looked back groggily at the giant man raping a donkey while the honcho laughed and applauded, then noticed that the jug of jizz was still full.

???: So I won, when do we leave?

The Honcho laughed.

Honcho: In two days friend meet us at the docks. I have a shipment bound for Florida, it’ll be easier for you to get to this battlegrounds from there trust me.

The Honcho went to pour a shot of tequila but the newcomer grabbed his wrist stopping him.

???: you leave your drink still full, we had a deal. Drink that jizz now.

The Honcho a little bit angry now reached out for the jug but one of his men intervened and downed it in one, tossing the jug over his shoulder.

The jug smashed on the floor causing the donkey to buck and kick, big Jesus copped a hoof to the face and fell ass first onto the shattered jug bottom.

Both the Honcho and newcomer laughed hysterically as the donkey went around kicking everything in sight before finally settling down and mistaking Big Jesus’ semi erect bloodied dong as a carrot and taking a huge bite.

The newcomer shook hands with the Honcho and quickly left with the now robed Mexican woman. The scene ends and the screams of big Jesus is all you hear as the screen fades to black…

EoW G1 Championship

Matrix vs Baine (c)

The scene opens with Briggs kicking in the office door of Stephen Mathews. Briggs quickly grabs the GM by the collar lifting an pinning him to the wall.


Mathews is clearly afraid from the sudden entrance and outburst of Briggs.

SM: Alright mis..ter Bri…ggs I’m listening what do you want?

Briggs: What I want is simple, I want a shot at the Rush Title. I want you to name me the number 1 contender, no battle royal, no “Big Ben” challenge.

SM: Rush is the land of opp…

Briggs: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! You have 2 options. FIRST you name me number one contender, I put you down and you leave safe. The second option you make some stupid match with multiple people to name the number one contender. I powerbomb you through your desk and I’ll end up number one contender anyway.

SM: Alright, I name you number one contender, please just put me down!

Briggs drops the GM and leaves the scene fades out with the GM trying to regain his composure.


The camera fades in and we see David Jackson sitting backstage. He appears to be relaxed and calm. He is wearing his ring attire and begins to speak.

Jackson: (Smiles) Good evening, my fellow asylum inmates. Tonight, I represent Conquest in a brand vs brand 3 on 3 contest.

My opposition will be Showtime, Eric Shadow, and Chris Sullivan. (Stops smiling)My “team” consists of A+ the Beast NFL reject.

He couldn’t make it throwing and chasing a ball, so he came here to grab balls every night.

Next, is Devin King who, in reality, is a pauper, and no real threat to anyone.

Last, but not least, me, David Jackson, the Joker and Don King’s illegitimate love child.

Don’t look surprised, I read the comments online. Oh yes, if anyone on my team fails me, you better hire security.

(Collects himself) Now, what makes me so special out of all the participants?

(The Hardcore Championship lowers into camera range) Hmmmm, it must be something. It’s right on the tip of my tongue.

(After a few seconds) Nope, can’t think of a thing. (The Hardcore Championship returns to the heavens)

Jackson: Now, what will happen tonight? Who will be victorious? What will the participants do? Well, I wrote a song, detailing what I will do for starters.

(Reaches out of camera range and grabs a guitar) I’ll be picking along, so you understand the beat. (Clears his throat, start to play the guitar, and begins to sing.)

Let me rip out your eyeballs, let me chainsaw your sister.

Let me ice pick your eardrums, Let me blowtorch your balls.

Let me kill your whole family, let me fart on your breakfast. Let me grab your….

The camera feeds cut off unexpectedly.

Showtime, Eric Shadow, Chris Sullivan


David Jackson, Devin King & A+ The Beast

Camera open up backstage in Mr Mayhem’s office as he seems to be reviewing some papers on his desk.

Turning his attention to the camera he leans forward on his desk.

Mr. Mayhem:  Ladies and Gentlemen today’s Pay-per-View marks the end of a era for us. I’ve gone out of my way to make sure that everyone has a opportunity to go for some gold here in the company by adding the X1 Championship to the mix, The Hardcore and the CONQUEST Championship.

Well by doing this something else happened. WE have too many Champions and not enough contenders.

So officially starting on Fusion the Brand split will officially be over.

More matches that you want to see happening, Hell we might even get to see Travis Markson vs Sam Russ finally.

The Crowd pops

That’s not all.

It has come to my attention after Paladin that EoW FORGE roster is well…. TO be frank it’s more Hardcore than the  with Kayfabe, the  “2K” Division.

So with that said, David Jackson you are dubbed the most hardcore son of a bitch in EoW’s “2k” division but it’s time to let the boat sail to where the title can truly flourish to past memories of your Death match vs Eric Shadow.

EoW FORGE will be receiving, the EoW Hardcore Championship, which will be the most suitable atmosphere for this championship.

Step into my office and we will discuss your future and come to terms with what you would like to set your sights on.

Another thing on the agenda.

We are going to be merging some belts in the next coming Pay Per views. First The EoW Internet Championship has a great concept and bring those contenders that are on a hot streak to the big dance, and I like that.

But the X1 was somewhat un announced but the people seem to like it’s visual appeal.

So what we are going to do here is at SummerBrawl is have the  Internet Champion versus X1 Championship but the winner will remain the X1 Champion but the rules of the championship will inherit the internet Championship rules.

The next thing will be this.

Dennis Black, you’ve been flapping those pussy lips of yours way too much to where you might want to go see a DR.

Although you do have a point , you have pretty much conquered Conquest and the brand split is ending.

So another two belt I am looking to unify is the CONQUEST Championship and the EoW Elite World Championship.

But there is going to be a delay on that because Da Juice has some unfinished  Business with the Real Champ.

So at SummerBrawl the main event will be Da Juice vs Pitbull for the EoW Elite World Championship and the winner of that will go to face Dennis Black at Meltdown for a title unification match where the Winner will be the undisputed EoW Elite World Champion.

The Crowd Pops louder.

Mr. Mayhem: Ladies and gentle thank you for being here in EoW and enjoy the rest of our broadcast.

Mr. Mayhem shuffles some papers in order and leans back into his chair as we fade to commercial break.

Champion vs Champion
El Segador vs PitBull

EoW Intercontinental Match

Jack Action vs Travis Markson (c)

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