*Earlier in the day.*

*Zac walks into the arena with his travel bag and Kim Sanders asks to interview him.*

Zac: Always Kim so was up?

Kim: Leading up to this match have nerves been setting in at all or does this seem like another ppv match for you?

Zac: This definitely isn’t just some match that happens all the time. My nerves have been setting in, this week alone has been crazy enough in general for me. I went to UFC 264 and had an amazing time. Those guys and girls are warriors and became good friends with O’Malley who is an animal in that Octagon much respect for those guys. I also helped grant a wish for a great kid and his family by taking them to the premiere of Black Widow which was an enjoyable MCU movie like usual and Caleb is a huge wrestling fan obviously so I got him and his family tickets to watch Battleground here live tonight. He gets to see the top faces go at it in a history making match.

*Zac smiles as Kim nods.*

Kim: Do you have anything special planned for tonight attire or entrance wise?

Zac: Well Caleb chose the colors for my attire and as for my entrance Caleb and I got an Idea for it from the show Loki because just like everyone else that is a comic lover we both seen a certain episode with a song we thought would fit who I am so hope everyone enjoys the entrance music for this crazy night.

Kim: Wow it sounds like it’s going to be an eventful night for everyone in this arena and at home watching. Thanks Zac I’ll see you next week to discuss the aftermath of the main event between you and Mike Diamond tonight.

Zac: No problem Kim and sounds like a plan.

*Zac lifts his travel bag and puts it over his shoulder and walks down the hall.*

*The camera pans Kenzie Williams arriving at the arena before being approached by Kim Sanders.*

Sanders: Ms. Williams tonight you have to defend your EoW women’s tag team championships for the first time. The question is will you be doing it by yourself or do you have a partner?

Kenzie: As of this moment I do not have a partner. Honestly I don’t know if it will be possible for me to find a partner or not. I’m not the most liked person in the locker room. Why should they be jumping to be my partner? I’ve run roughshod over this division all season long. I have no guarantees but I have a few people in mind to ask to be my partner but I doubt they accept.

Sanders: If you fail to find a partner what are the chances you retain those titles tonight?

Kenzie: 100% I will keep these titles no matter what. If I fail to find a partner I’ll do anything possible including disqualifying myself to retain what belongs to me. If I do find a partner or the other hand I think that I will do what I always do…..Win.

Sanders: Speaking of wins, Madison has been bragging that she pinned you a few weeks ago. How does that make you feel?

Kenzie: The shoes on the other foot now somebody can’t keep my name out of her mouth now. I mean when you finally beat the best it’s hard not to brag about it. I have been dominating for 315 days now. When somebody finally gets one up on me I expect them to get overly excited but I’m done talking about this hag you’ll see what happens to her in our match later. I have to go get ready for that match tonight to ensure that happens.

*Kenzie walks off as the camera fades to black*


AMIR   vs   DIXON   vs  BYRD   vs   POUL   vs  HARPO  vs  BIG NASTY

While Dixon is celebrating his victory in the ring, Ricky Spanish gets in the ring with a mic.

Ricky: Alright Earl Dixon you just survived a match with a majority of veterans and somehow managed to pull out that amazing last minute victory. What was your thought process throughout the match?

Earl: Well Ricky, I knew going into this match it was going to be a hard one. I just tried my hardest to not get eliminated time my moves like coach taught me.

Ricky: well Earl, I noticed you took quite a beating to get this W. How did you have the willpower to get through the match?

Earl: I heard Coach M telling me to get up and fight. It took every muscle of strength to get up.

Ricky: so you went into this match as the one pegged to lose and you pulled out the with last minute W how does that make you feel.

Earl: the problem was that Amir didn’t see me as a threat and now ask him how he feels now





As the show continues, we cut to the loading dock of the arena. As the camera get closer and closer, we see Eric Shadow standing by the garage doors. With a hood on his head barely any light he starts to speak.

