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(The camera pans to Jacob Williams walking in the parking lot holding two black bags. He stops at a bus and looks back at the camera.)

Jacob: You won’t see what’s in these bags till later. But right now I’m going to give you all a glance at The Dawn’s multimillion dollar tour bus.

This bus contains 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, mahogany wooden floor, a replica of Michael Jacksons sofa and of course a few stripper poles even though I don’t partake anymore but Zac likes to here and there.

(Jacob opens the door and walks into the tour bus where you can see Kenzie laying on the sofa while Zac is sitting at a desk.)

Jacob: Zac I got us a tag attire for our match against the Bronze Age tonight.

(Jacob sets the black bags on the desk while also wiping away some white powder. Zac glances inside the bag.)

Zac: This isn’t exactly the type of attire I see myself in but I can make do with it.

(Zac looks into the camera.)

Zac: Tonight you all get to see The Dawn of a new light in Eow when Jacob and myself prove that we are in fact the best.

Jacob: Speaking of lights I didn’t show you my favorite part of this bus.

(Jacob flips a switch and a spotlight hits him.)

Zac: Camera guy it’s time for you to leave we have to talk strategy. Jacob can you please quit playing with the switch and get over here.

(The screen fades to black)



A PLUS VS ????

*Ian Bates’ music hits, and after a longer time than usual, Ian comes onto the stage. He is sporting a new style of facial hair, and looks visibly upset. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.*

“I’m gonna get right to the point.”

*Ian lowers the mic, and paces back and forth before returning to center.*

“At Battleground, I lost. Plain and simple.

Dennis Black-

*Ian recoils as he says that name*

He beat me. I lost. I had my chance and I blew it. I don’t deserve another shot.

*Ian lowers the mic again, this time, he heads to the corner and rests his head on the turnbuckle for a few seconds to collect himself.*

From now on, Ian Bates is focused, ready, and determined to work my way back up. I don’t know where the path I’m on ends, but it starts tonight, when I DEFEAT Travis Markson.


*Ian exits the ring and goes up the ramp.*

The camera is behind Ricky spanish as he walks down the halls of the arena with a purpose.

He pushes through the double doors that would normally lead to the catering area, only this time there was no food to be found.

The room is completely cleared out and replaced with Romanesque set pieces. Men that were dressed in blood stained armor and armed with swords stood in rows that led to Madison.

Actors that were dressed as peasants (at least EoW hopes they were actors…) were amassed behind the bulky knights. Paintings of Madison…and only Madison lined the walls.

Ricky: EOW marketing really…really spared no expense in making this place look like The Great Hall. WOW!

Madison was seen sitting on the ‘Iron Throne’ with replicas of both the Conquest and EOW Championships in her hands.

A camera man started to slowly walk toward her as the director behind him motioned for her to stand up.

Madison stood from the iron throne that was made from the heads of every wrestler on the roster and every championship in the company’s history.

Mayhem’s warhammer and mastodon armor was resting at the side of the throne.

Madison: When the War is over.

Madison: When the dust has settled.

Madison: Who will be standing over the broken bodies of their rivals?

Madison: The Savage?

Madison: The Warrior?

Madison: The Young King?

Madison: Or will it be…a Queen, all on her own?

Director: Aaaaand cut! Brilliant. Okay, let’s do that again, only with a little more sexiness this time. We may need a wardrobe change to show off more of…

Madison: Tits. They’re tits.

Madison handed the replica championships to an intern that rushed over to her.

Madison: Shouldn’t ‘Meltdown’ be somewhere in the commercial?

Director: The fans will already know this is setting up Meltdown. This is going on right before the Summerbrawl main event between Juice and Pitbull. Since the winner will be facing Dennis Black at Meltdown. So, all three men have to be included in the script.

Madison shrugged and was handed a latte by another intern.

Madison: Alright. Let’s not take much longer. I’ve gotta be at ringside for his match tonight.

The director lifts a finger, reaches into his pocket with the other hand, picks up his phone, and walks off. As Ricky walks over to her, Madison clearly looks annoyed.

Madison: What? Did they really let you out of London?

