The camera pans to Tre Michaels, Zac Taylor, Jacob Williams and Kenzie Taylor arriving to arena inside there bus.

Jacob: Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.

Jacobs places a backwoods in the ash tray.

Zac: You just have to. I mean Travis didn’t even see it coming. I see Summerbrawl as a absolute win for The Dawn. I mean Jacob and I won the number one contender ladder match for our future tag belts. Then we introduced the 4th member of The Dawn.

Zac looks and points at Tre.

During my match and showed to this company that The Dawn is not only already here but we are already taking over and showing these old timers why we are the best thing that has stepped in the ring and the best thing that has talked through those microphones.
It just doesn’t get any better than that, Tre you have anything you want to get of your chest?

Tre looks directly into the camera.

Tre: I do actually starting with Pitbull which by the way that is my title that you’re holding you son of a bitch. Thanks for keeping it warm for me nevertheless because I will eventually have that title back around my waist. And Travis don’t take it to personally What I did to you, it could’ve happened to anyone. The last thing I will leave you all on is this. The Tre Michaels revenge tour starts tonight with Matrix!

Jacob stands up.

Jacob: Well I have to get ready for my match and my interview.

Jacob and Kenzie walk to the back of the bus with his wrestling bag.

Zac: Great to finally have you here Tre.

Tre: Great to finally be here

The scene ends with Tre and Zac shaking hands.


Marco charming is at backstage getting ready for his match with his opponent tonight as chang lee walk up to him as he speaks

chang lee: hello conquest I am here with the realistic marco charming thank you for coming

marco: of course thank you for having me!

chang lee: so we haven’t hear anything from you in awhile any comments?

marco: well lots of things happen plus with EoW 2k20 coming man its gonna be great

chang lee: so are u ready for your opponent tonight?

marco: yes I am even though I made got some ring rough but I am ready

chang lee: alright, I wish you luck

marco: thanks

marco charming start walking off as his theme come on then the camera turns off automatically.



As the camera is looping around the inside of the arena, we see Eric Shadow walking down the hallway. The camera is following his every move as he looks around and see the Conquest signs on the wall.

Shadow: Man it’s been a long time since I’ve stepped on to this brand. Conquest, you have been graced with the Prince after two years since my last appearance on here. Hell I’m pretty sure nobody remembers but I used to be the Conquest champion. I had a pretty run with it but I don’t really remember it too much (chuckles). But anyway, I’ve got some things to say and it’s about Summerbrawl.

He puts his hands into hair and begins.

Shadow: Now I faced Devin King in an all out war. Two young upstarts, yes I’m still young. The one and only Eric Shadow against the man that wanted an apology, Devin King went head to head in an annihilation match. Blow for blow, shot after shot, me and him went at it like two crazed animals. But… The cameras weren’t rolling. Now I’m not too happy about but guess what. The cameras may not have been rolling I did come out with the win. Sorry I should’ve said spoiler but oh well. Now me and Devin aren’t done yet but I’m giving him a little break. I mean losing three times to me is a career killer so King, whenever you’re ready to keep getting your ass kicked by me just let me know.

Alright, why don’t switch gears now. Tonight, Trent gets to step into the ri.. Wait a minute I’m facing Trent Baretta?! Hell yeah, me and one half of the Best Fri..

Camera man: No Trent with crazy colored hair.

Shadow: Oh. Well ok then, I’m still gonna take his ass out and grace everybody with a win by yours truly….. ERIC SHADOW!

He walks out of the shot and the camera fades out.


Those of the EoW universe in attendance mockingly sang ‘Here comes the bride’ as Madison stood in the center of the ring. The camera zooms in on her eyes narrowing before she tapped the mic against her hand, but the singing didn’t stop. The production crew was left with no choice but to cut to a commercial break.

Eventually, the audience quieted down to let her speak, for the most part.

Madison: The sights, sounds, smells, and behaviors of poor people never ceases to amaze me. Against my better judgement, I wanted to share my special day with all of you…and you mock me.

Frustrated, she looks to the audience as faint chants of ‘Here comes the Bride’ started up again.

Madison: Even the walking definition of perfection makes mistakes from time to time. Never again will I think about what the EOW universe wants. But as any good Empress would, I will simply focus on what my subjects need.

Madison: Which brings me to why I’ve decided to grace you with my presence, even though I am injured.

Madison: Meltdown, the final pay per view of the season. In one corner, representing AP3X…will be the EOW Heavyweight Champion, Pitbull.

The audience responds with mixed reactions.

Madison: In the other, will be our Unholy Emperor and the greatest Conquest Champion this company has ever… or …WILL ever know…Dennis Black!

The audience responds with unanimous disapproval.

Madison: At Summerbrawl, you all bore witness to what I like to call…the worst case scenario of this company battling it out for the EoW Championship. You’ve got Pitbill, the current Champion, who literally looks like every thug I’ve seen on prison documentaries about the worst prisons in the country.