Shadow: You know, yes I have been silent for last few weeks. Jacob has said things, of course the gigantic blow hard T-Mark had to put in his two cents, but now it’s my turn. No little interruptions, no big bright lights, just me and my thoughts.

He takes the hood down walks side to side.

Shadow: So I’ll start with a guy who doesn’t need to be here. Jacob, you said that I intervened because I wanted the to feel the spotlight again. Boy, the spotlight has always been on me. You were just in the way of it. Yes you’re a former champion but you were the last one. It started with of course, then the jackass, and you. All the way at the bottom. I said once and I’ll say it again. You. Don’t. Belong. Here. You had title run that nobody cared about. You and your wife tried to rule the company, very original. When I was champ, I ruled the world and people actually had somebody to look up to. Besides the point of you being a paper champion, I’m gonna put you through hell tonight but you’re the not the only one.

He rolls his eyes in disgust the thought of mentioning T-Mark.

Shadow: Now we all know that we couldn’t leave out the company’s favorite son. Travis, you’re the whole reason for all of this. Now I’ve already said so much about you but it’s never enough to add on so many more things about you. Talk about a comeback that nobody wanted. Yeah yeah yeah people are excited to see you again but in the blink of an eye you’ll back to your old ways. This is all an act to your fake life. Hell to be honest we can just scrap out Williams because we all know that he doesn’t matter. I’ve been wanting to rip your head off once again and it’s been way too long. Putting you through that table was just the beginning of so many things to come. I can’t wait to look you dead in the eyes and kick your teeth down your throat. That’ll be the most satisfying thing to watch over and over again. The hatred for you is so intense that I can’t even begin to explain of it but I know it still eats you up inside that the reason why your title run was ended was because of me. The real and true Triple Crown Champion. You remember that don’t you old friend. And guess what, it’s still in my possession and you can’t bear to think about that. But to be honest belts don’t matter between me and you. It’s all a giant game of who’s better and you are looking at the Prince who is on a higher pedestal that you’ll ever be.

He takes off the jacket and looks directly into the camera.

Shadow: Travis, Jacob, the both of you are nothing. I can’t wait to give the both of you so much pain. And the good thing about it is that I’ll have giant smile on my face. It’ll all be over soon.

He walks out of the shot and screen fades.



The camera is watching an anxious Quinn backstage. She is pacing back and forth in her locker room.

Quinn: Tonight is the night. Tonight I get the results I’ve been after for months. They said they combed through most of the footage so it shouldn’t be long.

Quinn is a mess just rambling on. It doesn’t even appear she knows she is being recorded.

Quinn: If the person is here tonight, they will receive the beating of their life.

Quinn punches the wall and the camera man drops the camera to the ground in fear. You can hear footsteps scuffling away as the camera can hear Quinn continuing to punch things out of frustration.



 Mountain: All the gods arr frustrated. Asgaard is it’s people and right now the gods are doing us no favors.
So we must take actions into our own hands.

Kent Lassiter was never meant to hold singles gold and it has shown as he has fallen to every opponent that he has faced in the past month.

Now I know that either I will be teamed up on or I will be avoided. I cannot blame the small men, even Dennis black is going to try to avoid me, but there are other men that I want to face and none of them are in this match! 

I could be facing men such as Kerry Briggs, or Randall Crowe. Now Mr. Mayhem is telling people that you have to pin a champion before getting a title shot? Well how about you put a champion in the middle of us three?

Nobody cares about the Openweight championship.

I wanted another shot at the tag team champions but I was told that since the other man wasn’t present that I don’t get that shot for Asgaard. 


So it’s up to the rest of Asgaard to get that. Now my time is going to be focused on singles gold.

Mike Diamond, Dennis Black, Zac Taylor, one shall fall.


Grom: I’ll gladly step in to the arena, the battlefield where Valkyries sing. I will take their glory upon my torch side-by-side with Rurik or Fenrir.


Rurik: The tag team titles need to be restored to the former glory.