RS: A:…that’s rude. And B: How are you and Dennis preparing for the very important and highly influential match against Pitbull tonight? As a long time fan of EOW, I’ve got a memory for big moments.

RS: Pitbull was actually the first person to hand you two a loss. Actually, Pitbull beat Dennis Black in his second match in this company, and it was his EOW pay per view debut. What tips are you giving him to avoid the spear?

Madison narrowed her eyes and placed a hand over Ricky’s mic.

Madison: Think you’re a funny guy, eh?

RS: No I just-

Madison: We remember every win. But more importantly, we remember every loss. I haven’t forgotten our pay per view debut being RUINED by that roided goon. Dennis certainly hasn’t forgotten. He has been on a roll since Blacklist.

Madison: Our momentum on the road to Meltdown isn’t changing. Whether it be Pitbull, Crowe, Juice, or god himself. We will not lose another match until we’ve unified the Championships at Meltdown. This is the Black Summer. OUR summer.

The director could be heard yelling for Madison and all the extras in the background.

Madison: Now get out of here, you goddamn jumping bean!

Madison hair flips and turns away from Ricky, who is left speechless and insulted.


*The camera fades in and we are at the local post office. The camera moves inside and a very unusual thing is behind the counter.

It is David Jackson and he is wearing the full postal worker uniform.

He is working at the postal office for some odd reason. A male customer walks up to the counter.*

Jackson: (Calm) Welcome to the post office, how may I help you?

Customer: (Calm) Yes, I need this shipped please. (He hands D-Jack a poorly wrapped box)

Jackson: (Annoyed) OK, this is a example of “Go home and do it again.” This is worse than Dark Pheonix.

Customer: (Confused) What is wrong with it?

Jackson: (Sighs) Everything. Please move everything to one of our flax rate boxes or brown paper and triple twist twine. Thank you, next!

*The customer walks away angry and a little old lady walks up.*

Jackson: Yes ma’am, how may I help you?

LOL: (Flirty) Yes, cutey. I need a book of stamps please.

Jackson: That I can do. (Reaches to his right, picks up a stamp book, and places it on the counter) That will be $10 please.

LOL: Alright (Reaches into her purse and pulls out a $10 bill) Here you are.

Jackson: Thank you very much (Both of them exchange items) and have a nice day!

LOL: (Winks) thank you, Mr. Cutey Booty.

*She walks out of camera range and D-Jack shivers. A middle aged woman walks up to the counter.*

Jackson: Yes ma’am, how may I help you?

Woman: (Calm) Yes, I would like (Pauses for a second) Hey, you’re not the post master.

Jackson: (Nods his head) Yes, I am not. He wanted to take a extended lunch and I am filling in for him.

Woman: (Inquisitive) Is he here? I’d rather deal with him, no offense.

Jackson: (Smiles for a moment) None taken ma’am. I don’t know if he is in the building, but I can take a quick look around.

Woman: Please do.

Jackson: Alright, I’ll be back in a few minutes.

*David puts up a “Be Back In 10 Minutes Sign” and steps away. He goes to the back and walks down a hallway. After walking for 15 seconds, he stops at a door marked ‘Maintenance Only,’ and opens it.

He walks through the door and down a flight of metal, poorly kept stairs. At the base of the stairs, is another door. D-Jack opens it up and walks down another hallway.

This hallway is dingy and poorly lit. He stops at the end where there is one final door.

He opens it up and there is a guy chained up to the far wall. He is gagged and secured.

He hears the door open and starts motioning how he can.*

Jackson: (Sighs) Give it up Walter, down here, no one can hear you. The maintenance man is out for vacation and this little plan of man is working flawlessly. Now, down to business.

It’s been 24 hours and my patience on this matter is at an end. (Takes a deep breath) Every since I was stripped of the EOW Hardcore Championship, I heard of a new title or a redesign coming to EOW.

My suspicions were confirmed when it passed through here and I know you know where it is going.

(Scratches Walter’s cheek for a moment) Now, you tell me where it is going, what its tracking number is, and I will let you go home to your beer, pizza, and that ugly excuse you have for a wife. What do you say?