Madison: You also had Juice, the Section Eight Heavyweight. A man with a bottomless stomach, and a walking stereotype of what a father doesn’t want his daughter bringing home to meet the parents. Mind you, most if not all of the women in attendance will have to settle for men like Pitbull and Juice because…well…you don’t look like me. But fear not! You all are very much so allowed to live vicariously through Dennis and I, the perfect couple….because our reality show has been renewed for season two!

Madison: Now, for the harsh reality of it all.

Madison’s phone starts to ring. She quickly pulls it from her pocket and puts it on silent.

Madison: Right…the harsh reality of it all. Summerbrawl’s main event was the beginning of a course correction for this company. The beginning of a new era in this company. A better era.

Madison: Those two were fighting for the honor of losing the EoW Championship to Dennis Black and –

Madison looks down at her ringing phone.

Madison: Ugh! Stupid Galaxy.

Madison: Dennis Black is not the Champion you want. But, he is the Champion you need!

After her last statement, her phone starts ringing again and the numbers are all zeros. She declines the call again, but then her phone starts buzzing with text message after text message.

She has a frantic look on her face as each one is popping up one by one. Then the lights go out but there’s one remaining on Madison and then the tron has the messages that were popping up on her phone. One by one, the messages read…


Madison is a little shook and nervous about what she has seen. Then some more messages pop up on the screen.



The lights turn back on and Madison is standing in shock and horror. She drops the mic and quickly leaves the ring.




The camera pans to Kim sanders backstage in the interview area.

Kim: Ladies and gentlemen allow to introduce my guest for tonight Jacob Williams.

A spotlight hits Jacob as he walks into camera view with a smug look on his face.

Kim: First off Congratulations to you and Zac Taylor on becoming the number one contenders for the tag team titles. Do you have any comments to make to the tag team champions Hfi?

Jacob: Thanks. There is a few things I can say to Hfi but I’m going to leave it to this. Those titles you have will be ours. And when we win, our goal of becoming the tag teams division salvation will become a reality.

Kim: This is the most talked about Moment in Eow at the moment. How long has it been in the works for Tre Michaels to join the Dawn? Or was it just as a surprise to you?

Jacob: The question everybody has on there mind. I knew before hand matter of factI have personally orchestrated him joining us since Battlegrounds. This was before Zac and myself was a official tag team. It feels great to have him finally Dawning our colors.

Kim: Last question. How do you feel about competing against the X1 champion Baine here tonight?

Jacob: I’ve been looking forward to a rematch with Baine ever since our last encounter which he got the best of me in. Interesting fact even with that lost my record against Baine is 1-1 after tonight it will be 2-1 in my favor. And just maybe after I beat him tonight the X1 title will be in my future. I could go on but our match is up next.

Jacob snaps his fingers as the spotlight turns off. Jacob walks out of camera view.


The scene opens in the dressing room of the Conquest Heavyweight Champion and his muse. Dennis Black is seated on a couch watching Madison pace back and forth with a nervous look on her face as she stares down at her cell phone. Meanwhile Dennis has the Conquest Championship draped across his legs.

Dennis: Not that I don’t like watching you walk. But this is odd. Even for you.

Madison abruptly stops in place and turns to face him.

Madison: Are you calling me odd?

Dennis: No, i’m just saying…’this’ is odd. What’s wrong with you?

Madison: I’m stressed, Dennis!

Dennis: How? Why? Is this about Parsons?

Madison: No. The brewing war?

Dennis: Oh that?

Dennis shrugged.

Madison: How are you ‘not’ stressed? Take a look around you, Dennis. AP3X and The Dawn are about to wage war. They’re evenly matched. Three on three. That’s…SIX people we have to potentially worry about, now. I’m worried we are going to eventually get caught in the middle.

Dennis stood up and placed the Conquest Championship over his shoulder.

Dennis: Maybe you’ve forgotten who you’re engaged-

Madison: Married…

Dennis: Well…not yet. Seb Ruined that. BUT, we will. Let me remind you what I’ve accomplished this season. I have beaten all three members of The Dawn. Hell, we stole this from Jacob Williams.

Dennis: AP3X? I’ve beaten Pitbull and Baine. All that leaves is Travis Markson. A man’s whose knees ache each and every time he walks down to the ring. Should he get the honor of sharing a ring with me before the season is over, he’ll be left staring up at the lights in my wake as well.

Dennis: My point is, I’m not concerned about any of them. This war between The Dawn and AP3X is a good thing, Madison.

Dennis: Let the savages fight for the next few weeks. Then at Meltdown, I will pick Pitbull’s carcass clean.

Madison folded her arms as Dennis walked by her. She stared down at her vibrating phone before tossing it in the trash.

Madison: Definitely getting a new phone…










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