Fenrir: We are destined for this. Not the Nasties, not The Dynasty, not New Age Kliq. They need to step into the ring with the most powerful faction EoW has.

Mountain: Tonight it’s only about inflicting pain for as long as I can and then you will know a small fraction as I bludgeon my opponents leaving them hemorrhaging on the ground.

Cameras pan back to ringside with Asgaard rallying for war.



The Nastys stand tall over Shawn Patrick’s body in the ring as Guy Boone grabs a mic.

Boone: I told you these two are done playing around. My creation is going to tear you limb from limb at Summer Brawl. Golden Age…….


The scene opens backstage with Dennis Black seated on the floor with his back against a stone wall, Madison beside him, and several reporters swarming the power couple. 

Dennis: I’m exhausted. So i’ll make this quick. My back is in shambles and hurts unlike it ever has before. And no, I don’t mean from the brutal fatal four way I had earlier tonight. Kudos to those involved, by the way.

Dennis: My back hurts from carrying this company. I know that a lot of people are confused and upset by the RUSH Cup finals becoming a four way. I’ll just leave it at this, kids. The only thing you should be putting in your body is fruits, vegetables, and vitamins. Anything other than that can lead you down a bad path. If you’re an athlete, just keep your body and follow the rules. That way, you won’t find yourself in situations that you can’t recover from, regardless of how much you’re liked.

Dennis looks down at the Championship over his shoulder, and then to giant CUP trophy beside him. 

Dennis: EoW is slowly transitioning into a era where a good amount of our people are becoming more and more desperate to be successful that they will take any short cuts available to them, rather than honing their skills and perfecting the basics. They are skipping the most important steps of patience and hard work that have made this business great for so long. That isn’t the EoW I signed up for. So, this upcoming off season…It seems that I have some decisions to make.






Obscura: Hey perros!

Looks like FORGE lives within Obscura Cielo!!!!

La división de peso pesado Jr está abierta!!!!

I look forward to taking to the sky again,  no tengas miedo de lo desconocido.

¡Seré el orgullo de México aquí en EoW hasta que mi corazón deje de latir!

Obscura Sky lays the microphone down in the ccenter of the ring & exits the rope as cameras pan to backstage.



Scott Diamond is watching footage of Tre once again. He is intensely staring at the tv monitor and doesn’t even notice that Dennis Black walks in the room. Black just stands behind Scott for several seconds before he says something.

Black: Congrats kid.

Scott jumps out of the seat and turns around to Black.

Scott: Congrats to you as well. Just like we have been saying all along. A complete Golden Cup. Both shows are truly run by us. We are both the first ever Cup holders.

Black: That’s right Scott. See I told you under the tutelage of me, you would achieve great things. You became the X1 champion, you won the Cup, and now you will seek the rewards.

Black peeks his head over the shoulder of Scott to see the television.

Black: I see. Excellent work Scott. Your match with Tre is coming up soon and you are staying on the game. No distractions, just the way we talked about.

Scott: I soak in everything you say like a sponge. We took care of my sperm donar earlier tonight. He is nothing but a broken man now. He will forever live with the fact that the Black Diamond is the head of the house now.

Dennis: He can go drink at the local bar and take away all his pains. But we both have huge decisions to make. We have to decide without rushing our opportunities. Who shall we face? Do we just take the night off SummerBrawl. Think of how bad the ratings will sink if the two best are gone?

Scott and Dennis just laugh together.

Scott: Exactly. Let’s not rush into things. Let’s make our announcements on Rush this week. Keep the world waiting.

Dennis: That sounds like an excellent idea. Keep these ungrateful fans waiting on us. But enough of this Scott. Go back to watching your footage so you can retain one more time.

The camera fades to black with both Scott and Dennis watching Tre footage together.




After the fatal four way match we see Byrd stand and celebrating.

Byrd grabs a microphone.

Byrd: I did it. I did the impossible.

Byrd starts walking around holding his ribs.