*Walter shakes his head and tries to talk to no avail.*

Jackson: (Grins) What’s that girl? Little Timmy feel down the well? (Walter shakes his head again) Inside out pizza is better than regular pizza? (Walter shakes his head and cries a bit) The square root of nine is three? (Walter moans in disdain)

*D-Jack stops grinning, walks over to a table and picks up a rusty, blood stained hand saw. He walks back to Walter, hand saw in tow. Walter starts trying to move with all his might.*

Jackson: (Serious) Ok, last chance to come clean and walk away in one piece. If not, I take a piece of you to remember you by.

*Walter shakes his head no and that bring a smile to D-Jack’s face.*

Jackson: You are a credit to your profession and you have my respect. However, It didn’t matter if you said yes or no. Either way I win, my good man. Now, I must warn you. (Holds up the saw) You may feel some momentary discomfort.

*The camera pulls back as D-Jack put the saw to his throat and the door closes. The camera fades out.*

The Golden Age vs The Dawn

*SPOILER* Post match Promo
After the attack Golden Age tosses The Dawn out of the ring.

The Golden Age motion for a mic.

Lassiter: So much for all the talk they did last week, bronze age my ass we knocked those wanna bes back to the stone age.

Lassiter passes the mic to Larkspur. Larkspur: To address what that discount Madison Cox said.

The best on the mic and the best in the ring aren’t the ones lying unconscious on the ground.

The best on the mic stands next to me Kent Lassiter.

The best in the ring is yours ‘ll truly Lawrence Larkspur, and I’ll bring this entire division to STREEEEEEETCH CITAY!!!

Larkspur nods to Lassiter, Lassiter then rolls out of the ring and lifts up the apron and pulls out two golden shovels.

He slowly walks to the nearest set of stairs and gets back into the ring.

He hands one shovel to Larkspur and takes the mic with his free hand.

Lassiter: Jacob, Zac, you weren’t the first to be hit with the Golden Shovel, you won’t be the last.

We’ve buried Crunk Juice, Young Gunz, The New Breed, HFI… not in some shit tornado tag match but in a REAL tag match. Jacob, Zac, please don’t throw away this gift because you’ll need these shovels because we, THE GOLDEN AGE buried you alive and those shovels are your only way out!

Golden Age leave the ring and walk over to the prone bodies of The Dawn and drop the shovels on them and then make their exit.


Camera fades in as we see the current X1 Champion and current Tag Team Champion Baine make his way down the ramp and walk up the stairs to the ring then shortly motions for a microphone.

Baine: I came out here to talk about my match tonight against the current Internet Champion Marco Charming..

Marco tonight is a big night for both of us and i get that and I already know I have a fight on my hands but you and these people have to understand something these last couple of months I have had some ups and what feels like more downs when it comes to title defenses.

Let’s go back to Wrestlelite I walked in as a tag champion and the Internet Champion, later that night I lost the Internet Championship but gained the G1 Championship.

Then comes Battleground where I faced Matrix in a Wrestlelite rematch and lost my prestigious G1 Championship but gained the X1 Championship when i successfully cashed in my X1 summit briefcase case on Nathan Steel.

Baine stops talking and stares out into the distance as he thinks to himself

Baine: So with that said I want to make one thing clear to Marco Charming..

Marco I know your in the back and I know your watching this but Marco..Tonight I’m not here to lose or play nice because I am one hundred percent focused on retaining my X1 Championship and reclaiming a belt I held and lost before and the only way I’m going to achieve that is by kicking your ass until you can’t get up.

Crowd has a mixture of boos and cheers

Baine: In other words Marco Charming if you want to save yourself the ass kicking then go knock on Mr.Mayhems door and inform him that you forfeit the match and to just declare me as the winner of tonight’s title unification match.

If not I guess I’ll be looking forward to embarrassing you in this ring later and still become a two time Internet Champion.

Baine then drops the mic as his music plays as he taunts to the crowd just before leaving the ring and then heads back up the ramp and into the back as cameras fade black.

After the last match just ended the camera switches to the backstage area where we see a gust of smoke coming from a room.

In the room we see Randy Crowe sitting back with one hand in his pocket and his other hand flipping his Zippo lighter back and forth.