Byrd: Everyone kept doubting me about winning this match. People kept saying I’d be last in the cup. People also said I’d never be a champion.

Byrd looks at the crowd.

Byrd: Well guess what. I did it.


Byrd raises the championship with his right arm. He raises his other arm to speak again.

Crowd boos..

Byrd laughs and looks around. And lowers the belt.

Byrd: Didn’t I tell you I don’t need anyone to help me? Didn’t I tell everyone that my so called friends held me back on winning championships.

Byrd is pacing back and forth.

Byrd: This is just the beginning of the Byrd Era.

Crowd is still booing.

Byrd: Look at that I took one belt away from golden age.

Byrd laughs.

Byrd: Look, I beat Kent twice now and this time I took his title away. I’m the reason why Scott is in a rubber match with Mike by giving you have that loss. I honestly hope you win Scott and come after me because if you do, I’ll mop the floor with you. I’ll beat you for a second time or do you think you might need the golden girls to help you.

We hear some cheering and some booing from the crowd.

Byrd: I hope people know I’m not losing this belt for a while.

Byrd: This is my time to shine. And this right here.

Byrd points down to the middle of the ring.

Byrd: This is my goddamn ring. This is my Title. And soon enough you all will cheer my name.

Byrds music hits and he drops the mic and leaves the ring.

The phone rings and it’s picked up before a second ring can be heard.

Quinn: You guys find anything?

The camera watches as Quinn just listens in Silence. After several minutes Quinn makes her way to the tv monitor out back.

Quinn: Yeah I’m here. I’ll watch it and will finally get my answers.

The footage plays on the big screen in the arena for everyone to see.

Quinn looks furious. The veins in her arms swell up and she storms off without saying a word.




Sexton Hardcastle is seen backstage wiping off some oil from his arms. Ricky Spanish approaches him and Sexton immediately places an arm around him. 

RS: You fought hard tonight, but came up short. What happens for you now?

Hardcastle: Dear Ricky, it was not about Openweight Championship for me. It was about them balls, Ricky.

Ricky blinked. 

RS: Wha-

Hardcastle: Them balls. You see, i wasn’t trying to win. I just wanted to get a feel of everyone’s…..’package’. Now that I’ve done that…now i’ve felt the tip of the mountain…I can honestly say….

Hardcastle winked.

Hardcastle: I’m not impressed.



After the match Scott grabs a mic.


Tre, you fought hard tonight. But hard isn’t enough. You failed just like everyone before you. Golden Age is on a roll tonight. No one can touch us.

You think the beatings we gave tonight was bad, just wait until Rush, we are going to shock the world.

Scott drops the mic as his music plays again and he continues to celebrate as the boos can be heard over the music.

 Cameras open up and the office of Mr. Mayhem. Per the normal Mayhem looking over paperwork with the tech pile on his desk. 


As he begins to put paper in to the paper shredder you see a couple names roll off which appear to be contracts, one being Scotty Lassiter, Kory Rodriguez, and a few others who did not make it through training.

Mr. Mayhem presses a button on the telephone beside him as a secretary picks up.


Heather: Yes Mr. Mayhem?


Mr. Mayhem: yes can you send Steve Matthews in for me.


Heather: Yes sir right away.


Mr. Mayhem: I have a few things to address. But before Mr. Matthews comes in here I would like to state that after SummerBrawl we will have our awards ceremony. I want to ensure to our fans that our staff has been working diligently and from everything that I have seen I am confident that it will satisfy the lapse in the past year of our award show. 

So I want you to know that things are moving, they are and we look forward to ending the season with a bang.

As you can tell there have been some contracts that made their way into the paper shredder and we are releasing superstars at rapidfire due to their inactivity and inability to complete tasks at the conquest training facility.

For the few that have, expect to see them and the closing weeks heading into SummerBrawl.


The door knocks and Stephen Matthews and truth the room.


SM: Do you want to see my boss?


Mr. Mayhem: yes I wanted to let you know even though that you have been doing an exquisite job over the past two years.