Crowe: So, this whole brand split is coming to an end as I can see. No more this, no more that. Well if that’s the case, I get to do whatever I want now.

I can face anybody I want. I can go for any title.

Hell, if Dennis Black is listening I’ll could use Madison Cox as a championship if I wanted to.

He laughs for a bit as he reaches for his pack of smokes but then he looks at them and second guesses himself.

Crowe: You know what, I’m gonna to cut back on smoking.

Ahhh who am I kidding I’m gonna smoke until the day I die.

I know I’m going nowhere with what I’m saying and all of you could careless but I don’t give a damn.

I just needed to talk because nobody wants to step up. And they’ll all say…

“Well Crowe, you’ve lost pretty much every match this year. Who wants to step up to loser like you?”

Maybe if somebody had the balls to give a me a fight then I’ll take it. Win, lose, or draw you’ll see what the outcome will be.

Cause if beat you with an inch of life then I’m happy with that.

If you can’t barely move the next day I’m happy. I don’t care about win, I care about inflicting pain and punishment.

So if a champion wants to face me, a new guy, or even an old veteran, then be my guest.

Come one come all.

He stands up and walks away as he lights up a smoke.




Dennis Black vs PitBull

Dennis is seen holding the back of his head with both hands while leaning his side against the limo he and his fiance arrived in. Madison winced at the pained expression on his face before opening the limo door for him.

Madison: Let’s get you out of here.

Kim walks over to the power couple with a camera crew behind her.

Kim: Madison! Dennis! A word for the Eow Universe, please? Any idea why Pitbull attacked you? Any idea why Juice responded the way he did?

Madison started to speak, but closed her mouth when Dennis placed a hand on her shoulder. He was still holding the back of his head with the other hand.

Dennis: You see that Conquest Championship draped over her shoulder, Kim? Do you know what that means?

Kim: I-

Dennis: That has been, and always will be a Championship for wrestlers and not body builders. Do you know why old man Mayhem is merging the Championships? It isn’t because the brands are failing on their own. Rush is doing just fine in England because of my future wife.

Madison nods enthusiastically.

Dennis: Because as old as Mayhem is…what he isn’t, is out of touch. The EOW Chapion should be the personification of excellence at all times. Mr. Mayhem is not a fan of mine by any means. But he knows that Madison and I are best for business.

Dennis: He realizes this company can’t be brought to the next level with someone like Juice at the helm. Just look at him! He clearly doesn’t live the healthiest lifestyle.

Madison: Every time he goes out there he’s putting the company at risk. He might drop dead from all the Popeyes and Chick-fil-A in his veins.

Dennis pointed toward the hallway leading to the locker rooms.

Dennis: And clearly, Pitbull isn’t going to be the heir apparent to the great EOW Championship reigns that Eric Shadow and Markson had. Oh no. This right here? This is ‘my’ era. I’m next in line. That’s why I was signed a little over a year ago. To carry this company on my back into the future. Regardless of who wins in the main event of Summerbrawl…I win.

Dennis points to himself. He then winces and turns to the limo before looking back to the camera.

Dennis: The only time I’ll spend in a ring at Summerbrawl is fiiiiiiiiiiinally putting a ring on her finger. But, I will be here next week on the final show before my big night. I’m laying out an open challenge to anyone in this company who thinks they are on my level.

Dennis: While no one is worthy of a Conquest Championship match…

Dennis: In the unlikely event that someone defeats me next week, they will surely cement themselves as a contender after the merger.

Madison looked horrified at Dennis’s challenge as he got into the limo. “He must have a concussion or some shit.” She muttered under her breath before looking to Kim with a wide smile.

Madison: You see that, Kim? The King is giving out gifts right before ‘his’ wedding. Who else would do something so benevolent other than he and , hmm? We treat the subjects of our Kingdom well, don’t we?

Kim goes to speak, but Madison places a finger against her mouth.

Madison: I wasn’t actually looking for your opinion…jeesh. Learn to read a room.

Madison turns from Kim and enters the limo. The vehicle slowly drives away after she closes the door. Kim sighs softly and turns to face the camera.

Kim: Up next, our main event.

EoW Title Unification for the X1 Championship.


Marco Charming *c* vs Baine *c*

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