Your booking committee is no longer required.

It’s not that you aren’t doing a good job it is just time for a change in rolls.

It’s time for myself to get behind the reins and shake things up regardless of speculation of the locker room of favoritism,
this is something that cannot affect our roster and therefore by the board has been cleared and reinstated in my authority.

You’re a roll now will  be in writing developmental storylines.


SM: Yes sir, no problem and understood.

It has been a pleasure and thank you for the opportunity.

It is a honor to work within the company still, so thank you.

Mr. Mayhem:
of course and again thank you for your service to the company. That is all.

Stephen Matthews exits Mr. Mayhem‘s office closing the door behind him.


Mr. Mayhem: So, that was the second bit of my news that you all were informed at the same time that I am resuming my roles in booking for our roster.

Expect things to become more difficult, and expect my reaction to be I don’t care. Things are going to change and people aren’t going to like it and that is the nature of the beast. In order for our company to grow we have to evolve. We have to except scrutiny of our peers, learning from that is where we make headway.

Construction has already begun for our final pay-per-view. I’m very excited about that, along with our two new pay-per-views debuting next season.

Bleed forever which will be a all hard-core environment from beginning to end. Next we have 1-Fall which will be placed mid season where all competitors will be on a equal playing field meaning, “no resiliency” And will be determined by your pure skill. So whom ever our champions are at that time should be well polished.

Ladies and gentlemen that is all I have for you tonight, thank you and enjoy the rest of tonight‘s festivities.

Cameras fade out to commercial break as Mr. Mayhem continues to thumb through his paperwork as the scene fades to black.



Travis Markson exits the ring while Eric Shadow slowly begins to move & making his way back up to his feet not happy at all at what just happened to him.

He throws his elbow pad against the wall and starts to speak.

Shadow: Oh you stupid son of a bitch. I was this close.

I was so damn close to finishing the both of you off. Jacob Williams, it’s all your fault.

This was between me and T-Mark from the start but you still had to screw all this up.

You won’t see the last of me boy. I’ll be sure to get ahold of you really really soon.

He steps through the ring ropes angrily as he continues to trash the area.

Travis is shaking his head at Eric Shadow as he makes his way past Jacob, points at him and gives a nod.*

*Jacob grabs a microphone and stands on the barricade staring at the ring*

Jacob: As promised, your winner Jacob Williams! You know I started the season out slow but now I feel like I’ve gotten all that rhythm I had last season back. Thanks to you Markson I knew having a few matches with a legend of EoW would bring the best back out of me. So thank you for playing that part. It helped me get back to where I should be.

*Jacob sits on the barricade and grabs his ribs.*

Jacob: That was one hell of a match. It took a lot out of me to finish it but the best overcome those problems and I am one of the best to ever do it. Now for you Shadow what happened to all that talk of I shouldn’t be involved in this match? Because I think that I just proved that I stand on higher ground than you. It’s normal for a man like me to stand above the rest. My natural talent along with my work ethic is second to none. Every time I enter this ring I show why my name holds value. I’m not somebody people get cheap and easy wins over. I’m somebody who makes the lower card talent scared when they look across the ring at me. No point in going into a tangent because now that I’ve finally cleaned my hands of this mess that you dragged me into I can set my eyes onto Summerbrawl. See you all there.

*The camera zooms into Jacob before fading to black*




Diamond is in hot pursuit of Dennis Black. He is running down the hallway opening every door along the way. Diamond is screaming while doing so.


The camera is watching as members of the crew keep pointing Diamond in the direction of Black. Eventually he gets to the parking garage where a car is seen fleeing the scene fleeing the scene.

The camera zooms in to see Diamond walking towards a trophy in the middle of the floor. It is the Rush Cup trophy. There is a note attached that Diamond reads.

Diamond: See you at SummerBrawl chump.

Diamond chuckles and throws the trophy to the ground out of frustration. The camera fades to black.

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